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DanceOn Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Posted by michaelmancini in reality TV.

Finally, my audition round-up for Season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance. Stupid real life interfering with recapping. So, here’s a rundown on the Top 20 before they dance tonight on Fox.

First, I’m mad about Kelli, the dancer with the famous mom, not making it. That sucks, she was awesome, and much better than anything I saw from Susie. Between her and last cut Natalie, clearly Nigel Lythgoe doesn’t care about redheaded people.

The Top 10 Girls:

Courtney: Came to audition in Charleston with her awesome grandparents. She’s a natural with very nice moves. Her only trouble is she could maybe tend towards boring. She went straight to Vegas.

Chelsie: SLC audition, got a backstory, so she was in. She did ballroom with a partner and was all great lines and legs. She also gave good face, which will be good when she draws “Vogueing.” Judges said she’s a hot sexy star and sent her straight to Vegas.

Susie: Milwaukee. High school teacher who I didn’t think was that good. Was compared to Shakira, but whereas Shakira just stands around and is sexy, with Susie it seems like there’s too much effort. Went to choreography after her audition was called “sexy but not good,” but made it through.

Chelsea: Apparently from Dallas. I don’t think we saw her audition.

Kourtni: OK, first, parents, you don’t have to give your kids porn star names. They’ll change them to something appropriate when they do their first movie. Milwaukee, was there with Mom. Did well, the judges floved her, sent to straight to Vegas. She was all right, but I didn’t think that great.

Kherington: LA, where boys and Nigel drooled over how good-looking she is. She’s nice-looking, and a solid dancer, but didn’t deserve the effusive praise from the judges and the going straight to Vegas. She’s totally commercial, she’ll do well even if she, as she did in Vegas, continually barely scrapes by.

Rayven: I don’t remember seeing her audition. Or in Vegas.

Comfort: No audition, but was highlighted in Vegas when she had trouble with ballroom when partnered with Joshua. But she’s here, and she’s a hip-hopper.

Jessica: Nothing from her audition, but she got into a hissy fight in the rehearsals for her group number in Vegas, so she gave the producers some needed drama.

Katee: LA. I thought her roommate/BFF Natalie (who was the last cut after too much drama with the judges) was better in the auditions. She did well, though, and was straight to Vegas. The drama over not doing SYTYCD again if she was cut might affect her votes. Or not. I dunno.

The Top 10 Boys:

Joshua: Dallas. He was confident and good, did a great vertical with his legs split. Choreography, where he did well. He had that stumble over ballroom in Vegas, which doesn’t bode well, but he’s brilliant. Also, he totally did a brisé in Vegas, which means he’s trained well or something.

Twitch: LA, totally awesome. Breakdancer, in complete control over his body, doing dozens of individual muscle movements at once. Straight to Vegas, where he stumbled in the crappy group number, but he’s better than last year, when he was last cut before Top 20, so come on.

Matt: SLC. Was able to stick one leg way in the air, did great spins and was truly great even in Fab Five shorts. Straight to Vegas.

Thayne: SLC. Another one with great lines, but a perma-grin. The judges told him he was beautifully trained, and went straight to Vegas.

Marquis: I had no idea who this guy was. So, no audition notes.

Mark: This guy, either.

Jamie: Three in a row, no idea. Good thing they devoted lots of screen time to “Sex”!

Chris: Told he needs more personality. Which may be why his audition wasn’t shown, either.

William: Billed himself as a “gypsy” in the LA auditions, where he danced to a poetry slam about Katrina. I found him very interesting, as did the judges. Did choreography, and went to Vegas. But it turns out he’s a protegé of Debbie F. Allen, and as such she won’t be a judge for as long as he’s there. Hunh.

Gev: SLC. Breakdancer from Kazahkstan. He had very smooth moves, great aerial work with his jumps and spins. Was sent to choreography, did the best he could do, and went to Vegas.

Known Stats: Eight were sent straight to Vegas and four went to choreo. Four were from LA, four from SLC, two from Dallas and Milwaukee, one from Charleston and zero from DC.

I think Courtney and Chelsie are the favorites from the girls and Twitch and maybe Matt and Jamie (as he’s the only ballroom dancer) for the boys.

If you miss anything, there are all sort of clips on YouTube of the dances, and the Fox website is also good.



1. ladyandrea - Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I didn’t watch any of the previous seasons and I missed all the audition rounds, but I’m watching tonight and I think Twitch/Kherington were just outstanding together. Not just good singularly, but really good as a couple.

I also thought the Tim Burton dance by Chelsie and Mark was awesome. Those are my two favorites.

2. ladyandrea - Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I amend that to add Katee and Joshua. Those 3 dances were head & shoulders above the rest.

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