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DanceOn- Top 20 Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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It’s amazing how little time one has to blog when one doesn’t have Internet access at work and when the power goes out at home during the weekend. Luckily, there’s still time for my take on the Top 20 before they’re reduced to the Top 16.


Best of the week

Chelsea and Thayne doing the Cha-Cha. Chelsea has a lot of personality, I have no idea why she wasn’t featured in the auditions. She’s dressed very sparkly. This was so good. They partner extremely well, all of their moves look effortless. There are high kicks, they’re sexy, this was really good. Since that was so descriptive on my part, just watch it.

Katee and Joshua doing a Hip-Hop was Mrs. Mancini’s favorite. They started with a solo from her, then him. Then they kicked into high gear together, brilliantly dancing in unison. They threw themselves around, he picked himself up off the floor with his knee. Great stuff. I think he was stronger than her, but it’s not like she was a slouch or anything.

Kherington and Twitch doing Broadway. When Cat announced this pairing, it screamed “Power Couple” of the early stages. Luckily, they stepped up. She looked like she was having the best time up there, he looked like a 1920s pimp, it was all good. They rolled around the stage. I would like to see them in a style that’s more partner-oriented than Broadway, but they lived up to the Audition Round hype.

My Bottom Three: Rayven and Jamie were too ordinary, not very memorable, and they went first, so they totally got lost in the shuffle. Kourtni and Matt just didn’t have it. The technique was good, but I wasn’t moved in the least by either one of them or the coupling. Courtney and Gev did a blah Disco routine, except their unison work was good. After the great, great stuff before them, they ended on a down note.

Cat! looked outstanding and Legs and silver sparkles and awesomeness. She definitely brought her A-game for the first episode of the finals.

The Results Show

The bottom three started as expected. Rayven & Jamie and Kourtni & Matt were un-loved. However, they were joined by Jessica & Will, who I had in the top half of the group. The judges were also shocked, since they love them some Will. The six then danced for their “lives.” Will was good, Matt and Jamie were nearly interchangeable. Kourtni did well. Rayven was boring and didn’t make me think ballerina, which is her specialty. After that, Jessica just had to not fall down to stay, so her “Here’s My Vagina!” (tm someone more clever than me) routine was enough. The judges send Rayven home. Obviously Will wasn’t going anywhere, so the choice between personality-challenged Matt and technique-challenged Jamie is for Jamie to go home. This leaves no Ballroom dancers amongst the boys.

Special Guest Star Poppin’ Pete, who is associated with the actual Electric Boogaloo, was awesome, as was his junior associate. Short Bus Special Guest Stars the Pussycat Dolls sucked. Strip routines will get you on MTV, but compared to these dancers, you just embarrass yourselves.


I’ll peg the early favorites as Joshua, Twitch, and Will for the guys, with Thayne there as long as he and Chelsea are awesome together. Chelsea and Kherington for the women, maybe Chelsie, with Katee there as long as she and Joshua pair well.



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