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Real World Recap – Good Night, Sweet Prince. Thursday, June 12, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens with Joey on the treadmill and doing a heavy workout. He gets a phone call from his friend Mike, and tells him about being in rehab. Mike’s response is “Are we gonna have fun when I come out there?” After he gets off the phone, Joey tells Sarah that Mike is the one who got him involved in drugs, and that he is nervous about him coming out. Join me after the jump for the details of Joey’s adventures.

That night we see Brianna singing for Will and producer Max Goose (from Musicworld Entertainment, which is apparently the record label started by Beyonce’s father). The night seems to go well, and Brianna calls her mother excited about the future. Her mother brings her back down to earth by asking her about her back-up plan in case singing doesn’t work out, telling her that she doesn’t want her going back to the strip club.

The next morning Joey goes out with his friends from home, Joe and John, who are his “straight” (i.e. not into drugs and alcohol) friends. He talks to them about his rehab experience, and they seem glad that he is getting help.

Later that night Joey’s friend Mike calls him, but Joey is at a hookah lounge with Joe and John. When he gets home, Mike calls again and he is mad that Joey won’t go out with him. After a brief disagreement, Joey hangs up and talks to Brianna about the situation. During their conversation Mike calls again, and they argue again. Mike says “I’ll see you in Chicago, guaranteed” (which comes off as somewhat of a threat).

In the morning, John and Joe leave. After he sees them off, Joey sees a plastic bag on the ground in their parking lot and realizes that it was left by Mike. He opens the bag and finds some T-shirts and hats from Chicago. Joey goes in to the kitchen and talks to the girls, telling them that he is anxious. As he drinks his coffee, Sarah tells him that caffeine will only make things worse and he walks off. Joey takes a walk with Dave and bitches about Sarah’s comment, saying that he wants to “go to the dearest bar and get wasted.”

That night, we get a brief interlude of Will talking to Brianna about her opportunities in Hollywood and needing to work harder.

The next morning Sarah and Brianna are watching breakdancers on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Brianna sets up and sings, making a small amount of money. Later at the house, Joey is in the bathroom ignoring Sarah, which leads her to call her boyfriend Ryan and complain about the situation. Joey, meanwhile goes out with his friend Molly (from I/O) to take some head shots, and he confides in her that he is thinking about leaving the house since it is a bad situation for a relapse. Back at the house, Joey tells Dave, Sarah and Kimberly that he wants to read them his “good-bye” letter to cocaine and alcohol, and he tells them that he is thinking about leaving, but they don’t really react. A little later when Sarah talks to Joey about her earlier comment, he tells her that “being nitpicked makes [him] want to drink”, which is something that his ex-girlfriend used to do to him.

The next morning, while everyone is at I/O practicing for their next show, Charna tells them that Alex Band (the former lead singer of The Calling) wants Brianna to sing with him at a benefit concert at the Hard Rock Cafe.

That night, Joey is out playing basketball and he mentions to Brianna that he is leaving. She tries to talk him out of out, but his mind seems to be made up. A little later, Joey goes to the Improv with Dave and they sit around drinking water.

The next night, Brianna’s friends fly in and watch her practice with Alex Band. She talks to him about “making it” in the music business, and he gives her some good advice and tells her to call him anytime. Meanwhile, Joey calls his grandmother and tells her that he is concerned about a relapse and is considering coming home.

The next night, at 1:30AM Will and Dave decide to take Joey to a strip club to celebrate his last night (although Brianna is mad that she wasn’t invited). At the club, all 3 of them drink water and then they buy Joey a private lap dance. Once back home, Joey films his last confessional and says “I’ve been in jail and rehab, and my next step is death, so I have to go.”

In the morning, Joey reads his “good-bye” letter to cocaine and alcohol, which describes his progression from steroids into cocaine and alcohol, followed by a suicide attempt. Joey says that the call from MTV was a reason for him to stop, but once he got into Hollywood the atmosphere worked too hard against him. As he packs, Joey mentions to Sarah that he is considering doing a 1-year rehab back in Chicago. He then leaves the house, but misses Brianna (who was picking out her outfit for the benefit concert). Brianna is upset that none of the roommates told her that Joey was leaving.

That night, Brianna’s concert goes well (although she wore jeans and a camo shirt – you missed saying goodbye to Joey for that?), despite her nervousness.



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