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Real World Recap – Will is 12 Years Old. Saturday, June 21, 2008

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This episode opens up at night with Kimberly and Brianna talking about getting two new roommates (to replace Greg and Joey). In anticipation, and unsure of who the new roommates might be, Will moves in with Dave. We then get a nice little scene of Will and Janelle out on a date, eating at a Chinese restaurant. Join me after the jump to see just silly Will can be.

The next morning, the roommates go to class to prepare for their upcoming show. Somehow the conversation devolves into Will talking about Janelle, and Charna steers the conversation back to going out and promoting their show. We are then treated to yet another scene of Will and Janelle, as she calls him to come hang out with her and some of the other Real World/Road Rules Challenge cast members. Will takes Dave with him, and as soon as they get there Dave starts drinking.

That night, at their show at the Improv, everyone is nervous because Dave is drunk. They perform the show with another group, and Dave absolutely bombs. This is particularly funny since the RW/RR crowd has come along to watch the show, and they all begin making comments about his poor performance. After the show, the leader of the other improv group tells Dave to learn from this experience.

The next night, all of the roommates are waiting for the new arrivals, and they decide to pull a prank. As the first new roommate arrives, they all begin yelling at each other as if they are having a huge fight. The new roommate is Nick, 23, from New Rochelle, New York. They give him a tour of the house and he tells everyone that he wants to be a TV host. They tell him all about how much of an asshole Greg was, so Nick figures that he is an improvement. Unfortunately, Sarah doesn’t necessarily agree, as Nick is wearing a shirt that says “I only date blondes”, which prompts her to say that “only d-bags wear shirts like that.” The second new roommate arrives, and they pull the same prank on her.

The second new arrival is Brittini, 22, from Scottsdale, Arizona. Will immediately says that he digs her, and she has a boyfriend but thinks Will is cute. Everyone goes out to the Improv to celebrate. When Janelle shows up, she and Will go back to the house, but she doesn’t stay long. Shortly after she leaves, Janelle calls the house to say that she saw Nick walking back with 2 girls. When Nick finally gets to the house, it turns out that the 2 girls are Riva (Greg’s “associate”, who gave Will a BJ) and Shaelee (who Joey hooked up with). Will and Dave inform Nick that the girls are “regulars” at the house, and he gets mad and sends them home.

The next morning, Nick, Brittini and WIll are walking to class at the I/O and Will tells them both how much he cares about Janelle. Once they get to class, they do a few exercies, and Nick and Brittini both perform well.

That night, Will says that he thinks that Brittini is attracted to him, and he tells Brianna that he likes Brittini. On the way home from the bar, Brianna lets this information slip to Brittini. Back at the house, Will and Brittini flirt and wrestle, which pisses off the Sarah and Kimberly, who proclaim that they are on “Team Janelle.” They tell Will that he shouldn’t mess things up with Janelle, and he gets mad at them, but he then goes to tell Brittini that he thinks of her as “a little sister.” She calls him out and tells him that Brianna told her that he likes her.

The next night, we see Dave talking to Kim about hosting at the Improv that night. He goes out there, and she tags along for support. It turns out that Dave does a pretty good job, and he looks forward to doing it again. Meanwhile, everyone else is out at the club, and Will and Brittini are flirting again. He casually mentions that Janelle is out of town, and they talk about Janelle and about Brittini’s boyfriend. Once back at the house, Will tells Brittini that he is “sprung” on Janelle, and that he can’t talk to her any more because she is getting the wrong idea. Brittini says that she is not interested in him and just wants to be friends, but Will says that Janelle “is so much more important than you ever will be.” This pisses Brittini off, and she storms off.

In the morning, we see Brittini talking to the girls about Will, and the girls decide that Will isn’t being truthful with anyone. Meanwhile, Will is out for drinks (it’s a little early, buddy!) with the RW/RR crowd and Nick, who tells him that Brittini is just trying to get to know him. Later in the day, Dave phones his friend Koran (umm, that name might cause you some problems at the airport), who is a comedian performing a show the next night.

In the morning, we see Dave talking to Koran and the other comics in the show, and they give him pointers for hosting the show that night. That night at the show, with Kimberly there once again for support, Dave starts and his microphone cuts off, but he recovers well. After the first comic is done, Dave comes out and performs some of his own comedy, as he is a little more comfortable. Overall, Dave’s performance goes over very well and he gets quite a few laughs.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Janelle comes over after getting back into town and is hanging out in the kitchen with Will. Brittini walks through and feels extremely awkward, so she gets mad and leaves again. When will the drama end?




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