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Real World Recap – Rage, Rage Against The Roommates Saturday, May 31, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens with Greg in the kitchen, cooking for some of his friends. Will walks through the kitchen, and after he leaves Greg and his friends talk shit about him. Later, the girls come home to the messy kitchen and bitch to Dave about the situation. Dave suggests that they leave a note for Greg, so Kimberly leaves him a note politely asking him to clean his dishes and take out his trash. Greg finds the note, and leaves one for Dave, Sarah and Kimberly that says “Fuck You.” Join me after the jump for the rest of the friendliness.

The next morning, Sarah and Kimberly notice that their toothbrushes appear dirty, and they tell Dave that Greg must have done something to them. Dave retaliates by throwing away all of the dishes (since apparently Greg is the only one in the house that cooks), and then goes to talk to Will about the situation. Will then calls his dad to bitch about Greg. After the call he goes out into the yard to use a tree as a heavy bag, and Greg watches him. After going back into the house, Greg finds Dave waiting for him, and they argue about Dave dirtying the toothbrushes. Greg denies it, but then in the confessional he admits that he took the girls’ toothbrushes and used them on the kitchen counter, kitchen sink, floors, and his sandals (mmm, tasty).

That night, Kimberly’s friends come over and bring her dogs to visit. Also visiting are Sarah’s sister and brother-in-law, who confronts Greg about taking Sarah’s panties. Greg tries to rationalize his behavior, and the brother-in-law tries to be a peacemaker. Will interrupts to say that Greg is lying, and then randomly comments that Greg is scared of him. This leads to an argument, and Will goes ballistic, throwing things at Greg and throwing punches inches from Greg’s face. When Dave starts yelling at Greg also, Greg retaliates by calling them the “little white boy and token black boy”, and keeps telling them to hit him. Will then goes nuclear, saying “Greg’s dad died because he knew Greg’s a faggot” (definitely top 5 all time of offensive comments made by a housemate).

After things have calmed down somewhat, a producer comes out and tells Will that he needs to leave for the night since he became violent. Will apologizes to the girls for his behavior, saying “I’ve been picked on all my life, but I became the bully” (how insightful). After Will leaves, Dave and the girls talk about what happened while Brianna goes to tell Greg that she is proud of him for remaining calm and being the bigger man.

The next morning, we see Dave on the phone talking to his mom about Greg. She tells him that he seems to have a lot going on, and that maybe he should come home. Dave says that he didn’t go out to Hollywood to quit, and then he goes to talk to Greg. After telling Greg that he frustrates the roommates with his behavior, they make up (no kiss, though – maybe Greg isn’t gay).

That night Will comes back and they have a house meeting. Dave makes the point that if one roommate has a problem with another roommate, that they should talk with each other about it, rather than talking to one of the other roommates. Will says that he “can’t win with Greg” no matter what he does, and that Greg had violated his trust by lying so often. Greg tells the other roommates that he will try harder to get along with them, and then he asks Will outside to talk in private. Once outside, Greg tells Will that he (Greg) is the victim here, since Will tried to sleep with Riva. They argue some more, and Will eventually just walks away.

The next morning Joey calls the house and tells Kimberly that he wants the roommates to come visit him. They talk about what has been going on in the house, and she promises that they will visit. Meanwhile, Dave tells Sarah that he and Will are being forced to go to anger management classes. Dave tells her that it “pisses [him] off” to be forced to do something. Sarah, being the most intelligent one in the house, notices the irony of the statement while Dave is oblivious. Dave goes to his anger management session and is reluctant, but he eventually comes around and picks up some good communication tips.

That night, we get a brief scene of Dave and Kimberly out on the town, talking about how they are going to help Dave when he comes back to the house. The next morning everyone goes to visit Joey, and discusses his treatment and the concept of his “red flags” (i.e. triggers for his alcoholism).

The next night everyone is getting ready to go out, and they discuss whether or not they will be able to live the same lifestyle once Joey comes back. Then they proceed to go to a club and completely obliterated. Back at the house everyone except Sarah (and including Jojo and Riva) gets naked and jumps into the hot tub. After a little while they run into Sarah’s room naked just to piss her off. They eventually leave her alone and go back into the hot tub where they all make out with each other. Greg and Will then go into the kitchen and discuss the Riva situation (right in front of her – and seriously, she just sits there like she didn’t make out with Greg, then give Will a blowjob, and then make out with Greg again). Will eventually walks off again, noting that “talking to Greg is like talking to a 4-year old.”

The next morning Will goes to his anger management session and the counselor discusses the concept of emotional intelligence. Will relates this to how he feels when performing his music and seems to get something out of the session. Later, everyone goes to work at IO West. When they are asked for volunteers to perform a scene, Will and Greg get up and actually work well together.

Back at the house an addiction counselor comes by to talk to the roommates about Joey’s return and helping him with his alcoholism. When she says that they shouldn’t drink or use drugs when they go out, Greg rolls his eyes. After the counselor leaves, Dave discusses the idea of still drinking while Joey is in the house and Brianna says that they “shouldn’t go overboard” and that she will continue to drink. Sarah is frustrated that the roommates don’t seem to understand that their behavior can lead to a relapse for Joey.



1. DougOLis - Tuesday, June 3, 2008

That was pretty low of Will to bring Greg’s dad into it. Not cool dude; he should have at least apologized for that. I’m really surprised that he didn’t get kicked out.

What the hell was up with the giant orgy in the hot tub? And people are cool with JoHo now? They weren’t afraid of getting herpes? Dave shouting “nice” and clapping like that monkey with the cymbals was awesome. Also, how did we not get any girl on girl?

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