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Real World Recap – Karma Fucks Greg Thursday, June 12, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

Okay kids – this here recap is for last week’s episode. The recap for yesterday’s episode will be up some time later tonight. Why so late? Well, I was busy preparing for this event, and then focusing on this. Now, join me after the jump for the delicious karma in this episode.

This episode opens in the morning with Dave cleaning the kitchen and Kimberly vacuuming in preparation for Joey’s homecoming. Joey arrives, and he is obviously very nervous about being in this situation. Quite a while after all of the other roommates have welcomed him home, Greg finally comes out and says hello to Joey. What a douchebag. Dave continues the theme of being an asshole by telling Joey that some of his friends are in town, so he will be going out drinking.

That night all of the roommates are getting ready to go out to the Improv, and Joey wonders if he should have come back to the house. Despite the fact that it’s his first night home, none of the roommates stay at the house with Joey. Home alone, he works out ferociously. Meanwhile, out at the bar, the roommates have a conversation about being supportive for Joey (they fail to notice the irony). Joey calls a friend at home and tells her that he “found himself” while he was in rehab, and he says that he is really pissed off that none of the roommates stayed home with him. Soon after, Sarah comes back alone, and Joey is really glad to see that at least one of his roommates cares about him. We then get a montage of the roommates coming home drunk and being very loud. At 4:25 AM they finally are so loud that they wake Joey up, and he tells them he is just going to “start the day.”

The next morning everyone goes to work, and they are informed that they will be doing 3 shows the next week, and also that they have their first competition in 3 days. During their class, Joey feels like he is too far behind the other roommates, and he is worried about screwing up in the competition. The roommates then go out to lunch and Janelle and Zack from Real World: Key West. They introduce themselves and Janelle mentions to Will that she has some contacts in Los Angeles that he might find useful. She calls him later that night to give him the information.

The next morning starts off with Dave and his friends shot-gunning beers in the kitchen (how supportive of Joey!), while Joey talks to Brianna about his first night home. Brianna tells him that “nobody owes anything to anybody”, implying that the roommates are going to keep drinking around him. Meanwhile, Greg is on the phone with his mother who tells him that a friend of the family is involved with a fashion show. Greg calls the friend and finds out that the show is the same day as the Improv competition.

That night, Greg meets up with the family friend (Julius) and some others involved in the fashion show. He tries on one outfit and they tell him that he is “too beefy”, but Julius still wants him to attend the show. At the same time, the rest of the roommates go to the Improv to watch a show to help them prepare for their competition. While there, Joey is extremely anxious as he is surrounded by alcohol. Back at the house after the show, Joey tells Dave that he is upset that he want because there were too many temptations. After their conversation, Dave talks to Will and Kimberly about being more supportive of Joey.

We then see a cut scene, at night, of Will hanging out with Janelle and trying to hit on her, but the temporal sequencing is unclear (i.e. I have no idea when it happened).

In the morning, Brianna calls Charna and tells her that she needs to miss class because she has to fly back to Philly for her court case. The rest of the roommates go to class and prepare for their competition, and Charna tells Joey that she believes that he is ready.

That night we see Joey on the phone with his ex-girlfriend, and he tells her that he is worried about appearing in the competition. Soon after that, Julius comes over to pick up Greg for the fashion show. While getting ready at the house for the competition, the roommates begin boozing it up, so Sarah takes Joey to the show early to get him out of the house. When the rest of the roommates get there, they realize that Greg is missing, so they ask 2 other Improv students to participate with them. The competition goes well, but the roommates lose. Joey is upset about his performance, and as he is walking back to the house with Sarah he tells her that he really wants a drink. Sarah suggests that they call the addiction counselor, which they do when they get home. The counselor is shocked by the behavior of the rest of the roommates, telling Joey that they are not being supportive enough. In a surprise show of compassion, Dave brings Charna back to the house to talk to Joey, and she compliments him on his performance. After she leaves, Greg arrives home and Will talks to him about missing the show. The roommates start drinking again, and being very loud.

The next morning, Joey is in the kitchen with Will talking about being woken at 3:00 AM, and says that he is “getting burned out.” Sarah calls her boyfriend and tells him that she is upset with the rest of the roommates for not supporting Joey. She gets so down about the situation that she calls Charna and tells her that she is going to miss class. The rest of the roommates go to class and Charna talks to them about helping Joey. She and another Improv director talk about being friends with Chris Farley and how they wish they had done more to save him. Charna then focuses on Greg and she tells him that he is selfish for always missing class, and then she says that he is fired and has to go back to Florida, since being fired means that he is kicked off the show. She tells everyone else to go get coffee, and then Greg tries to defend his behavior but Charna isn’t having it. Greg goes back to the house and calls his mother to tell her what happened. He bitches to her that no one spoke up for him, and his mother tries to comfort him. On their way back to the house, the rest of the roommates talk about karma and how Greg got what he deserved. Greg calls Reva to come pick him up, and he leaves. Sarah calls Brianna to tell her the news, and Brianna tells her that her court appearance went okay (i.e. no jail time).

That night the roommates perform at the Improv, and things go much better for Joey as he is more relaxed.



1. Rockabye - Thursday, June 12, 2008

So THAT’S why Greg wasn’t around this week…

2. DougOLis - Friday, June 27, 2008

I’m even later than you on this.

Did they have to go to Improv that first night? If not, that’s pretty fucked up they couldn’t even go 1 night without going out.

I felt so dirty and disgusted watching this episode.

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