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I Spent Money on This? Sunday, July 20, 2008

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If there was a FAIL! entry for poor music decisions, this would earn an entry – for both the producer and the purchaser.

Consider, for a moment, the talent on the Mickey Mouse Club in the 1990s – Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and JC Chavez. That’s not to mention Keri Russell (swoon) and Ryan Gosling. So how could an album put out by the MMC go awry?

Find out… after the jump

The answer is easy enough – do not actually use any of the above named talent in the pop group! Instead, put four individuals who are slightly older, so the purchasers of Tiger Beat are not ogling a nine year old Xtina.

This is the story of The Party, the Mickey Mouse Club’s attempt to expand their Disney into your wallet. And yes, the album cover was almost as white as the normal crowd for their concerts.

Actually – there is no good story here. They did some music on the show, the tweener crowd went crazy, someone in the Disney Offices went “Hmmmm…” and an album was born. A second was to be released, but this “gap” album called “In The Meantime, In Between Time” was done to tide over the fans.

The Party was everything early-to-mid-90s Disney was to be – a formulaic grouping (minorities, check; multiple female members, check; slightly awkward and geeky guy who could sing, check) with song lyrics guaranteed to be approvable by the Mouse himself.

I’d love to say I have a good reason for having owned this. Maybe there was – but I doubt it. I just know I found this in the midst of one of my moves, so it had to be kept.

Shockingly, there is not a lot of quality YouTube video of The Party. In the meantime, though – you see what I did there? – here is “Peace Love and Understanding”:

I’d like to say there is nothing funny about it, but… you know, there is. The band eventually split up in the late 90s, just as the real talent of the MMC began to break big. Two formed a new group called “N Decent Proposal” – not affiliated with the movie – while one went to Broadway, one vanished entirely, and another went solo ten years later. Probably missed the window there, Chase.

Join me next week as I continue to tally the hundreds upon thousands of dollars spent on ill-fated purchases of music. And don’t tell my mother, lest she want me to pay her back.



1. Rockabye - Sunday, July 20, 2008

You made some seriously awful spending choices. And that rap breakdown makes me cry.

2. Mrs_JB* - Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sometimes, Rockabye, I wonder if it stopped with his youth….
……Just sayin’……

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