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One on One: Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera Friday, May 16, 2008

Posted by Andy Hutchins in One on One, Rockabye.

One on One will be an occasional feature here at DeadOn, comparing and contrasting one pop culture thing to another in various categories, making totally somewhat baseless and arbitrary judgments, and hopefully making some people happy and other people mad. It’s like VH1, but good.

Today, sometime Mouseketeers and erstwhile superstars go under the microscope for our viewing pleasure. It’s the Battle of Bubblegum, the Skirmish of Saccharine: It’s Britney against Christina.

The question is simple: Who has the better career?


America got its first eyeful of Britney in maybe the most influential (or, perhaps, most rewound) music video of the ’90s not starring Helena Christiansen.

Those three notes, the “Oh, baby, baby,” and the pitch-perfect launched countless fantasies and announced Britney to the world as a flawless pop creation in a plaid skirt. She was instantly a can’t miss prospect.

Christina came a little less pre-packaged, and certainly a bit more subtly sexual:

Musically, though, she was far less bland, with a skittering beat behind her and actual range. Listening to it in full for the first time since probably 2000, I’m actually bobbing my head. And while that’s not rare for bubblegum pop (I was a big ‘N Sync fan), it’s surprising because I wasn’t a big Christina fan.

Advantage: Britney. It’s only barely a valid comparison.

Commercial Success

Britney’s …Baby One More Time sold 25 million copies worldwide, and Oops!… I Did It Again did about 20 million as well. Her ellipsis-free albums, Britney, In the Zone, and Blackout, have been far less successful, but the first two are platinum records here and worldwide, and the latter is gold here and has moved about 2 million copies worldwide.

Of course, Britney’s tours (all headlining) are her cash cow, and a tour of fairgrounds, theatres, and smaller arenas, a major domestic tour, three huge world tours, one mall tour, and one bizarre post-rehab circuit of Houses of Bluees have all been very successful, though these live performances opened her up to the lip-synching allegations she’s faced for the rest of her career.

I think, though, that if the people laying down triple digits for tickets for their eleven-year-olds really cared about whether it was faux-live or not, I might not be writing this now.

Christina was the clear second fiddle early on in her career, with her eponymous debut selling just 14 million worldwide. But since, she’s had less of a precipitous dropoff than Brit, with Stripped doing over 10 million globally and 2006’s Back to Basics selling 4.5 million, a very strong showing in the iTunes for someone not named Josh Groban.

Touring has been less lucrative for Aguilera, though, with only three U.S. and world tours to her credit, though the “Justified and Stripped” shows with co-headliner Justin Timberlake made it the top-grossing tour of 2003.

Advantage: Britney, as always a commercial powerhouse.

Critical Success

Obviously, Britney Spears could never read a review of her music, ever, and would still be able to call herself a success. But she’s been hailed from the beginning (hell, her signature song is her first single, and could never be displaced by later, better work; she’s pigeonholed) for working with the best of the best in the pop factories to craft infectious ditties, and that’s still true.

She’s maybe gone to the same well too many times, but her limited voice probably contributes to that; she’s really, really good at the purring, breathy “singing” that just sounds like a prelude to naughtiness, and nowhere, I think, is she better at it than on Blackout, her most recent and most lauded effort, which basically drops all pretense of emotion and lays on the smothering sexuality, to great results.

And besides all that, she’s got a Grammy (for Best Dance Recording in 2005) and a handful of nominations. So the Grammys are, as always, horrifically stupid at their worst.

Christina, though, gets almost universal raves. She’s been dubbed “the voice of her generation,” won praise from virtually every critic imaginable for her extraordinary voice, and has been successful in bubblegum pop, sexier, R & B-flavored tunes, and jazz-influence music aimed at the adult contemporary market.

Her signature song, “Beautiful,” is a gorgeous, moving song that tries to be more than just its vocal and production components, and it’s something that suggests a maturity beyond her years; it’s far, far beyond anything Britney could hope to record, and that’s true of that and several other Aguilera songs as well.

And she has Grammys, plural: Four of them, in fact, from 15 nods, including a Best New Artist bauble in 2000 that was a surprise and a steal, considering her main competition was none other than Ms. Spears.

Advantage: Christina, and this is flat not fair.

Sex Appeal

Britney was the quintessential late ’90s Lolita and the early 2000s bombshell. At her peak, she was the embodiment of sex, a taut body set in motion to music that made hearts flutter and other parts of the body defy gravity; she was hot. (Here’s video evidence, not embedded because I don’t want to melt DeadOn.)

But Britney’s fallen since then (my first word was decayed, which seems more accurate but mean), and the whole world seeing her genitalia has knocked her down the hot list, too; her Kentwood, Louisiana roots are showing.

Meanwhile, Aguilera’s aged like a fine wine. She had her cuteness phase early, then did a rebellious Rolling Stone cover and the “Dirrty” video, then got even better with time, morphing into a throwback songstress and taking fairly classy Maxim pictures.

Yeah, pregnancy’s left her looking, uh, swell, but the most important thing for the former Xtina is that she’s gotten past her former iterations without going too far either way on the sexy-cute spectrum, and hit the sweet spot of late. She’s survived the hypersexual part of her career and come out brassy and beautiful.

Advantage: Christina, whose sustained appeal just trumps Britney’s white-hot peak.


Britney changed the game of the music industry more than any female artist before her, but not necessarily in a positive direction. She made it much easier for aspiring artists to earn a bit of play for a pretty face, but who knows how many careers she’s delayed or diminished by hogging the spotlight?

It’s also true that Britney’s acquired a Jacko-like following of devotees who will never leave her side and that her Hollywood lifestyle has probably done more damage than good to her family (ask Jamie Lynn), but, then, her sideshows have been more entertaining than the mainstage music career of late.

Christina, much like onetime tourmate Timberlake, has shown that the bubblegum pop phase is survivable, and has come out much stronger than Britney after her life in the intense media spotlight of that era. She’s married a manager, had a child, and matured.

But she’ll always be the second-brightest star of that era, the sonic boom following the rocket rather than the rocket itself, and was helped in no small amount by the dichotomy and tribalism of that era made possible by Brit; if you didn’t care for her and still liked mainstream music, you were more or less forced into the Christina camp, then learned to love her.

Advantage: Britney. It’s easier to break the mold than make it.


Britney is probably at a dead end, or at least and extended stop, in her career. She’s shown she is only barely capable of holding down gainful employment with her “How I Met Your Mother” cameos, and continues to be plagued by paparazzi and legal troubles. Expecting much from her, like a tour in support of Blackout or diligent work in a studio towards a new album, seems like a losing proposition.

It’s easy to lapse into the past tense when writing about Britney, and sadly spooky to think that the AP has sketched out an obit for her. Her future is uncertain and, for the most part, bleak.

Christina, though, seems energized both personally and professionally by her marriage and the birth of her son, Max, and likely to continue evolving as a person and artist. Rumor has it that there’s a poppier 2008 album in the works, and, if so, it would be one of the year’s biggest.

She’s got the sort of voice and aesthetic that could propel her as an artist into a long and fruitful career as, say, a more talented, less sensational Madonna, pushing the envelope musically rather than socially. If so, it’s more than enviable.

Advantage: Christina, and, again, it’s not close.

So the score is three-all, but there are margin of victory issues here and they weigh heavily for one side.

Game, Set, and Match: Christina Aguilera.

Please, leave comments, but also throw in any suggestions for future One on One features, too. I had a really hard time coming up with this one, but if there are things you’d like me to tackle, I’m more than happy to run with your ideas.



1. DougOLis - Friday, May 16, 2008

As an unapologetic Britney fan from my high school days (and still to a certain extent), I disagree. I agree that Christina has the best voice (by far) and more critical success, but that’s all I’ll consent.

re Sex Appeal: I had a huge crush on Britney and I think a piece of me always will. Her peak was so much higher that it easily carries in my mind. She certainly has gone down hill since the Jason Alexander marriage, but it feels like she’s coming back around and still looks good (see HIMYM). On the otherhand, I never really had a thing for XTina and she did have her own trashy period as well.

re future: I consider this to be a toss-up. Gimme More was a pretty big hit for Britney and the HIMYM appearances have been decent but more importantly made her seem normal again. Christina has more talent but she feels less relevant these days and who knows what marriage/motherhood will do to her music.

2. DougOLis - Friday, May 16, 2008

p.s. btw, I do own Crossroads. So feel free to mock away and I’m clearly a homer.

3. Rockabye - Friday, May 16, 2008


But I do appreciate the comments, and I’d say it’s closer than I expected it would be before I started writing it. I’m eager to see what others think as well.

4. DougOLis - Friday, May 16, 2008

I suppose it’s technically more fanboi than homer

5. bk - Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I’m sorry, but IMHO britney’s legacy is going to be more jacko based than music based. Taking Photog’s into the toilet, attacking cars with umbrellas, pantiless shots, hystronics and poor wardrobe choices since her body has started the downhill slide outweigh anything she did in her early career. And that early stuff was mostly production. The songs were written by others, the recording was so over produced that she would have to lip synch in concert just to get the same sound. I equate her to a pop version of shania twain, just not as hot :-p

6. Sista_gurl - Thursday, June 5, 2008

Christina Aguilera is boring! I mean come on, how many songs of Christina Aguilera do you really hear on the Radio? None, the onliest time I hear her is when someone is feeling blue and the dj plays that gay anthem song “beautiful”. Give me a break! All of a sudden Christina is herald “cute, wholesome, talented, with a big voice. Let she and her man go through some things and tongues will start wagging. While Britney isn’t the best singer, she is a fantastic entertainer. Madonna doesn’t have the strongest vocals and even in her 20s she did things that had people buzzing. She cleaned up her act and what is she now? A pop icon. Britney although perversely screwed up will alwyays be a better all around performer than Christina. Although, most people hate to admit it, they know most of the lyrics to Britney’s “sometimes”, …Oops, I did it again” and “baby one more time”… how many Christina song can you bob your head and sing along subconsciously?”

7. Comment on One on One: Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera by … - Celebrity Gossip pictures and news - Thursday, June 5, 2008

[…] admin wrote an interesting post today on Comment on One on One: Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera by ……Here’s a quick excerpt:Britney although perversely screwed up will alwyays be a better all around artist than Christina. While, most people detest to admit it, they know most of the lyrics to Britney’s “sometimes”, …Oops, I did it again” and “baby one … […]

8. yaamanu - Friday, August 1, 2008

Discerning people would go for Christina. Britney is an entertainer fine!, but it looks as if Christina would be a longterm artist. Come on people the girl is a true versatile artist. Britney is no match for Christina. I’m in Africa, and I love Christina. Now what!! Well who says Christina is boring, Love Britney when you are 16, love Christina when you are 16, 25, 30 and going. Sorry Brit, I love you but I’m just saying it as it is. Christina should by now be compared to other Great artist and not Brit.

9. yaamanu - Friday, August 1, 2008

Who is a true artist, one whose music is able to live. Listen to Christina’s music in the next 50 years and it would still be fresh. We are talking about music here, art, soothing entertaining. Now let’s see Christina being compared to others on her level.

10. Larry - Monday, August 11, 2008

I know Christina is talented but she let’s face it, she’s more bland. She didn’t make a punchy debut in Genie in the bottle and she’ll probably be just remembered as a great artist but not a pop icon. Back to Basics was more of a damage control since she received so much bad press about her and her Stripped cd had low sales. I say Britney will survive as long as Christina because she will always do something to keep the public interested in her and even if her music career fails she fall back on being a comedic actress (she got good reviews for HIMYM and Will & Grace) as well as other things while Christina can only rely on her voice which the public will get bored of but the critics will eat it up. Britney is smarter than most people think, almost all the teeny bopper singers like her have failed to revive their career, she managed to still have people talk about her, she’s not respected but years from now, people will still talk about her…something Christina don’t have because she’s not controversial enough or doesn’t want to be.

alexandra - Sunday, October 9, 2011

christina rocks britney sucks christina had the most music thsn britney when chiritna was 8 all the boys liked her becuase she was legend but britney wasnt legend so brtiney sucks and chritina rocks the pparty

amelia - Monday, December 19, 2011


bobbybott - Monday, November 27, 2017

Stripped had low sales…….. ok that’s not a factual comment. Stripped actually went on to go over 6 x platinum and sold nearly 2 million copies in the U.K alone. Which can I tell you is massive like huge. A successful album sells about 300,000- 500,000 to be redeemed a massive hit so again low sales ? Not true. I also just read it sold 4.5 in the U.S and over 10m worldwide 🤷🏼‍♂️

11. lindsey - Monday, August 25, 2008

A lot of people compare Britney Spears to Madonna but I’ve never thought they were alike. Yes both Britney and Madonna do not have the strongest voice but I’ve always gotten the impression that Madonna was in full control of her career and the path that she was on. Britney always seems so lost to me. I always feel as if there was someone else dictating her actions and decisions. When she went crazy it was the first time that I actually believed she controlled her actions. Say whatever you want about Christina its pretty clear she makes her decisions. She might not always make the best ones but I don’t see her as a puppet and that’s something I can respect

12. Brianne - Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Britney is soo amazingly talented! Maybe she doesnt stand up there and belt notes while throwing her hand all in the air like a crazy woman! But Britney can sing and dance her ass off! She is a true performer! She has it all! A triple threat if you must! The last time I saw christina “perform” on the 2008 VMAs her dancing was
HILARIOUS or AWFUL actually and she looks like Lady Gaga! Not to mention the copycat black jumpsuit with cape like Britney on the Onyx Hotel Tour and the red catsuit on her new promo commercial for her greatest hits just like Oops I Did It again! Pretty funny if you ask me! You cant help but LOVE Britney!!! Soo if anyone here is the Best Female Artist it is clearly Miss Britney Spears..aka the Queen of Pop and she doesnt need a Grammy to say it!

13. Jhon - Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh Brianne please!!!…crazy woman??? (Have you seen your idol punching a car with bold head and an umbrella!!!)

Can sing and dance her ass off?…VMAS 2007 pathetic…

She looks like Lady Gaga…see more comics…she looks like black cat…and she has that hair do more times before like in Stripped era and Ain’t no other man video…

Christina copying Britney…what you have to say for Circus…=pathetic copy of Back to Basics…

Please if you write…make sense!!!

And for Best Female Artist mmm…for me it’s funny how Xtina bites Britney ass for Best new artist…

14. alison - Monday, December 1, 2008

hey there. i am a first and foremost a fanatical christina aguilera fan and have been snce i was 14(im 24 now). i have looked up to her and do think she will be a legend and is becoming one now. she will be around for a long long time.
but i also like britney. i feel sorry for britney. britney was a clear case of what fame can do to a person. but saying that i still love britney’s music. her blackout album i believe was the best work she did. (though i havent heard her first two albums cause i didnt like britney till me against the music).
i also dont think these two people should be compared. first off album sales dont mean anything. there a few bands i still like they dont sell alot but still put out great music. and i love her(mandy moore) but she doesnt sell well but still makes good music.
talent-britney is a dancer first singer second. and of course christina can outsing anyone. her voice is actually want got me into her.
me personally i like a good singer one who gives me chills when they sing. and christina does that to me.
lastly there is a spot for both girls excuse women and they are both here to stay. so comparing is like comparing peanut butter and chocolate. both are great, both go good together and both are here to stay.
like i say christina is my girl ive loved her since the beginning and i have 6 month old and i will hopefully take her to a christina concert when she gets older.
and britney is awesome too

15. leanne - Monday, December 1, 2008

omg can you believe britne is using circus as her cd title and christina used that for back to basics on disc too. copy cat. i think britney knows christina is awesome and britney aint nothing.

16. alison - Monday, December 1, 2008

christina doesnt need controversy in her life. christina is mainly about her music. and thats how it should be. yeah she changes her look up all the time. but being in the tabloids isnt what every celebrity wants.
thats the only thing i dont like bout britney. she acts likes she cant go out in public without a camera on her. but she strives on that too. she likes to play with the pap. but then whine like the victim. that is the only thing i dont like about her.

17. Michelle - Thursday, December 4, 2008

I think that comparing Christina and Britney is always going to be in a way, semi-pointless. There will never be a true winner seeing as every fan base has their difference of opinion. For me, I think Christina will have a more sustainable career. She has a great voice and that will be able to carry her. Britney on the other hand falls back on her dancing as entertainment which to be honest won’t always be there. When’s she’s 50, I doubt she’ll be able to dance like she does today at 27.

There’s also the argument of music. Britney’s music is without a doubt, catchier than Christina’s but that’s pretty much it. For me, I like music that has some sort of meaning, something I can relate to. Britney’s music is the kind that you listen to when you’re in a good mood or going out with your friends. I can’t really relate to it and I’ve also noticed that a lot of her songs are about the same things. I feel that Christina takes risks with her music and puts something out that she can be proud of. Christina could easily put out an album like Britney’s if she wanted but she doesn’t. I feel like she’s in it more for the music and not how many number ones hits she’ll achieve etc.

There’s also the argument of who’s a better entertainer. Again, this is all a matter of opinion. I would rather pay to watch someone sing than to watch someone dance. I’ve always found Christina’s performances more entertaining. I also find that a lot of Britney fans are living in the past. Britney used to be a great entertainer, now she’s kind of falling flat. She’s not as good as she was. Britney used to be a lot of fun to watch, she used to put on great shows but now, she’s not all there.

All in all, this argument can go on for years and sadly, I’m sure it will. I don’t understand the constant war between Britney and Christina fans or why each side can’t just enjoy what they enjoy and leave the other “opposing” side if you will, alone.

18. alison - Sunday, December 7, 2008

well said. i couldnt of said it better myself.

19. eric - Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christina have alot of talent that britney don’t have a voice go up to god and touch the fans forever for a long time.

20. eric - Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Britney is back to be nice again. And her circus tour is coming in March. And christina have her greatest hits album last year. And christina is working on her 4th Studio Album in this summer. Can’t wait to get it. And christina have the best vocal in the world that I want to see her in person. Oh britney I know you for a long time now. So can you get even better to make a comeback. Please. And christina i love you for all the way. And I am a biggest fan of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. And the feuds still on. No matter what.

21. Robert - Friday, February 6, 2009

I’m pretty sure that the people who are finding similarities between Britney and Christina’s Circus are either purely illiterate or lack an ability to understand art and music. My God! Christina’s has only circus theme for her song “hurt” that has a totally different meaning to it.. where as Britney’s whole album is based on a celebrity’s life as a circus. Comparing both of these works would be just like extracting the same meaning from 2 different words that are spelled similarly. Ugghh!! I wish people had that vision to understand art and it’s meaning. I’m no big Britney or Christina fan but I had to make this point clear to all dumbheads.

22. Maria - Friday, February 6, 2009

For those who are doubting Britney’s abilities, here are the facts:
> Britney sold 100 million records, Christina sold 38 million.
> Britney has 5/6 number 1 albums which no other artist has.. not even Madonna
> Madonna was popular when after she was 25. Got her first grammy after 30. Britney has a grammy means that she can sing (oh please much better than Kylie Minogue, Madonna or Nelly Furtdao whinners). Britney was doing it 10 years before and still does it again and again.
> She would be dancing at 50 and will be singing too. .. Madonna is doing both so those who do not agree “You’re kiddin me right?”
> Christina Aguilera has a perfect voice ok.. but so has Beyonce, Mariah, Aaliyah, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, Amy Winehouse… blah blah blah but WHO HAS BRITNEY’S CHARISMA????? PLEASE MENTION EVEN IF THERE IS 1
> Britney had bipolar, so had Janet Jackson… Mariah had problems but all back! Isn’t it? And Britney is back still blowing the charts.. her personal problems hasn’t brought down the sales or popularity so…?? what’s the deal?
> Christina never had problems and there isn’t anyone to bring her down, still she never gets on the top of the game.
> Britney has dealt with trouble since she was a child and I’m dead sure that she is much more mature woman now and is not going to repeat her childish mistakes.
> And about that Circus theme, the guy above has enough said!


Cherissa - Thursday, April 7, 2011

Well said!!! =)

23. eric - Thursday, February 12, 2009

Britney should never break up with justin timberlake. You know why ? She have alot of paparazzi around her everyday. And she has act like a crazy woman like we don’t know who she is now. If she act like that again. I’m gonna put her stuff up for good. And not listen to her never ever again.

24. eric - Monday, February 23, 2009

Britney have no i dear what she was doing is stupid to me. Like what ? Her music have the fans all around the world. Searching for her all day along and listen to her music on the radio. Like some fans don’t like her at all. Britney what is wrong with you. Oh I have watch you on t.v. Britney have never done it in her life. Cut all her hair off is scary the mess out of me. Because she don’t know what she was doing. Let me tell you somethin britney. Don’t you ever do that never in your life. Britney have scary her fans or her fans laugh at her. That what she get for that. If britney wasn’t famous. She won’t doing anyway. Oh don’t get mad at the paparazzi for what they did to you. Get mad at yourself britney. You did it to yourself. Make yourself real bad.

25. eric - Saturday, February 28, 2009

Christina have a clean good voice that her fans can reach out to her everyday. And britney don’t have the voice like christina. And britney voice is ok to me. But christina voice is amazing to me.

Jane Dei Fusi - Thursday, October 6, 2011


26. eric - Saturday, March 14, 2009

Britney spears music video has alot of comeback that she been going so quick and fast. And her video that have dancing is ? …Baby One More Time, Oops!…I Did It Again, Boys, I’m A Slave 4 U, Me Against The Music, (You Drive Me)Crazy, Overprotected. And more video that have no dancing at all. That’s O.k.

27. eric - Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Britney spears don’t know what she doing in her music video Gimme More is like no comeback at all. She have been smoking and drinking too much. And her comeback is not coming at all. And she is a mess in that video. And she dancing like a stripper with nothing to do. And oops! britney with no panties on. How nasty is that. And britney have to go to a club and party all night. And kiss madonna at the vma award in 2003. Nasty ladies.

28. eric - Thursday, March 19, 2009

Christina Aguilera have a longer career is music for a lifetime. And her voice will go on and on. And her song Beautiful have help me get through how I felt about this song. The song is Beautiful means about no matter what people say to you is ? oh you ugly. oh you stupid. oh you nasty. Any words that have bad words that don’t mean nothing to you. You just walk away and ignore that person. What they say is nothing. So still beautiful forever in your heart. Follow Your Heart.

29. handyman - Monday, May 4, 2009

Okay, lets be fair here. I am not chosing sides, but let’s be real people.
Christina Aguilera may have ‘more talent’ but who is going to be remembered in music/pop culture?
Christina Aguilera is not that big anymore at all. She has a steady career but it’s nothing to go bananas over. She comes out with one hit about every 3 years and people just forget about her. She is working on a new album, no one gives a damn. Her highly promoted greatest hits album flopped hardcore and there is barely ANY mention of her in the press or on the radio. She is not relevant anymore, hasn’t been for a while now. I’m not doubting a comeback, I mean, I could never doubt someone with that talent, but Christina Aguilera is just not hyped or cared about anymore. She has a few hits, barely memorable. Changes looks every 3 years and they are always rip offs of other people’s looks. I am not doubting talent, but everything else, Aguilera lacks.

Britney on the other hand, may be less of an artist and more of a performer, but she has broken so many boundaries in music, its unbelievable. Easily the most successful female singer over the past 10 years and after a huge meltdown still managed to sell 505,000 copies of circus the first week and eventually sell over 3 million WW, while selling out tickets to all of her showings, making 2 million dollars a night and managing to have 2 worldwide hits, and a third upcoming hit. It’s crazy how much power she has and how much dedication people have towards her. I do agree (with someone above) that it may seem like she is a puppet when it comes to her career sometimes, but I do think she is behind most of the decisions.

Christina will always be the Jayne Mansfield to Britney’s Marilyn Monroe.

I give the author a break bc this was right after her breakdown, but the clear

the end. now compare 2 SIMILAR people (britney, rihanna) (christina, beyonce)

Sierra - Friday, February 3, 2012

Please…… Have you read some of the Xtina blogs lately? Or even youtube comments? Her music lasts and just because something isn’t ‘popular’ or doesn’t sell a lot or get a lot of publicity doesn’t define it as good or bad. You don’t have to be constantly everywhere, who wants that? Christina is very active in her own fanbasesd community, she doesn’t need to make everything super public like all those other hyped up pop stars. Christina’s one of those singers that will always be there, even if there is just one person who will listen and buy her albums and her fanbase and hardcore Xtina fans (like myself) will always stand by her. She enchanted us and so far has done nothing that would break that over 10 year long charm since she was 17. Have you not noticed that the big things are only big for awhile and then fade away under the pressure? Christina made the decision to be a strong, steady, and not as public artist so as to stay for all eternity.

Like you said, there talent is undeniably taken by Christina. Sure Britney can dance, but personally I would much rather listen to an human-enpowering song that will change people’s lives than a chick showing off her body and dancing around. To be honest it kinda repulses me…… (A dying breed and minority in today’s world that doesn’t like all that ‘stuff’).

Also, you have to remember that Christina DOES have a story. If I’m not mistaking it wasn’t Britney that went through domestic abuse, bullying and then rising above to share her experiences with people. Britney’s songs all follow a similar patter, though fun to listen to, that are bland, empty, shallow and unreal. Britney always came across as someone very fake and overmakeupized, like some people said a puppet.

Christina went against the mainstream, and if that led to her popularity lessening then that is very sad. Personally I want someone who is real and different and talented. I don’t necessarily want my idol being in the paper everyday, especially with some sort of scandal (I know Christina’s not perfect and that has happened, but everybody makes mistakes, I’m sure you do).

Xtina will always trump all…….

30. dan - Saturday, May 16, 2009

I disagree with you Handyman

Christina will be remebered more than Britney!!!!

31. d - Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dude, Legacy always goes to miss aguilera. no one as young as her (as far as i know) made such huge impact on live performances. and commercial success. i dunno. Christina has far more succesful singles considering she only had 3 studio albums. and the only era that britney outsold christina was during the oops & baby one more time againts christina aguilera (album). as for the follow ups, xtina wins (in the zone vs stripped, and blackout againts back to basics)

32. taylor brewer - Monday, June 15, 2009

in response to maria’s comment about britney selling 100mil records. u desperately need to check ur math. her sales are closer to 60 mil (70 mil at the most)! also, robert, christina not only used the circus theme in the video “hurt” she used it during a large portion of her back 2 basics tour. as far as handyman’s comment about who is relevant. relevancy is grossly determined by the media. the media have always been slobbering fools when it comes to britney. her career was saved only by shameless media hype & undeserved pity awards. however, .the media seems to have vehement distain for christina & are mostly critical of her or ignore her altogether. i wonder how many records she could sell if given half of britney’s hype. is the media afraid to find out? i really believe so!!

33. brandon - Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In response to taylor……..BOMT sold 25+ mill worldwide, being the biggest debut album worldwide by any female artist. OIDIA sold 20+ mill worldwide. BRITNEY sold 11+ mill worldwide. ITZ sold 9+ mill worldwide…thats already 65 mill (and remember the first 2 are low round about numbers, so you can basically add a few more mill.) Go on to add 8 mill worldwide between her remix album and GHMP, 2.5-3 mill for BLACKOUT, and now 3.5-4 mill for CIRCUS, bringin us to a total of at least 80 mill. Now, in response to “d”, christina may only have 3 studio albums, but she did take time to make an xmas album, a spanish album, and her greatest hits album. xtina’s first studio album selling 16 mill WW, while BOMT 14 mill in USA alone. xtina’s 2nd studio album selling around 11-12 mill WW, while OIDIA sold 10.5 mill in USA alone. xtina’s 3rd studio sold 4.5 mill WW, BRITNEY selling 5 mill in USA alone. Then combine xtina’s greatest hits with her her xmas album, and her spanish album selling total 8 mill WW, while GHMP alone selling 8 mill WW. Britney has outsold xtina on every album. Britney is much larger on the international level than xtina is, and has sold almost as many albums in the US alone being 14 BOMT+10.5 OIDIA+5.2 BRITNEY+3.3 ITZ+ 1.8 GHMP+1 BLACKOUT+1.7 CIRCUS=36.4 mill. Where as xtina had sold 40 mill WW. And this is for anyone who downs BLACKOUT and said it was unsuccessful and BACK TO BASICS outsold it, and say that britney’s career is over. Lets look at all the promotion that xtina put into Back TO BASICS, and how little promo britney did for BLACKOUT. xtina was all over tv doing talk shows, promoted with an 82 show tour, and brought out 5 singles from the album. Britney didn’t promote with any tour, do any tv appearances, and only brought out 3 singles for blackout. And for anyone who has heard blackout, knows that at least 4 more songs could have been put onto radio. If Britney was to re-release blackout and actually promote it this time, it would definately go on to surpass BACK TO BASICS. And also keep in mind that album sales were down about 12% in 2007 when black out was released, than they were in 2006 when BACK TO BASICS was released. I am not on here to dog xtina…..I own 2 of her albums, being her self titled and stripped. I have seen her in concert 2 times, once during her debut album, and once in 06. I am just putting things into perspective.

34. julie - Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Christina is definitely better especially when referring to the music industry. Also as mentioned before, Christina’s music helps soothe people and help them relate to the song because of her great lyrics, but Britney, her songs are meaningless and only rely on a beat. In reality, Christina really could have the same type of music as Britney with hot beats, but she prefers lyrics over beat!! In the future, Christina will definitely be remembered more and everyone will still listen to her due to her meaningful songs whether your a teen, 20s, 30s, 40, etc. While Britney, if shes still around, her fans will be only teens.

35. angelpoo13 - Sunday, June 21, 2009

britney gay christina wateva she a bit lame but she is betta dan britney.britney gay gay gay gay gay gay gay and wat gay she is da most gayest person i eva saw i hate her lame self and one day i hope britney get some help.i think she is lame like i dont no wat she is real corney oops i did it again so lame . anyways i like christina more dan britney but anyways bye bye lames

36. eric - Sunday, June 21, 2009

hi im eric and im so happy dat britney gay lolz

eric - Sunday, June 21, 2009

um exuse me my sister wrote number 36 and i didnt say dat but wat i have to say is christina is beautiful and better than britney. and also i wiish i can meet christina in real life.

37. Ramona - Monday, June 22, 2009

Britney really is media hype and about selling. She had a breakdown, Britney & Kevin chaotic, she smokes, shaved her head, rehab, comeback, another comeback, and more negative things with her personal life. How did she make with throughout the years? WITH HER VOICE? With her music, it’s all her dad’s work, producers, and songwriters that work for her. All the poppy music hides her actual talent. Also, her being a ‘better’ entertainer is all by other professionals teaching her. She isn’t original, anyone can be Britney is they wanted to.

Xtina writes about her dark past, meaningful ballads/rnb music, and soul music, what music should be about. She has a steady career and personal life. She just doesn’t do pop anymore, so she’s seen in a different perspective. Britney can BARELY earn a Grammy, and I see her fans seem to be really shy about that.

38. Qwerty - Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well. if britney is really as lousy and have such a terrible voice, do you guys honestly think she’d make it this far? Its not just the pretty face i can assure you, you guys have no idea how much effort she puts into her career. She really shows how hardworking she is, especially after the breakdown, hwo much effort she put in to get her damn body back, to take up singing and dancing lessons, to produce such catchy music for all to enjoy.
True, britney does not produce emotional and meaningful ballads like christina does, but thats due to her singing limits, and well at least she tries. Britney is more of an entertainer, a pop icon who is so real, given that the whole world saw her through her ups and downs.
And though christina can really sing, she is less popular than Britney due to her uncapability to perform as slammin as Britney. That, which could not be blamed on anyone.

People all make mistakes, and Britney had shown the world the courage and determination to bounce back up. To summarise that, Britney is definitely the clear crowned winner.

39. Stef - Sunday, July 5, 2009

Christina Aguilera when i went to her Back to Basics Tour shouts, she doesn’t sing, Mariah Carey has a much better voice and i expected a better performance from someone claimed to be ‘the voice’. Hardly, Witney Housten also has a better voice back in the day. Christina Aguilera has a better voice than most artists, but who really else is there currently to compare her to, Lady Gaga. Beyonce is the only real contender.

40. ebom - Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i luv u BRitney!!!!!!! Foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! I Can Even Sacrifice mY Own Lyf 4 U!!!!!!

41. ebom - Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An I rili Accept Her 4 Watever She iS!!!Im So Damn Crazy With Her Even If Im a Girl!! So Back Off To People Who Insult Him!!

42. eric - Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Christina Aguilera, I have watch your Exclusive Interview. And I have never heard that your father have been hiting you so hard. And I fell so bad. But I know that your 4th Studio Album is coming out in December 2009. I’m am so happy for you. And I know that christina is a living legend. And Youngest Artist Recognized by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… Congratulations. And Britney Spears is a legendary. And she won the 2009 vma for the best pop video is ? Womanizer. And I have watch her Biography/Documentary is ? Britney: For The Record in 2008. Congratulations.

43. JDawg - Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In the Future category, you got it all wrong. Britney Spears’ most recent album “Circus” debuted at number 1 on the US Billboard Hot 200 with sales of 505,000, making her the only artist in history to have four albums debuted with 500,000 copies or more. This album sparked the hits “Womanizer” and “Circus”, both reaching the number 1 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100. She also began her seventh tour, “The Circus Staring: Britney Spears” in March of 2009. She has been named by Forbes as the 13th most powerful Celebrity and the second most top-earning musician of 2009 making $35 million. She is currently recording new material for an upcoming album. Britney Spears with a “bleak” future? It’s more likely that she’ll have a Madonna-like longevity to her career.

44. geniegenie - Sunday, November 22, 2009

I’ve never seen someone as big as Christina Aguilera. She’s a pop icon, a pop legend, a pop star– you name it. She’s been bigger than Britney ever since 2000. They were on the same level of popularity during their debuts but after than Christina just got HUGE. Plus she’s sold more than Britney currently.

Christina Aguilera: 20 million
Stripped: 14 million
Back to Basics: 5.2 million
My Kind of Christmas: 3.5 million
Mi Reflejo: 4 million
KGB: A decade of Hits: 870,000

That’s over 47 million ALBUM sales worldwide, and she’s released three studio albums, to Britney’s 6. Plus Christina is just the bigger name, when you hear the name Christina you know who she is, when you hear the name Britney you think of some dumb blonde bimbo that goes to your school. Britney is irrelevant and her GH sold 27 thousand its first week while Christina sold 72 thousand her first week LMFAO!!! Christina owns Britney soo much, that’s why i love Christina. She’s a respected legend who’s made a bigger mark in pop culture than Britney and get more critical praise. RollingStones already named Madonna and Christina the Queens of Pop anyways

45. rahul - Saturday, November 28, 2009

brit i lve you

46. rahul - Saturday, November 28, 2009

okk guyss…..its enough there… just few question’s to the Xtina lover…… do you know that brtiney is ranked as 8th in U.S as the best selling artist???…i tell you No you didnt no… Do you know that britney is the best selling artist of the decade & also No.1 female artist ?.. No you even dont know this…do you know britney was honored by” ULTIMATE CHOICE ” ………….in the teen choice award function???? britney holds record for hitting no.1 position on billboard charts…..ohhhhhhhh come what to tell you…???? you are fan followers of the dull singer Xtina…

Sierra - Friday, February 3, 2012

Ok, one last comment and then I’m leaving for good. This is obviously very biased and like I stand by everything I said in my other reply.

Where are the Xtina fans you ask? They refuse to take part in such petty and pathetic talk as to even compare Xtina and Britney. They are higher than all the slutty little Britney fans, more noble and defined and they refuse to stoop down to such low levels as you guys are.

Dull you call her…….. compare every song Britney has ever sang to eachother, state the differences/diversity. Compare every song Xtina has ever sang, state the differences/diversity. Who covers the greater amount of genre? Christina hits home with reality as well as sassy, fun songs too.

Life’s not all about clubs and bars and drinking and dating sluts.

~A Faithful Xtina Fan

47. rahul - Saturday, November 28, 2009

my question to GenieGenie, Eric,julie and the others is that have you all ever checked the forbes magazines list of power celebrity on planet..????? If not i tell you britney is 13th power celebrity on planet. i wonder where this girl Xtina would be… do you know britney spears circus tour is the highest earning tour of the year?????. come on reply to me where does your Xtina stand……???? I say its the comparison between lioness (britney) & cat (Xtina)………no perfect comparison

48. rahul - Saturday, November 28, 2009

i just love your voice pinkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

49. rahul - Saturday, November 28, 2009

reply………….Xtina fan followers im waitin for u////

Jane Dei Fusi - Thursday, October 6, 2011


50. rahul - Thursday, December 3, 2009

hey……….you geniegenie its ok wid madonna but augilera, she’s abig yuck……….and let me remind you brit is reowned queen of pop. she doesnt need anyone to declare somnthing…. so did u get that………

51. eric - Friday, January 15, 2010

Britney Spears is getting more better. Oh 7th Studio Album is coming out in May 2010. I have known britney for 10 years now. I WANT TO SAY IS THANK YOU BRITNEY FOR BEEN IN MY LIFE. And Christina Aguilera your 4th Studio Album is really coming out in March 2010. I have known christina for 9 years now. I WANT TO SAY IS THANK YOU CHRISTINA FOR TELLING ME THE STORY ABOUT HOW YOU REALLY FELT THE MUSIC IN YOU. AND YOU’RE THE BRIGHT OF MY LIFE. THANK YOU BRITNEY & CHRISTINA.

52. cfidalgo09 - Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wow, this is very very biased! It is so obvious that you favor Christina! Whenever you are mentioning the GOOD about Britney, you bring her down at the same time! FACE IT!!!…BRITNEY is a better performer and knows how to sell herself, her voice and her music! She never tried or claimed to be a phenomenal singer like Mariah or Whitney! She has vocal talent, regardless of how minimal or how great that vocal talent may be! She knows how to play in the game that is the recording industry and is just an overall better artist. ALL Christina can claim to having is the voice, too bad she doesn’t know how to use it to make BANK! Britney has had MULTIPLE #1 Hits, and all her albums have gone Platinum except for “Blackout”, so IDK what you’re talking about! Britney’s music is awesome and people love her just because she IS BRITNEY! She has just enough of everything from her voice to her looks and personality to make her amazing! Has Christina gone through the same stress as Britney? … NO! You also failed to mention that Britney was DRUGGED by Sam Lutfi in 2006 … her stresses are completely different than Christina’s! … AND Britney works harder.. releases far more albums than Christina! … ALSO, after her breakdown, she released another #1 album with “Circus” and has released two more #1 Singles with “Womanizer” AND “3”. Comparing Britney and Christina is like comparing a REAL Gucci bag to a knockoff … they both look pretty on the outside, but one is obviously the REAL DEAL … BRITNEY OF COURSE!!!


Cherissa - Thursday, April 7, 2011

Well said!!

53. Chris - Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the conclusion is CHRISTINA is always behind of popular Ms BRITNEY SPEARS………CHRISTINA cannot come more than Britney………. Just that the POint……………….

54. Just the facts - Saturday, April 24, 2010

Critics can praise Aguilera’s voice all they want, but sales do not lie. The public wants Britney Spears — her sales are way above Aguilera’s in all respects. The power of the dollar is what counts and Britney Spears wins hands down whether you like her or not. The public only has a small interest in Aguilera — look at the sales of her current single — it is already falling down the iTunes chart after a mild debut.

55. tii - Wednesday, May 12, 2010

this article is disapointing, cos it’s been proven : britney wins…as always
Britney may not be the perfect woman , she may dress like a crazy person or have dirty hair or whatever u think…But she just keeps on humiliating Christina Aguilera when it comes to career success. Christina fans wish that Britney was over. Well, Oops.. Britneys done it again,
-With almost 100 million records sold worldwide.
-Making History in the music industry with four albums being the Billboards top 20 biggest-opening-week albums of the decade.
-Simply having two album certified DIAMOND (something Xtina will probably never see or even hear of ).
Christina is back in the shadow of Britney. Where she belongs.

Whilst her rival Britney Spears can top the Billboard Hot 100 in one go WITHOUT promotion, Christina Aguilera has been badly struggling. Comback single Not Myself Tonight could only peak at #23 on the Billboard Hot 100 before slowly falling off.
Were her label RCA disappointed? Of course they were: Not Myself Tonight is what we believe to be a great song says a label source before continuing: Unfortunately it was analysed and ripped apart by the media with comparisons and judgements.

56. HiChEm - Thursday, July 29, 2010

hold on a sec, britney in her circus didn’t copy xtina’s back to basics, the circus album was all about the circus, it was a metaphore for all what she went through, besides back to basics was all about going back to the past, xtina copied marylin monroe in that era, xtina used a circus theme in one song ‘hurt’ and the circus theme had nothing to do with the album, and let me clear it up to you xtina’s fans : listen xtina has always copied britney, britney went out first to sing so did xtina, britney put out stronger xtina did fighter, britney put out i’m a slave for u and changed her image in a sexy way, xtina put out dirrty and changed her image in a vulgar way, britney signed with pepsi xtina did it with coca cola, britney got married so did xtina, than xtina put out keeps getting better which is similar to britney’s RADAR and there’s more and more thins, but the worst is that xtina now is copying lady gaga the new comer what a shame on xtina, trust me i’m from algeria and no one seems to have an idea about xtina and who she is but britney is pretty popular in here,

57. Inoz - Sunday, August 8, 2010


FLoptina Sucks… She’s floping btw wkwkkwkw

Even Not myself tonight falling with sucsess

Britney’s 3 debut #1 on BB Hot 100 without promotion.

Who owns who? Who’s has better career in the Future?

It’s Britney, Bitch!!!!

58. Inoz - Sunday, August 8, 2010

and this year Britney will release a new album…

Hahahahaa… and i’m sure she will outsold Floptina again… :p

It’s Britney, Bitch!!! :)

59. Mckenzie Lamberto - Saturday, August 14, 2010

Check this video from Britney out – Overprotected http://t.co/JezIObL via @youtube

60. eric - Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Britney Spears new album coming out in 2011.
Christina Aguilera 4th album BIONIC hits #3 on the
billboard chart.
Britney Spears 7th Album will hit #1 again for the
six times in the row.
NEXT YEAR 2011 I know christina aguilera for 10 years.

61. Jonathan - Saturday, September 25, 2010

Britney and Christina are the originals. I’m not choosing sides because I respect and like them equally. Pop stars on the radio today? They’ll never achieve as much or be respected in my eyes like Britney and Christina. Sorry. That’s just my opinion.

62. ricosantos - Friday, October 1, 2010

The author would need to update this article. With the recent turn of events (Britney’s Glee episode vs Bionic flop), Britney would be the hands down winner. Game, set, and match.

sam - Monday, October 25, 2010


63. Bree - Friday, April 15, 2011

The only reason Britney has fallen so far is BECAUSE she was so much more famous than Christina. She was stalked down by paparazzi’s much more than Christina. When you’ve climbed so high, of course the fall will be much harder. Christina has never achieved the amount of fame and success Britney has. Britney is an icon, while Christina.. not so much.

64. Bree - Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh and PS, Christina’s starting to go through some meltdowns lately too. At least Brit has never been ARRESTED. It’s also a little known fact that Christina has got a bad attitude. Just read the many quotes out there from various people who has worked with her and called her a B!@#$. Even Mary J. Blige said herself that Britney will go further than Christina in the business.

65. Matthew - Saturday, April 23, 2011

You guys are nuts. Take a look at Britney’s recent career. She is on top again. Her three most recent album sales are incomparable to Yvet t

66. Matthew - Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sorry I didn’t get to finish. Typing on a phone is a pain.

Anyway, anyone whoever says that Aguilera’s future is brighter than Britney’s is nuts (although I do applaud you for writing a great article). Sure her (Britney) three most recent albums can not nearly compare to her early album sales or even production (her vocals are way better on her first four albums) and she doesn’t dance much anymore but critics and fans alike still love her. Sure, she could make some much more mature music (Femme Fatale is brilliant, but Madge burst through with Ray of Light as her seventh album, which feartured her absolute best vocals) but the truth is that Aguilera’s career is near dead. Both fans and critics hated Bionic (including me, her best effort is by far Stripped) and she’s gotten fat now and started dating a new man before her divorce was finalized! Britney will always be relevant. I will always love Christina, but she is in the dumpster.

Miss Britney Spears, whose personal in control, if only Jive would let her take back control of her career, will always be the reigning pop princess. And when she really steps up and dances more and takes control of her music, the legendary Madonna will be forced to surrender her crown as QUEEN.

67. Kay - Saturday, July 16, 2011

Britney and Christina were comparable back then, but now Christina’s music isn’t doing well whereas Britney’s become legendary and she’s proven numerous times that she’s at the top whenever she makes a comeback. Sorry, but Christina’s latest CD was a flop and her burlesque didn’t do well.

68. Jay - Thursday, September 15, 2011

Britney=legendary. shes in the same category as michael and madonna.
Christina=a good voice but never a mega success. she will become a thing of the past.

Britney has fans that will love and stand by her no matter what. I dont think i can say the same about Xtina

69. alexandra - Sunday, October 9, 2011

OK SO christina has the strongest voice and she has a beatufull voice she’s dances good and when christina was little everyone liked her musics and Britney well i like her songs but she doesn’t have a lot of passion. Sow i have to say this hristina is more popular than britney spears.You rock christina

70. Ryeo - Monday, October 17, 2011

Britney might have a meltdown years ago, and Christina might have the best voice in her era. But well, look at them both now, Britney’s on top while Christina not so much. Brit is a legend, that will never be forgotten. Love them both but Britney FTW!

71. BrItNeY4EvEr - Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Okay for anyone saying christina has a better voice i totally agree with u britney DOES NOT have a bad voice she has a unique voice like Elvis, Marilyn and Michael oh and another thing she has in common with them is she has MEGA fame when christina does something controversial people either talk about it for a day or not at all if britney does something controversial its a huge deal. Britney is the most famous female on the planet and for whoever said christina is more memorable is an idiot. Britneys lyrics everyone knows if you dont know the lyrics to baby one more time or oops i did it again than idk whats wrong with you. and all the legendary stuff that make britney britney like her memorable and legendary 2000, 2001, 2003, 2007 vma peformances AND even the legendary stuff in her personal life like the justin break up era, the 55 hour las vegas marriage, and her whole marriage and break up with k fed and meltdown not to mention she has a statue made after her giving birth. im sorry but xtina has and always will be in britneys shadow. she knows that, i know that and most the world does. xtina is a thing of the past she isnt an icon shes barely even anything anymore. xtina may have her voice on britney but britney has charm, beauty, great songs, staying power, legendary status, fame, and great performer on xtina. love christina but she doesnt hold a candle to britney.

72. prescription glasses on sale - Saturday, January 12, 2013

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73. Austin - Saturday, August 31, 2013

Christina is more classy nowadays while Britney is still in that slutty phase.

74. jaitina - Monday, February 24, 2014

laughing at all these comments from pressed britney stans calling xtina a flop…. im laughing at britney jean sales. its even worse than bionic and lotus

Jaitina - Wednesday, April 16, 2014

But Britney can still tour and have a residency while Christina can’t even have one single major concert since 2008. I love Christina but she is really relying on other artists’ songs (Maroon 5, Pitbull, A Great BIg World) nowadays.

75. Brian Demmers - Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Christina, Christina, Christina! I just never got the appeal of Britney, she doesn’t produce this wow-jaw dropping effect, just damn right hubba hubba make your brain go silly hot like Christina’s beauty. Christina has a special type of beauty and sex appeal that you just won’t find in Britney, especially nowadays. She’s been owned by Christina in terms of talent, creativity, sex appeal and choreography. She’s nothing more than a second rate. Only someone who is gay would choose Britney over Christina. I’ll take Aguilera over Spears any day!

76. Maxine - Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Britney Spears is the Queen of Pop….I don’t believe that ‘christina’ deserves the privilege of being compared to her to begin with.

77. Syke27 - Friday, October 9, 2015

Ironically, Christina’s anticipated 2008 album became 2010’s critical and commercial flop “Bionic” (Metacritic 56/100, MAYBE 500,000 units sold worlwide?) while Britney released Circus to critical and commercial success (64/100 metacritic and 4.5M copies sold worldwide). It’s interesting how things have changed with time. Re-reading the post there are moments that are no longer true like Christina marrying and having become “matured”, which is now divorced and facing a midlife crisis while Britney seems to be the matured one. All in all, vocal talent aside, it’s pretty clear that Christina has always trailed Britney and it doesn’t look like that will ever change.

Taj - Thursday, May 26, 2016

I’m obviously late, but seeing that we are now in the future what you predicted never came true after 2008 Britney released her smash hit womanizer and circus of the circus album which was #1, then released femme fatale which also number 1, then went on to judge on the xfactor, and then releasing Britney Jean (which flopped) but I didn’t matter though cus she went on the start her Vegas residency which is critically acclaim, and now in 2016 8 years after 2007 she received the artists of the millennium award. I makes perfect sense that no one thought Britney would bounce back at take the stage once again but it’s ridiculous that you ever thought Christina has has a better career than Britneys. I hope that now that a number of years have passed by you will revisit this post and write a now current comparison of the two celebs.

78. Chris - Sunday, July 31, 2016

Its fun how Who wrote this article tal about the future bout Britney and Christina… Saying “Britney is probably at the end of her career”… Now is 2016 and It couldn’t be more wrong!!! Since 2007 Britney managed to have another 2 #1 álbumes, Circus with the Top 10 hits Womanizer (#1) and Circus (#3), and Femme Fatale with 3 Top 10 hits, another #1 song “3” with a Singles Collection album, a Top 3 hit in a collaboration with Will.i.am and another #1 song with the Remix of S&M with Rihanna. She stills making Music with good results even she don’t care about promoting them, a succesfull residency in Las Vegas and mano other business… While Christina has realeased two albums that failed to being comercial succesfull and even she has a great voice The critics gave bad comments about them, she has managed to reach the Top 10 of Billboard in four times since this article was written, but just one of them was an own realease, Keeps Gettin Better, after that three other songs achieved the Top 10 mark, but all of them was songs by other artists who invite Xtina in their songs. Her own songs failed to even achieved a Top 20 hit, even she promote them and even she’s One of the coaches of the most popular singing competition show this moment. Sorry but Britney did It better in that part!

79. Trudy Jones - Thursday, October 13, 2016

I realize I’m years late reading this, but I find it comical that these two are putt in the same category musically. Britney is what my mom refers to as a radio singer. You know, someone that sounds great! woke singing along with the radio! Hahaha! She could never ever do what Xtina does! In my opinion Christina Aguilera is not a pop star. She is a singing sensation! She is a Whitney, a Streisand, a Midler. In her own right! Spears was a cute teenager with some sexy dance moves. The girls wanted to look like her and the boys wanted to do her. A few friends I have that are veer serious about singing challenge themselves with Xtina songs. Not “oops, I did it again”. :) These 2 women are not apples and oranges to my ears. I do not own a single of Miss Spears. Yet I think there’s only 1 album of Xtinas I don’t have, and that’s because it was borrowed and never returned. And I prefer her later music, probably because I’m 53 years old. :) I heard “Say Something” the same time the rest of the world did, and of course downloaded it immediately. It became my favorite break-up song that night. :) Xtina is classier, prettier, wiser, and hands down more talented than Britney was in her best days. I’m sorry but it’s true. Again, comparing these 2 is like comparing Frank Sinatra to Tupac. They are both in the music industry. They are same gender. They can carry a note. After that all resemblence stops. Except I greatly respect Tupac as an artist! Maybe I could have said Frank and Jerry Lewis? No, not Jerry Lee Lewis.

80. Hazel - Monday, October 17, 2016

It’s 2016, about eight years after this post was first published and I have to say that Britney Spears is much more relevant, influential, and has enduring legacy. Yes, I’m a huge Britney fan since I was a little girl, but truly, who ((doesn’t)) grow up listening to her songs? She was popular, hugely popular, even in a developing country like mine and she still is.

I think the thing about Christina is she’s not consistent. Britney has always had a sexy-but-innocent image which makes her more relatable and likable. Same goes to her music: ever since In the Zone, her music has always been dance-oriented. Even if the styles change, the direction has always been the same. She is not a strong vocalist, but she knows how to take advantage of what she has. And as much as she relies on lip-syncs or all of that, she never overpowers the song. Listen to Everytime; it’s a very great, emotionally-fragile ballad that Christina will overpower, and that’s not always a good thing for Christina.

Christina’s Back to Basics era was her greatest (I actually hate her Stripped era, all that trashy dirty look is simply unappealing). She found a musical direction that suits her and used it to her advantage. However, her Bionic album sounded too much like a generic electropop album that was basically all over the 2010s. Unlike Britney, whom you can say have a ‘right’ to perform electropop songs due to her already singing them before anybody else does, Christina is like bandwagoning. And clearly, her voice is too much for those dance-oriented music.

And look at where they are now. Britney, won what was basically Lifetime Achievement Award from VMAs in 2011, sold millions worldwide, numerous number one hits, a Vegas residency that actually started a new era of performance shows, and recognition everywhere that her new music, which is still dance-oriented and heavy with processed vocals, is one of her best work to date. Britney carries with her the nostalgia of the last decade but still has influence in the coming years.

Christina? Not so much.

81. G Alim - Wednesday, November 1, 2017

It seems you were wrong about the Future part! Britney managed a massive commercial comeback in late 2008 with the Platinum-certified “Circus” album which spawned 2 top 3 hits (one of them being a #1 hit), both certified 3x Platinum and a big world tour that outgrossed Christina’s whole touring career.

On the other hand, Christina released the “Bionic” album in 2010, her first since Britney came back and it BOMBED massively. And it pretty much ended her career because everything she has released since wasn’t successful (Lotus album ect). Meanwhile the album Britney released after Christina flopped, Femme Fatale, produced 3 top 10 hits, went Platinum, and its singles received big radio airplay. Britney also went on tour that year, her second one since Xtina’s last tour in 2006. Yep, Christina hasn’t toured in 11 years. Her Bionic tour was cancelled due to low ticket sales. She also hasn’t released an album since 2012. Her poor fans are still waiting for one but she’s too afraid to release after 2 back-to-back bombs.

In short your prediction was wrong. Britney came back, won, outlasted Christina and left her behind in the 2000s.

82. Kevin - Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Guess those future advantage predictions for Christina couldn’t have been more wrong. Lol. Everything Britney has done after Blackout has completely eclipsed Christina yet again. Sorry. She may have the voice, but she’ll never be the star Britney is or was. :)

83. lmao - Saturday, August 31, 2019

This didn’t age well LMAO,

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