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Real World Recap – Someone’s Catchin’ the Herp. Thursday, July 3, 2008

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This episode opens with the roommates at the Improv. Charna tells them that they will not be having class during the next week because they are going on a trip to Cancun, Mexico. That night, after spending some time talking about the trip, they go out to a club and get drunk. Back at home, Dave is passed out in the bathroom, so Will does a little “antiquing” (throws a clump of flour at him), and convinces Brittini to do the same. Dave eventually wakes up, but he isn’t pissed off. Meanwhile, Brittini talks to Will about wanting to be friends with him, and she is glad that he will be away from Janelle on their trip to Mexico. Join me after the jump to find out why she’s so glad.

The next morning, Brittini is on the phone with her boyfriend Jeremy, and he tells her that he is coming out to LA on the day they get back from Mexico.

That night, out at the club, Will and Janelle are dancing. When everyone goes back to the house to finish packing, Janelle and WIll get into bed, where we are treated to this exchange: Janelle – “Where are you going”; Will – “3rd base”; Janelle – “Oh no you’re not.” Janelle leaves, and Will decides that he doesn’t care if he “slips up” in Mexico because he is horny. The roommates all stand around in the kitchen, goofing off, and then they leave for Mexico.

The next morning, the roommates arrive in Mexico and naturally discover that their trip has been completely pimped out by StudentUniverse.com. Their trip rep takes them to their hotel, which has an incredible view, a bed on the balcony, and marble. That night, Dave and Will get things started by getting into the hot tub and playing with bubbles. The rep then takes them to a party cruise, where Dave gets picked to dance with the crew. Things start out rough when Dave knocks over the cruise MC, but then things pick up with some more alcohol. Will and Brittini wind up doing body shots off each other, and then they sneak off holding hands. They make out, and then Will goes to talk to WIll because he is upset with himself.

The next morning, Will asks Dave and Nick for help in staying faithful to Janelle. The roommates then all go to swim with dolphins, which Kimberly tells us is something that she has “wanted to do since [she] came out of the womb” (wow, talk about long-range planning).

That night, Sarah asks Brittini what happened with Will, and then talks to her about her relationship with Jeremy. Sarah then goes to talk to Will about the situation, and she encourages him to call Janelle and tell her.

The next morning, the roommates go to Playa del Carmen and are set up at a new pimped-out hotel. We see Will in the room thinking about calling Janelle, but Nick tells him to wait. The roommates then go zip-lining in the jungle, and then do some rappelling. Brittini gets upset because she sees that Sarah and Will are close, and she feels that their kiss from the night before may have ruined her chances at friendship with Will.

That night, the guys go out to dinner and Dave invites two girls (Stephanie and Jenna) over to their table for drinks. Will leaves to let Dave and Nick do their thing, and they wind up bringing the girls back to the hotel and having sex with them. Meanwhile, Will calls Janelle, but he doesn’t tell her that he kissed Brittini.

The next morning, the roommates take some mini-speedboats out to go snorkeling, where Kim is scared of swimming in the midst of a school of fish. That night, everyone goes out to dinner, and Brianna overhears Sarah, Kimberly and Will discussing the idea of fighting over your significant other. When Brianna says that she would fight for her man, Kimberly responds with “Well, yeah, because you have a warrant out for your arrest” (if you’re keeping track, this is approximately the 32nd time that Kimberly has put her foot in her mouth). Brianna starts arguing with Sarah and Kimberly, and tells them that “if we were anywhere else, I would beat both your asses.” While Sarah and Kimberly reconvene in the bathroom, Brianna bitches about them to Will and Brittini, and then to Nick.

The nex day, the roommates go back to their first hotel. That night, Will is still feeling guilty, so he sends Janelle an e-mail. A little later, he calls her up and she is in the middle of reading that e-mail. Naturally, she is very pissed off, and tells him “there is nothing more to talk about” and hangs up. Will tells Nick about the situation, and then everyone goes out. When Brittini finds out that Janelle broke up with Will because of what happened, she feels guilty.

The next day they leave Cancun and return to LA. Back at the house, Brittini calls Jeremy and tells him to come over. He meets everyone, and then they go out for a drink alone. Brittini decides not to tell him about kissing Will.

In the morning, Will calls Janelle and she tells him that she is disappointed and doesn’t think that he is apologetic. That night, everyone goes out, and Will and Jeremy do a few shots together. Jeremy tells Brittini that he thinks Will is a cool guy. When Jeremy leaves the next morning, Brittini decides that she will wait until she gets home to tell him what happened.

That night, Nick and Dave take Will out to the club to cheer him up. They meet some girls and decide to bring them back to the house. In the cab on the way home, Will is making out with one of the girls and then overhears the other girl propose a foursome. Dave, Will and the two girls all get into bed together and get naked. Nick tells Brianna what is going on, and she, Sarah and Kimberly all go have a peek at the orgy.

In the morning, Janelle calls Will and asks him if they can talk. They meet up later that night, and Will is feeling stupid about his foursome from the night before. Will tells Janelle all the details of what happened with Brittini, and then excuses himself, saying that he is upset. He goes off to the bathroom and makes himself fake-cry, and then comes back out to talk to Janelle. His shenanigans work, and she gives him a hug. Will tells her that he needs to have her in his life, and she gives him the “one day at a time” line.




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what what what mac bout to drizzle

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