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DanceOn – The Top 18 Perform Thursday, June 19, 2008

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After a spectacular opening week, the Finalists returned with a resounding thud. With only a few performances that rose to the level of Good amongst several that were somewhere between uninspired and bleargh, does season 4 actually hold the promise we all thought it did? Let’s see after the jump.

Best of the Night were Katee and Joshua doing a Broadway number to “All For the Best” from Godspell. They commanded the stage and were incredibly entertaining, which as Nigel says is the name of the game. The routine was fun and goofy- e.g., he uses her as a keyboard, she uses him as a stool. Joshua does an incredible somersault and uses his athleticism to full advantage. He’s still a better dancer than her, but Katee is really coming into her own. Since Broadway is less reliant on partnering skills than say, the Waltz, the weaker half of a couple really can’t be carried by the stronger. She didn’t have to be carried at all. And after it was over, Nigel went batshit crazy, the end. I won’t even criticize the silver diamond painted over Joshua’s eye, or Katee’s teardrop tattoo, easily the second-least gangsta thing of the night.

The other Very Good routine was a Viennese Waltz from Kherington and Twitch. Jean-Marc Genereux choreographed this with his ill daughter in mind. She has Rett Syndrome, where she has no motor control, and which must be doubly heartbreaking for a parent who is a highly-skilled dancer. So, the point of the routine is that since his daughter is excited by seeing people moving, here are a couple of people moving for her. Even though the music is effing Celine Dion, they do well. He is totally in command on the stage, in his leading of her, his carriage, his many carries and lifts of her; he is incredible. She also does well, with her lines looking off the charts near as I can tell.

Mia Michaels craps on her for smiling throughout the routine; even though it’s supposed to be about entertaining a sick little girl, apparently, smiling is bad! Nigel about craps himself in disagreement (not just since he wants in Kherington’s dance pants), which pushes Mia to be more resolute, then there are tears, pleas for help from Jean-Marc, Cat! is involved… it’s a scene, man.

Chelsie and Mark did a fine Argentinian Tango even with zero chemistry between them. He was very intense, she did the steps very well, but didn’t bring the heat. Nigel goes a slightly different tack, saying they needed to bring more sleaziness. As you do.

I can’t end Best of the Night without mentioning Cat! because she was awesomeness personified yet again. She was fixing Chelsie’s shoe! Acting gangsta! Translating Mia Michaels Crazy to English! Spilling rehearsal secrets! And wanting to put the wee little contestants in her pocket! Plus she was looking hot doing it all. Yes, indeed. Now she just needs to start saying “Jidges!” again and everything will be brilliant. Please keep in mind, representatives for Ms. Deeley, I am not a stalker!

Let’s get to the Banoodles portions of the evening. Mia Michaels continued to be every hippie art teacher ever combined into one, with the powers of each exponentially joined. She started by hilariously admitting that there are some contestants she won’t be sad to see go, then made up the word “banoodles” to describe the season. She opened all judging by venerating her fellow choreographers, talked about the dancers’ spirits a lot, then sliced and diced many of the contestants. As she should have.

Awesome Song I was introduced to this week: Didn’t happen last week; this week, probably “Aguanile” by Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe, which would have sounded right at home on the Latin mixtape my 11th grade Spanish teacher gave us, and that I listened to until it wore out.

Awful: Susie and Marquis did a very messy Salsa. Like, see you at the Finale messy. They were not good. They got dinged on tons of technical stuff, and to an untrained eye, it was just sloppy. Comfort and Chris did a Krump routine. Comfort was all right, but dinged for not totally bringing it in her home style. Chris was the white guy from Chappelle’s “Mad Real World” personified. Nigel said his gangsta pose was more like he had to pee pee. Ouch.

Tonight, I think those two couples will be in the bottom three, along with Jessica and Will again. Their Hip-Hop routine just didn’t click, and while he continued to get high praise from the judges, she didn’t. I think Susie and Marquis will be sent home, unless Chris’s Dance for his “Life” is as white-bread as his Krump.



1. Jan - Saturday, July 12, 2008

“Please keep in mind, representatives for Ms. Deeley, I am not a stalker!”

You only want to name your next kitten after her, is all…

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