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Real World Recap – Never Mind About the Maturity. Saturday, May 24, 2008

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This episode opens with Sarah’s boyfriend Ryan arriving in town. She is nervous about Ryan meeting Will, since she had told him that Will was interested in her. When they get to the house, Will is there with a friend, and he introduces his friend as Will. After a few seconds, Sarah tells Ryan that he was joking, and that he is actually Will. Nope, not awkward at all.

That night, everyone is out to dinner when Sarah burps and then discusses how proficient she is at burping. Will then burps and tells Sarah that he can out-burp her any day of the week. After they joke around for several minutes about their burping contest, everyone else (including Ryan) begins to get a little uncomfortable with the fact that Sarah and Will are semi-flirting right in front of Ryan (see? Not awkward at all!).

Back at the house, everyone is goofing around when Greg comes home from being out by himself. He goes into Sarah’s room to meet Ryan, despite the fact that Sarah and Ryan are in bed (although not naked). Dave then decides to get naked and run around the house, and when the doorbell rings he goes to answer it like that. Two of Greg’s female “associates” are at the door, and Dave lets them in. After Kim refers to them as sluts, she asks Dave to come shower with her (the ironing is delicious). Dave says yes, but then Greg asks him to be his wingman, so he starts talking to one of the girls instead. After Greg, Dave, and the two girls get in the hot tub, Brianna (who was on the phone) begins to make fun of the girls for being easy. Eventually the girls leave, which pisses Greg off. For some reason Greg goes after Sarah, who had been standing around with Brianna laughing at the two girls, and he yells at her. Then Greg says “if Ryan comes out here, he’ll get fucking destroyed” (OK, now that’s awkward). Ryan, surprisingly calm, comes out and tries to reason with Greg. After a while he gives up, and Ryan and Sarah go back to bed.

The next day, Ryan and the girls are driving and talking about the events of the previous night, and they commend him for being “a real man.” A little later, Kim calls one of her friends back home to bitch about Dave hooking up with that other girl.

That night, Dave goes out with Justine and he explains to her that nothing happened with the girl in the hot tub the previous night. She tells him that it’s no big deal, and he brings her back to the house. At the house, Kim tells Justine that Dave did hook up with the girl in the hot tub, and Justine leaves. This pisses Dave off, and he talks to Greg about the situation. Greg responds by telling Dave that Justine “isn’t that hot”, which leads to an argument between the two of them where Dave calls Greg a coward. During this time, Brianna is also talking to Greg’s “associate” Riva about Greg’s behavior. He comes over and tells Riva that she shouldn’t talk to any of “the females” in the house about him. Brianna then starts talking about Greg to Will, and Greg comes back in very upset. Will defends Brianna and gets into a big argument with Greg.

The next day, we see the girls shopping for panties at Victoria’s Secret. (Trust me, this is important information).

That night, Sarah gets pissed off because someone has stolen all of her new underwear (see? It was important!). Greg says that the underwear was on his bed, so he moved it but he doesn’t know what happened to it after that. Sarah says that this is impossible, since all of the underwear was in her drawer. Greg gets mad that Sarah is accusing him, and she gets upset and calls her parents. They tell her not to let Greg get the best of her and give her plenty of other Christian advice. Just as Sarah hangs up, Greg comes in to use the phone, so she calls someone else. While on the phone, someone calls for Greg and Sarah tells them that he isn’t home. Greg gets pissed off and grabs the phone cord, and Sarah eventually gets off the phone.

Ryan and Sarah go out for dinner, and she tells him that she is seriously considering going home. Back at the house, Greg is talking to Will and he admits that he pulled the previous pranks (rocks in Will’s bed, bloody bandages in Dave’s bed), but he says that he did not take Sarah’s panties.

The next morning, Ryan leaves to go back home. After dropping him off at the airport, Sarah comes back to the house and talks to Brianna about her panties. Brianna then goes into Greg’s room to look for them, but she doesn’t find anything.

That night, everyone goes out to the bar. While in the bathroom together (umm, okay), Greg tells Will that he stole Sarah’s panties (really? No one would have guessed!), and Will then tells Dave. Back at home, Will is still pissed off that Greg has been lying to him, and he punches a hole in the wall. He then tells Greg to give Sarah back her panties, and Greg tells him that he will leave them somewhere that she will find them.

The next morning, Sarah fnds her panties, and Will tells her that it was Greg who had stolen them. Will confides in the confessional that he is not attracted to Sarah anymore, but he just wants to take care of her.

That night, everyone except Greg goes out to the bar, and Dave and Will are talking about him. Greg eventually shows up, and he sees Will talking to Riva (Will had heard that Riva was “into” him). Riva winds up talking shit about Greg, and Will tells her “don’t use me to make him jealous.” Immediately after this statement, they dance and make out (oh, Will, this will end poorly for you). Riva eventually goes him and the roommates go back to the house.

Back at the house, Riva calls Greg and tells her that Will kissed her, and he tells her to come over so that they can talk. When she arrives, they get in the hot tub and hang out for a little while. After Riva gets out, she talks to Kim about Will, and Kim tells her that Will is better for her than Greg. Will and Riva then go off to the confessional together where they proceed to do very dirty things. Greg looks all over the house for them, assuming (rightly) that they are together. He opens the door to the confessional, and Will slams the door closed. Greg goes to talk to Brianna about the situation, and Riva eventually comes back downstairs. Greg asks her what happened, and she tells him that Will asked to talk to her and was trying to hook up, but she told him that she was with Greg. Meanwhile, Will tells Sarah and Kim that Riva gave him a blowjob. The episode ends with Greg telling Riva that even though she was up there for a long time with Will, he trusts her that nothing happened.


Step 1: Make out with Will at bar

Step 2: Make out with Greg at house (in hot tub)

Step 3: Give Will a BJ at house (in confessional)

Step 4: Make out with Greg at house? (Please, Lord, let this have happened. They didn’t show it, but I sincerely hope that this happened).

Step 5: PROFIT!?!?



1. DougOLis - Saturday, May 24, 2008

Everyone on this show is dysfunctional. Will may be the most normal and he isn’t even that great (he seems to have a thing for taken women). Ryan was cool though.

How big of sluts did those chicks have to be for Bri to call them hos?

2. lisahottietotrot - Saturday, July 18, 2009

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