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Real World Recap – These People Have Feelings! Saturday, June 28, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

Yes, I know these recaps would be more effective if they weren’t presented 2.5 days after the episode airs, but I have a real life here, people! Anyway, this episode opens with Brianna getting a phone call from Alex Band (you know, the guy she sang back-up for at the benefit concert? the former lead singer of The Calling? Keep up, people!) where he thanks her, and asks if she wants to come into the studio to record her vocals. Brianna heads to the studio and begins recording, but she has a really difficult time and decides that it isn’t her “kind of music” so she stops. Join me after the jump to find out if this lazy girl will ever work at her dream.

That night, everyone is out at the club and Nick is dancing with some random chick named Marisa. He takes her home around 4AM, and manages to wake up Sarah and Kimberly. They ask him to keep it down, which irritates him, but eventually Marisa leaves and he goes to bed.

The next morning, Nick, Brianna and Brittini are walking together and talking about the fact that Nick was being loud the previous night (Brianna – “Maybe it’s a black thing”). A little later, everyone goes to the Improv for their class, and Sarah is pissed off because she didn’t get enough sleep. For some reason, she decides that Charna needs to know this vital information, and she bitches about Nick being loud. This pisses off Nick, and he goes outside to bitch to Dave. After coming back inside, he finds out that he, Kimberly and Sarah have gotten an internship at movies.com. The next day, Nick, Kimberly and Sarah meet their bosses for the internship, and they learn a little bit about their hosting/interviewing duties. They film a short introduction for a show featuring fan reviews of new movies.

That night, at the house, Brianna performs for a producer (who is a friend of Kimberly’s) and does extremely well. He offers the opportunity to come into the studio and record a demo.

The next morning, Sarah and Kim go to watch the movies that they have been assigned for their “fan review” segment. Nick tells Brianna that he didn’t want to go with them because they are not making enough of an effort to get to him. That night, the three of them go to work for their segments (although we never see if Nick goes to his assigned movie or not). Sarah does her piece on the horror film “The Mist”, but her interviews do not go well. Kim does her piece on “The Enchanted”, and it goes well. Nick does his piece on “Get Smart” (I think; it’s not quite clear), and it goes very well – he’s clever, engaging, and funny. Their boss, Brandon, tells him that he is very impressed. He then confides in all of them that he went through a bout of cancer a little while back, and was going to NYC to film a commercial for a pharmaceutical company. Meanwhile, Brianna records her demo in the studio, and everyone thinks that she did a great job.

In the morning, Sarah talks to Charna about the internship and tells her that she is not too excited (because she didn’t do well!), so Charna sets up something different for her. She puts her in touch with Pete Griffin from ThinkMTV.com. Pete calls Sarah and tells her that she has been assigned to be a correspondent for a story on an eco-friendly gas station. Sarah is very excited for the opportunity, and she asks Will to be her associate producer.

That night the girls are out eating dinner, and Brianna begins ordering shots for everyone. Apparently, many more rounds were ordered, because the girls have to carry Sarah home. In fact, at one point we are treated to video of Sarah projectile vomiting, which may actually be an MTV first (in terms of showing the actual act, rather than just seeing someone in the approriate position and hearing audio). Back at the house, Nick comes in to the girls’ room to take a picture, and Kimberly and Sarah both yell at him. Sarah even goes so far as to say “Who do you think you are, Charles Barkley?” although we’re not quite sure what that means. Sarah starts crying because she wants to talk to Ryan (her boyfriend), so Kimberly carries her out to the phone room, where Will takes a picture of her.

In the morning, Nick goes in to the girls’ room because he is pissed off from the night before and doesn’t want to “hold [his] tongue.” He starts ranting at her, and Sarah leaves to go talk to Brianna about the situation. Brianna doesn’t particularly care, but she tells Sarah that instead of always venting to Kimberly, she needs to talk to the person that she is actually mad at. After their conversation, Sarah starts puking again, letting is know that she is very embarassed by her behavior. She then calls Pete, who tells her that he is worried because she has not sent him a preliminary script for her segment. He tells her to “get it done in the next 4 hours”, and she and Will go to work. Meanwhile, Brianna goes back to the studio to listen to her demo, and she is so happy that she begins to cry when she hears it.

The next morning, Sarah and Will get ready for their shoot at the eco-friendly gas station, the BP Helios House. She interviews the manager, who gives her a tour, and then interviews some of the customers. They finish up, and then take the video to Charna, who is impressed. Back at the house, Nick gets a phone call from Brandon, who tells him that he is back in the hospital for some tests. He tells Nick that he wants to do everything that he can to support his work in industry. A little while later, Sarah and Nick have a conversation about their argument, and they begin to work things out. Brandon’s assistant then calls the house to talk to Nick, and he tells him that Brandon passed away. He also says that Brandon thought that Nick had a lot of potential, and Nick begins to cry. Still upset, Nick tells Sarah about Brandon’s passing, and she calls Ryan to talk about it. Kimberly comes home, and Sarah tells her as well. The episode ends with Nick talking to Will about the situation, saying that it made him feel really good that Brandon thought that he had potential.



1. Jessica - Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i think Nick did his interviews on “Hitman”, he said something about barcodes and Agent 47 (the main character of Hitman)

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