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DanceOn, Top 16… and Top 14 Thursday, July 3, 2008

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In the past two weeks, two couples have easily separated themselves from the pack of Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance. How did they get there, and what subtle-ish ploys have the producers unfurled to help them there? ReadOn to find out…

Best of the Top 16: Courtney & Gev and Joshua & Katee both had strong ballroom routines, doing a Rumba and Samba, respectively. Also, Courtney and Katee were wearing two halves of the same dress. Maybe I favored these routines because when it comes to it, the ballroom routines look more impressive than the more modern styles. Obviously I know I’d be on the Fail Blog if I tried any of these, but the modern routines look more like anyone with a lot of athleticism could pull them off, while they’d need more training for the ballroom. Which isn’t true, but that’s the way I see it, so they’re more impressive.

Best booty: Joshua, who was poured into a pair of pants that really accentuated his behind and elicited more than one “day-um” from the audience. What a minute, um, uh, I mean… shit, I gotta come up with something manly…

Best boobs: Jessica. Yeah, and drink beer!

The Top 14: Each couple did two routines in order to pack the two hour show with more killer, less filler. Joshua & Katee and Twitch & Kherington took full advantage and broke away from the pack with their pairs of numbers. Twitch & Kherington did a rockin’ Paso Doble which was slightly dinged by the judges for some technical errors- e.g. Twitch’s shoulders were too high. But they were entertaining and finally woke up the audience after four boring/nice/blah numbers opened the show.

Essentially they said to Joshua & Katee, “Your move.”

“Oh, is that all?” Joshua & Katee responded. They owned a banoodles Mia Michaels routine which involved running in slow-mo, Joshua lifting Katee and flinging her around, and general banoodle-ness. And it was awesome, in spite of Katee’s hair looking like something that would get a stylist expelled from beauty school.

Then Courtney & Gev did a routine while wearing Eli Manning jerseys.

Seriously, Eli Manning jerseys

Seriously, Eli Manning jerseys

Second half. Jessica & Will livened things up by doing a hotttt seduction number which was a big excuse for Will to look hella ripped and shirtless.

Twitch & Kherington got their own Mia Michaels routine to do, which involved a mattress and lost love, a Twitch solo and loads of emotion and rose petals thrown around. It was classic Mia Michaels/banoodles, and again awesome.

Katee & Joshua got a West Coast Swing number choreographed by season 2 winner Benji, and while it was fun and gave Katee the opportunity to deploy her booty as Joshua did the week before, it wasn't as good as T&K or the hotttttt Jessica & Will routine.

So, Twitch & Kherington won the night; however, Katee & Joshua's Mia Michaels routine was slightly better. They remain on top of the season-long standings. Those four are the clear-cut favorites at this point. Plus, the show's best choreographer (now that Wade Robson doesn't do regular numbers anymore) did two routines this week. They just happened to be for these two couples. Sure, there's supposedly a random draw, but they haven't been showing those this season, now have they?

Will and Courtney are still maintaining contact with the leaders. Chelsie & Mark round out the Top 8, but I just keep finding their routines "nice," or "technically good;" definitely not chill inducing. I have yet to be enthralled or jazzed by them. Katee & Joshua jazz me every week. I can't hear "No Air" without thinking of their dance to it.

At this point, the other six dancers seem to be cannon fodder. Jessica and Gev look like they're being carried by superior partners, although Gev might get the "he's shown a lot of growth!" support that can carry a dancer (or Idol singer) along for a few weeks. Comfort will likely be the woman to go home this week, unless the jidges are tired of Kourtni not meeting their expectations. In a slight upset, I think Matt goes home instead of Thayne.



1. Investigator Sweet E. - Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yes, this is the least manly thing you’ve ever written, Dr. Mancini. I do believe that the Registrar is looking into your Man License.

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