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The Hills – Season 4 Episode 2: Drama Follows Them Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Posted by Matt_T in Bring On The Rapture, matt_T, The Hills, THIS AIN'T REALITY TV.

Stephanie and LC are at school and Steph invites Lauren to her party.  Lauren wants to bring DougDoug, who is a baseball player but injured.  (And its not Mike Hampton.)  Stephanie ominously says that athletes are her favorite.  She also says she hasn’t spoken with Speidi in weeks.

Lauren and DougDoug are on a lunch date.  They compliment each other, blahblah.  She invites him to the party this weekend and he says he’ll be there.

Audrina is pretending working and tells her coworker about the party and Lo.  Audrina is going to Stephanie’s party but not with Lo and LC.  her coworker says she’s got her back and they’ll be the brunette team.

At People’s Revolution Whitney and LC are working talking.  Whitney’s nervous because some of the big wigs are coming in.  They talk about Stephanie’s party.  blah blah boring.

Hey Spence and Heidi are at Don Antonio’s.  Hey its their favorite spot.  They baby talk some and I just threw up.  Stephanie texts Spencer about the birthday party and he doesn’t want to go because in case you forgot, Spencer despises Lauren.

Lo and LC are getting ready for Steph’s 22nd birthday.  LC says that she trusts a lot of people that she shouldn’t and when it turns out well it makes her feel good.  FORESHADOWING.  Audrina comes in to find out what time they are arriving to the party.  Its very awkward.

At the People’s Revolution dinner Kelly toasts to the NY and LA squads.  Kelly says she wants to bring Whitney to NY and Whitney says “interesting and scary.”  Jessica attempts to speak and Kelly cuts her off and saysits her business and she wants to grow.  If they do, people will move up.  Ifnot, people will get cut. That’s scary.

Lo and LC are on their way to the party. LC says “I LOVE BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!!”  So did I, when I was 8.  Frankie, Doug, and Brody are eating dinner and then are on their way.  LC hopes Audrina comes and wants them to all get a long.  Come on LC, I thought we moved past that.  Lo and Audrina aren’t going to ever be friends.  It was in the episode title last week.  Didn’t you read the script?  Lo proves the point by saying “Only the ones that matter are getting along”  Sick Burn.

Lo and LC arrive and Steph says she wants to meet DougDoug, Lo says she’s sure she’ll like him.  MORE FORESHADOWING.  Audrina arrives, and then the boys arrive.  Lo yawns as she’s drinking and tells Audrina she looks pretty and she’s glad they talked.  MEOW. Audrina gets up and leaves.

Spencer then strolls in with Heidi and a huge bunch of balloons.  Nice entrance douche.  Brody immediately leaves and says hedoesn’t want drama so he’s leaving. Frankie leaves with him, but DougDoug stays.  Stephanie says this is the best birthday ever.  Uh, ok.  Spencer makes a comment about getting rid of the obnoxious girls.  LC andLo take that as their cue to leave.  Aww DougDoug holds her hand on the way out.  Spencer is pleased with himself for clearing out the party.

Next day Spencer pays a visit to his sister.  And he points out how clean the place is since he moved out.  He’s there for a purpose.  He wants to talk about what ‘went down last night.’  He wants Stephanie to know that she’s a ship jumper.  Because when there’s 2 ships and you jump from one to the other, that makes you a ship jumper.  Right.  Spencer sys lalalala you want to be friends with everyone.  Spencer says that he doesn’t want to be friends with his sister because she chooses to be friends with LC.  He says he doesn’t want to see her, or be in his life as long as she’s rolling with that posse.  WHAT?  Really?  Your own sister?  Nice

At People’s Revolution Kelly bitches at someone on the phone and then calls Whitney up.  She tells her that she fired Jessica.  What a surprise.  Kelly offers Whitney Jessica’s job.  She wants Whitney to start living the bicoastal lifestyle and be her shadow.  Whitney accepts the job.  Yay Whitney.

Stephanie comes into school and apologizes to LC.  Lauren is pouting about it.  Really?  Its been a long time, who cares?  Stephanie tells her she didn’t know they were coming, and she isn’t going to be friends with them.  LC says that her friends said she shouldn’t trust Stephanie and now they’re bring that up again.

And the episode ended with LC looking all emo.  Lame.  Terrible ending to a lame episode.



1. DougOLis - Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How exactly is Doug injured? He looks fine to me. Who does he play for? I hope it’s not the Padres’ A ball affiliate in Lake Elsinore. Also, website: http://www.dougreinhardt.com/about.html

Does Speidi only eat at Don Antonio’s?

Was that the rockstar boyfriend from Forgetting Sarah Marshall in the VMA commercial?

Lo’s hair and lipstick at the party? Do not like

Yes! I love the Iran-Israel simile. It was a bit easy but I don’t care; Spencer FTW. And then he makes that comment at the end. Fuck. And I was all ready to jump to the Spencer ship.

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