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Real World Recap – The End of An Era. Friday, July 11, 2008

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Our final episode opens in the morning with Charna and Andy Dick coming over to the house to cook dinner for the roommates, who are all sad about the fact that their Real World experience is coming to an end. While Nick and Kimberly walk around for a bit, discussing their career aspirations, Will tells people that he is concerned that they have not heard from Joey lately. Cut to Joey in Chicago, hanging out with his new girlfriend Melaine (NOT a typo!) and his BFF John, watching tapes of backyard wrestling. Scintillating stuff. Join me after the jump for the rest of the melancholy meanderings.

That night, we see Will and Janelle out on the town, discussing their future together. A little later, everyone is out at a club (except for Kimberly and Sarah), when Dave gets punched in the face. While outside getting ready to leave, Dave sees the guy who hit him and he charges at him. Unfortunately for Dave he winds up getting tossed to the ground like a rag doll, and a big fight breaks out (with Brianna doing quite a bit of damage). Eventually they hear sirens, so the roommates all make a swift exit. Back at the house Dave, with some frozen vegetables on his rapidly swelling eye, tells Kimberly and Sarah what they missed.

The next morning the cast goes to the Improv to get in some practice for their last show. Cut to the next morning (apparently nothing exciting happened that night) at the house, and Joey calls and tells them that he is doing well. Later in the day, at the Improv, Charna tells Nick, Sarah and Kimberly that she has arranged for them to meet the host of Entertainment Tonight, Kevin Frazier, on the Paramount set of the show. Seemingly in the same day (wonderful editing!), we see Joey at the Improv Chicago, meeting with Charna, who asks him to fly to LA for the roommates’ final performance. He agrees, and then calls Will to tell him the good news.

The next morning Brittini goes to L.A. Models (with Brianna along for support) to see if she can get some modeling work in LA. The agent tells her that she needs to work on her runway walk, but that her height and other measurements make her a good candidate for runway work if she can get a little more training. Meanwhile, Nick, Sarah and Kimberly meet with Kevin Frazier and talk with him for a little while about the industry. He thens surprises them by introducing them to Shanna Moakler, former Miss USA and ex-wife of Travis Barker. They find out that they have 4 minutes to peruse a clip and her bio, and then 3 minutes to conduct an interview. Sarah goes first, and she does very well. Nick follows, and he also does well, although he is a little star-struck (boob-struck?). Kimberly goes last and her interview is a complete mess, with her forgetting questions and engaging in long stretches of silence. After they are all done, Kevin Frazier gives them the exact same critiques that I just did (damn, I’m a genius!).

That night, while Brianna and Brittini discuss how sad they are to be packing, Will and Nick go pick up Joey at the airport. On their way back, they get a phone call from Sarah, who is already at the Improv for their show, asking them to pick up some flowers. Since it is late, all of the flower shops are closed, so Will winds up stealing some fake flowers from a store display. Once everyone gets there, they are all extremely happy to see Joey. They start the show, and it goes very well.

The next morning, Joey comes around to say goodbye to everyone and then he leaves. After a brief montage of everyone packing, the roommates begin to depart. Brittini leaves first, followed shortly by Nick. Dave is the next to leave, and he tells us that the only thing he regrets is “hooking up with Kimberly”, followed by a laugh (what a cut-up!). Sarah leaves, and then Kimberly. For some reason, Will and Brianna go around the entire house trying to touch as many things as possible for good luck. Then Janelle comes to pick up Will, leaving Brianna all alone. She reflects on how much she has grown as a person, and then says that she is very thankful for the experience.




1. Rockabye - Saturday, July 12, 2008

A friend of mine mentioned seeing Joey in the context of some ImprovOlympic (I.O.) stuff in Chicago, but, apparently, he wasn’t the star of the actual show, just the chief interviewee.

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