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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Ch. 6-9 Monday, June 16, 2008

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Chapter 6: The Ghoul in Pajamas
Mad-Eye’s death leaves the house in a somber mood for days. Harry tells Ron and Hermione he only need stay there for 4 more days (until his birthday and the trace on underage magic is off him) and then they can leave. Ron reminds him they have to stay for Bill and Fleur’s wedding, so it’s actually 5 days. He also warns Harry that Molly has been cornering them to find out what they are leaving to do, so he should be on the look out. Sure enough, she corners him later that day. She finally backs off, but Harry notices suddenly that she has him, Ron and Hermione so busy doing wedding chores that they never have time to discuss their plan. Sneaky, that Molly.

Harry also notices Order members coming and going. Arthur explains that when Dumbledore died, all the Order members became secret-keeper for Grimmauld Place, so Snape could tell Voldemort. Therefore the Burrow is the new headquarters. Mad-Eye also set up a few curses at Grimmauld for Snape. They should keep him out or bind his tongue if he tries to talk about it, but they can’t be 100% sure. Bill also tells Harry that they haven’t been able to locate Mad-Eye’s body. Sad.

The Trio finally get a moment alone together. Hermione sorts books into a “take” and a “leave” pile for their quest. She also gets sniffly about Mad-Eye and Ron runs to put an arm around her and give her a hanky. Snerk. Harry tries again to convince them not to come with him because it’s so dangerous. Ron tells him to shut it and Hermione tells him she’s being packing for day so they’ll be ready to leave at a moment’s notice and that she’s modified her parents’ memories so that they think they’re Wendell and Monica Wilkins and have moved to Australia. If she survives, she’ll find them and remove the enchantment. If not, they don’t know they’ve got a daughter. And then her eyes swim with tears again. (Andrea cries #32). Poor Hermione.

Ron then reveals he took their family ghoul and gave him red hair and pustules, then put him in a pair of Ron’s pajamas. When he doesn’t show at Hogwarts, it’ll look like he’s home sick in bed with spattergroit. It’s really contagious, so the Ministry will stay far away. They start to discuss the plan of action and Hermione reveals that she’s been researching how to destroy Horcruxes. All the books that mention them were in Dumbledore’s office and she levitated them out the window after his funeral. HAHA! Basically, destroying a Horcrux has to be done with something so destructive that there’s no way for the Horcrux to repair itself, i.e. the Basilisk venom on the diary. Harry realizes he never asked Dumbledore how he destroyed the Peverell ring and gets sad about all the stuff he never did ask Dumbeldore, so many wasted conversations. Molly breaks up the party, though, and they set about cleaning some more. The Delacours arrive and Molly informs Harry that the night before the wedding they’re going to have a special birthday dinner for him. He realizes just how much she does for him and how inconvenient it must be to have him there.

Chapter 7: The Will of Albus Dumbledore
Harry’s birthday dawns and he immediately starts doing spells, like summoning his glasses off the night stand. Haha. Ron tells him he was muttering “Gregorovitch” in his sleep and neither one can remember where they’ve heard that name before. Ron’s present for Harry is “Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches,” which explains his recent behavior towards Hermione. Molly and Arthur give Harry a watch, which is a traditional gift for a wizard coming of age. She says, “I’m afraid it isn’t new like Ron’s, it was actually my brother Fabian’s” and Harry hugs her. Sniffle.

Ginny then asks Harry if he’ll come into her room for a minute. Hermione drags Ron away. Haha. Ginny tells him she wants to give hm something to remember her by, especially if he meets some veela while he’s off on his journey. She kisses him in a way she had never kissed him before. Woo woo. Then Ron bursts in and they jump apart. Outside her room, Ron lays into him, saying Ginny was really broken up when he dumped her and he can’t go getting her hopes up. Harry says it won’t happen again.

At dinner, Hagrid gives Harry a mokeskin pouch. You can hide anything in them and only the owner can get the objects out. Suddenly, a weasel patronus with Arthur’s voice warns them the Minister of Magic is coming. Scrimgeour takes the Trio inside to tell them they’ve been left something in Dumbledore’s will. They’re only getting the objects now because the Minstry examines the contents of wills for dark objects. Scrimgeour hands over the objects, though he is still suspicious of them. Ron gets the Deluminator, the object that sucks all the light out of a place, with instructions to think of Dumbledore when he uses it. Hermione gets a book titled “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” for entertainment and instruction. It’s the original copy and is sort-of a Brothers Grimm for the wizarding world. Harry gets the Snitch he caught in his first Quidditch match at Hogwarts as a reminder of perseverance and skill.

We find out that Snitch’s have flesh memories. They are never touched by human hands until a Seeker catches them in a match in case of dispute capture. Scrimgeour says the Snitch would be a great place to hide a small object. Harry hesitantly takes the Snitch, but nothing happens. Scrimgeour then tells Harry he was also left the sword of Godric Gryffindor, but Scrimgeour says the Ministry is keeping it because it’s an historical artifact. The Trio goes nuts, with Harry saying the Minstry should concentrate on killing Voldemort rather than examining wills and chucking innocent people in Azkaban. Scrimgeour pokes Harry with his wand until it singes a hole in his t-shirt, saying, “It’s time you learned some respect!”

Harry responds, “It’s time you earned it.” WOO!

Molly and Arthur burst in and Scrimgeour stalks off. They have the birthday dinner as planned, and then upstairs Harry reminds Ron and Hermione that he didn’t catch the Snitch from the first match in his hand. He caught it in his mouth. When he presses his lips to it, writing appears on the outside. It says, “I open at the close.” They don’t know what it means. Hermione and Harry then reveal they don’t know who Beedle Bard is and Ron tells them the book is fairy tales for wizards: “The Fountain of Fair Fortune,” “The Wizard and the Hopping Pot,” “Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump.” Hats off to Rowling, that’s one of the funniest things in all the books. They all head off to bed. The wedding is tomorrow.

Chapter 8: The Wedding
Harry has taken some polyjuice potion with a hair of a redheaded muggle from the village and is pretending to be Cousin Barny. Xenophilius Lovegood and Luna show up in bright yellow robes, Xeno’s with a weird symbol on it. She gets bitten by a gnome and her father tells her that their saliva is very beneficial. If she feels any burgeoning talent (perhaps an urge to sing opera or declaim in Mermish) she should not repress it. That about sums up the Lovegoods.

Auntie Muriel is there, she’s a real character. Very critical of everything. Krum shows up. He was invited by Fleur. Hermione is happy, Ron is sour. The wedding is beautiful, everything goes great. At the reception, Krum tells Ron and Hermione that the symbol on Xeno’s yellow robes is Grindelwald’s sign. He was the dark wizard defeated by Dumbledore in 1945. Harry then remembers where he knows the name Gregorovitch from: he made Krum’s wand.

As people dance, Harry is joined by Elphias Doge, who wrote Dumbledore’s obituary. He tells Harry not to let Rita Skeeter’s book and those lies tarnish his memory of Dumbledore. Auntie Muriel wanders over and starts ranting about how Dumbledore isn’t so saintly and that he did away with his Squib sister. The family kept her locked in the cellar while he was off being brilliant at Hogwarts. Muriel and Doge fight back and forth about it and Harry keeps feeling worse and worse about Dumbledore. Muriel says Bathilda Bagshot was a neighbor of the Dumbledores in Godric’s Hollow and probably told Rita Skeeter all about how horrible he was. Harry can’t believe Dumbledore is from the same place his parents were from and knows that must be important. Suddenly, a large lynx patronus comes right the center of the dance floor and Kingsley Shacklebolt’s voice rings out, “The Ministry has fallen. Scrimgeour is dead. They are coming.”

CHILLING way to end a chapter, I tell ya what.

Chapter 9: A Place to Hide
All the guests start panicking. Hermione and Harry lose Ron, as Hermione half-sobbing cries out for him in the chaos. Suddenly Ron grabs her hand and she turns on the spot. They Apparate onto Tottenham Court Road (that was the road I walked up and down every day for 3 months when I went to school in London and I was SO excited to see a place I knew pop up in a HP book). They walk quickly down the street, Harry lamenting not having the Invisibility Cloak with him. Hermione reveals that she used an Undetectable Extension charm on her beaded clutch purse and pulls out a change of clothes for both Ron and Harry and also the Cloak. She has all the supplies they need in her pouch. Hermione rules everything, forever and ever amen.

They can’t quite decide where to go, so they pop into a diner and order cappuccino. Suddenly, two burly workmen aim spells at them. Harry pulls Ron and Hermione down and stupifies one of them. He also accidentally stupifies the waitress. Hermoine gets the other Death Eater. They wipe the DEs’ memories and also that of the waitress. They then clean up the restaurant and decide to hide at Grimmauld Place. They Disapparate and enter the house, where Mad-Eye’s voice rings out, “Severus Snape!” They call out that they aren’t Snape and their tongues roll up, then roll back because they are not, in fact, Snape didn’t kill you!” and it vanishes. Creepy.

They go upstairs and Harry’s scar burns because Voldemort is angry (probably about losing Harry at the wedding). Hermoine rags on him to close the connection and he says when Voldemort loses control it’s too hard to keep it closed. Suddenly the weasel patronus shows up and tells them, “Family safe, do not reply, we are being watched.” Hermioen and Ron hug, but Harry has to run to the bathroom from the pain of his scar. He is inside Voldemort’s head, watching him torture the DEs who lost him in the diner. He also sees a terrified Malfoy being forced to watch. Hermione comes to check on him, but he lies and says he’s fine.



1. DougOLis - Monday, June 16, 2008

Ch. 6: Mr. Weasley talking about Sirius’ motorbike and muggles is one of my favorite scenes with him in the entire series. I love him.

Ch. 7: “It’s not always about wand work” – see ladies, we can get around my inadequacies
When I first read the flesh memory part I thought it said “flash memory,” which I found to be somewhat odd
“It’s time you earned it.” – foreshadowing?
Do you think Jo has “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” already written or will write it?

Ch. 8: I love Luna
That may be the best ending to any chapter in the series. I was on my toes and booking it to the next chapter after that.

Ch. 9: Did you hang out with Jeremy Bentham at UCL?

2. ladyandrea - Monday, June 16, 2008

I unfortunately did not hang out with Bentham. I was at the ND London campus. : )

I hope Jo writes Beedle Bard and a prequel about the Marauder’s. I know she says she won’t…but I think she will, eventually. I think it should be a trilogy.

That is some good foreshadowing, Doug.

3. Rockabye - Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You both know there’s a really short (800 words) prequel that she’s writing for charity, right? And that it’s coming in the fall?

I always loved the name Scrimgeour.

And I’m gonna have to read this book again…

4. ladyandrea - Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rockabay….don’t you even joke about that. I need linkage with proof.

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