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American Idol Roundtable – The Finals Pre-Show Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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And so we’ve come…to the ennnnnd of the rooooooad….

Here it is folks, the final Pre-Show Roundtable for Season Seven. As always, we promise no insight and only a modicum of humor and things actually worth the time you’ll spend reading this. So, let’s get to jump and get on with it


Wow – I can hardly believe that this is the final week of Idol. It’s been a lot of fun discussing Idol with you three fellas and I dare say it’s the only thing that’s kept me close to fully engaged in what has been a snoozer of a season. Since there isn’t much to speculate on for Tuesdays show – except for wondering just how terrible the “coronation song” is going to be this year – shall we just have a recap of our favorite/least favorite parts of this season? Or any thoughts you have on Idol at all heading into the final performance show..

My favorite: Only one performance really stood out for me and it’s what made him my personal favorite to win – David Cook’s “Always Be My Baby” – the only Idol studio performance I’ve ever actually dropped .99 on. Just a really unexpectedly solid translation of a song. An actual shocking jaw-dropper of a performance that has stayed with me. Also, Cook’s song choice (and Castro too to an extent) were exceptionally varied for Idol.

Least favorite: Well the dismissal of Carly was bullshit and, you know what, so was the early dismissal of Michael Johns. Mr. Tony agrees with me on this too (btw, I’m going to miss listening to the Kornheiser radio show for Idol discussions). Also, the non-stop pimping of David Archuletta. I feel bad for the kid, the pressure from his father and the soon-to-be pressures from the record label. This is not the sales marketplace that was there when Idol launched and he doesn’t fit into a niche like Kelly (who’s sales have swooned), Daughtry, or Carrie. He’ll be fortunate to follow Clay Aiken’s career of a good selling album (he won’t touch Aiken’s multiplatinum debut) with little to no radio play thanks to a devoted fanbase. Those girls will grow up though (and quickly, tweens become teens afterall) and he’ll be 18 and half-washed up. The best thing that could happen to him tomorrow is to lose and lose the pressure of being the Idol winner.


It has been pretty much a snoozer and to bad the finale reeks of suckiness also. I have changed my mind and do think emoboy will win. Can anyone see Dreamboat selling any records after all these dull performances and general schmaltz? Emoboy will have a broader appeal and I guess I have finally realized that.

My favorite part of the season was when Brooke was kicking ass and looking just beautiful. Sad she boring but she was one trick pony. Also danced liked a three-legged pony. Carly was great to see on weekly basis until she was voted off for no damned good reason.

Least favorite was that whole Overmayer thing that I forgot about until now. Man did she SUCK! An Idol contestant never made me really hate them until she came along. “I have tats and a Harley and I’m a cool nurse!” La Di Fucking Da! You were awful and I wanted you get hit by a truck. Alas, you couldn’t hold the top spot on my Idol hate list because of…

HIM. Jason Castro. Week after week he kept coming back. He looked like a dope, sang like a dope, acted like a dope and was on dope. That gives dope a bad name. Jackass.


Its been a blast doing this with ya’ll this year, but I’m with Mr. Wheat and Fat-Fat, this season has been a snooze. There haven’t been any really surprising eliminations the themes this week have been terrible for the most part and the judges seem even more out of touch than ever. Simon has been quoted in interviews saying the contestants had a lack of personality and I completely agree with this. Everyone did play it safe. Cook took one risk, the first time he went emo on us. The judges loved it, and from that point on he stuck to it.

The best week this year for me was Mariah Carey week, and that seemed to be the week that shot Mr. Cook to the top. I could see either guy winning but I just have a feeling Archuleta’s block is more dedicated and I think we’ll have another winner in the vein of Ruben and Taylor Hicks.


Regarding this week – I expect we’ll see a situation similar to last year where the Chosen Song will be tailor-made for Dreamboat. He likely wins on the strength of that song, provided Idol insists they perform it as delivered.

And I would guarantee that on Wednesday night, Amanda Overmeyer will make us all very, very grateful she was tossed weeks ago.


  • What the hell was Fantasia doing last week?
  • The continued slobbering over David Archuleta by the judges. Week in and week out, they gushed all over him, all the while criticizing the other contestants for not doing anything surprising or leaving their comfort zone. But our feelings on this are well documented.
  • Idol Gives Back turning into an even more drawn out affair, even if the end result was worthwhile in donations.
  • Danny Noriega’s performance of “Tainted Love” and the Moose Antler “Whatever”
  • Carly being voted out.
  • Being told – repeatedly – in the first five or six weeks how immensely talented this group was. Maybe they were. Maybe we just took them for granted. But it was a rare occasion when any of the performances left me leaping out of my chair.
  • Woops. To myself, for writing:
I’m not convinced David Archuleta is the going away winner that many others seem to think. He’s a great singer with an amazing voice, but the presumed favorite has not proven out in the past – Melinda Doolittle, Katherine McPhee, Jennifer Hudson. At some point – particularly if his song choices do not pep up – he will fall to some motivated fan base like Taylor Hick’s Soul Patrol.
Little did I know his would be that fan base. Archie’s Army or something like that. Apologies, Mr. Palmer.

This is actually a lot tougher than one would normally have expected.

  • Obvious choice, D Cook’s “Hello”, which set his momentum in motion. And his choosing “Innocent” by OLP, even if it did not go well.
  • Carly in Mariah Carey week (I thought she killed). But then, I thought her performance of Jesus Christ Superstar was awesome. Especially the boots. But then again, I thought everything she did was great, which anyone who read would know. So we’ll move on.
  • Syesha stepping up in the last weeks with her performances. And sending various members of the panel into spooge-inducing frenzies. (Can I say spooge-inducing on WordPress? I hope so, since I just did twice.)

That’s about it, off the top of my head. Which I think says volumes about how this season went – there has not been many significant “Oh, WOW!” moments.

Tomorrow night, both performers put on their alleged best to go out on a high note. Wednesday night, Archuleta claims victory. A year from now, he is released from his contract because he sells for shit, just like has been said before.

In Conclusion:

It’s been a blast previewing each week, and I hope those of you who have read us all season enjoyed it as well (and I know there were at least some of you…). We’ll be back tomorrow to wrap it all up.



1. DougOLis - Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I think my favorite week was the first Beatles week. We got good to great performances out of Carly, Chikezie, Brooke, and Michael Johns. Several of the others did fine too. That 2nd week was horrendous though which kind of puts a damper on it.

David Cook’s “Always Be My Baby” was the performance of the year.

Carly getting booted was the lowlight of the season for me.

2. Fat-Fat - Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I agree- and KLC’s “Eight Days A Week” was just fucking ridiculously funny. I can’t believe I forgot that Beatles week train wreck of a performance.

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