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Real World Recap – I Think I Saw Some Maturity! Thursday, May 15, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opnes with Dave and Brianna eating and dating about dating / sex. This leads to Dave stating that although he has had sex with Kim, he could never really “like” her because she has ugly feet. We then see Kim on the phone with her friend back home, and she says that although she doesn’t want to care about Dave, she does care about him (ahh, the tragedy). To contrast this drama, we cut to Greg getting a pedicure, talking about his modeling career. Join me after the jump for booty calls, booty-shaking, and a little bit of maturity.

That night we see Greg telling Will and Brianna about a fashion show that he is going to feature in, for the new clothing line from the founder of Von Dutch (no word on whether Ashton Kutcher will be in attendance). Then everyone except Sarah goes out to the bar, with Kim noting that “if Dave is good, he might get lucky tonight.” Sarah is upset that her roommates aren’t fazed by Joey going to rehab, and are going to keep drinking like idiots (what else does she expect them to do?). At the bar, Dave gropes Kim and she pushes him away, which upsets him. Kim informs anyone who will listen that Dave trying to make out with her at the bar makes her feel like trash. At the same time a club promoter hands Dave a VIP wrist strap to “give to a hot girl”, and he obliges by finding (and then making out with) Justine. Kim sees the smooch session and tells Dave that he is “done” (already? That was quick!).

Dave decides to bring Justine back to the house, which leads to Kim (who is completely wasted) crying all the way home. Back at the house, Greg tells Dave that Kim has been crying. Dave then takes Brianna into the bathroom to ask her for advice and to pee (seriously? There is no way that my shy bladder would let me get away with something like that). Kim then talks to Brianna about the situation while Dave walks Justine out. He tells her that he would like to see her again, which makes her happy (because she likes being on TV). Dave comes back into the house and explains to Brianna that he only took Justine home because Kim had pushed him away at the bar when he tried to kiss her.

The next morning Greg calls the PR guy for the fashion show and gets the details on what time he needs to be there for rehearsal. Greg tells him that he will have to leave work early, but that it’s not a problem. We then see Kim and Dave sitting in the kitchen eating, but they are not talking to each other (AWKWARD!). Brianna then tells Kim that Dave was mad that she had pushed him away, which Kim doesn’t even remember. The roommates then all go to work, except for Greg. They inform Charna that Joey is in rehab, and then tell her that Greg is too busy getting a haircut for his fashion show. They perform a few skits, and then Greg shows up. While the rest of the roommates take a break, Charna speaks to Greg and he informs her that he can’t do his “homework” that night of attending a second improv show because of his fashion show obligations. Charna cuts him some slack (again!), but tells him that “this is strike two” (I’m sure he is very scared).

That night everyone goes to the improv comedy show while Greg performs at his fashion show. To be fair, he really seems to be in his element, even pulling off some crazy moves with his jacket while strutting down the runway. Afterwards, everyone meets up and Dave asks Greg about the show. When Greg responds with “you should have been there”, Dave whacks him in the face with a program several times (quite possibly the strangest reaction I have ever seen in a Real World episode to a perceived slight). Greg acts like the bigger man and eventually apologizes to Dave for being brusque (oh, look it up, dammit).

Back at the house, Kim talks to Sarah about her “relationship” with Dave, and then she goes into his bedroom to talk to him. She tells him that he needs to come cuddle with her because she can’t sleep. They crawl into bed together and the following brilliant conversation ensues: Kim – “Quit bringing whores home”; Dave – [giggles]; Kim – “Why does your body have to be so hot?”; Dave – [giggles].

The next day, Will and Brianna are at the salon while she gets her hair done. While they both talk about their music, Brianna notes that she “hate[s] to work hard.” Later in the day, Brianna sings some of her stuff for Will and he is very impressed. When she tells him that she is planning on just walking into Capital Records and singing for them, Will tells her that she first needs to stop smoking for 4 days to rest her voice. When she responds that she’ll try, Will goes Yoda and delivers the infamous “Do or do not, there is no try” line.

That night, we see Kim and Sarah talking about how messy Brianna is while they get readu to go out. Sarah eventually winds up hiding Brianna’s make-up bag and other assorted items. They all go out to the bar and run into Jojo (Brianna’s man-whore that stood her up), so Brianna immediately starts making out with him. He responds by telling her, “You’re the sexiest bitch” (aww, mom would be proud). Brianna then overhears Sarah call Jojo “a scumbag”, and she gets upset. Will correctly reminds Sarah that “you can’t save someone from themselves” (man, he really is Yoda).

Back at the house, Brianna has invited Jojo to spend the night, so Sarah tells them not to have sex in the same room as she and Kim. They respond by…having sex (really, was there any doubt?). Sarah gets upset, and calls her mother to explain the situation (that’s not weird at all. Nope).

The next morning Sarah and Kim are talking shit about Brianna and Jojo having sex. Sarah goes into the girls’ bedroom gathering clothes and whatnot, making tons of noise by slamming drawers/doors, etc. This pisses Brianna off and they argue. Brianna then asks where her makeup bag is, and Sarah tells her that she hid it, which pisses Brianna off even more. She then goes to sit out back with Jojo, and tells him that “Sarah is Satan in the flesh.” Meanwhile, Kim tells Sarah that Brianna is probably asking Jojo how much he will pay her for last night (Get it? Because she’s acting like a hooker!).

That night Will gets a call from his manager that he has set up a meeting with StickyFingaz.

(Ed’s note: Some of the guys in Onyx went to middle school 5 blocks from my house in Queens, NY. I know you don’t care.)

Will plays some of his stuff and StickyFingaz starts bobbing his head, and seems pretty impressed. He tells Will “make 5 more tracks with me in mind.”

Back at the house, Will talks to Brianna while she lounges in the hot tub, telling her that her biggest fault is that she lacks drive. At the same time, Sarah is one the phone with her dad talking about Brianna, and he tells her to “just pray for them.”

The next morning, Sarah follows her father’s advice and goes to church, reflecting on being too judgemental. Meanwhile, Will gets an e-mail from StickFingaz’ manager saying that he wants Will to put a beat on his next album. Will is very excited, but when he tells Brianna the good news she barely wakes up. Eventually, Brianna does a little reflecting of her own and realizes that she is “going to have work harder than this”, and she decides that Jojo is a distraction that she can’t afford.

Later that night, Sarah and Brianna both apologize to each other right before going to bed. Brianna wakes up in the morning feeling revitalized, and she begins to write a new song.



1. Jerkwheat - Friday, May 16, 2008

“You’re the sexiest bitch”

JoJo takes his romantic cues from Mr. Marques Slocum apparently.

Outside of Will, whom I’m pretty sure is actually Future from 8 Mile, I’m having a hard time finding a rooting interest in any of these people. Therefore, I will keep watching.

2. undergroundbto - Friday, May 16, 2008

…There’s no Mekhi Phifer…

3. JB* - Friday, May 16, 2008

“Dave whacks him in the face with a program several times (quite possibly the strangest reaction I have ever seen in a Real World episode to a perceived slight). ”

Really? Stranger than chasing someone’s moving car, opening the passenger door, and slapping them across the face?

That being said, it was bizarre. Well done on the recap.

4. undergroundbto - Saturday, May 17, 2008

@JB – that’s the thing, with Irene getting slapped you could see it coming (even throughout most of the season), but with Dave it was just so strange (not to mention effeminate and ineffectual) that I was just confused by the whole thing.

5. DougOLis - Monday, May 19, 2008

Will’s Yodaisms made me like him infinitely more. He’s definitely a winner now.

It was a nice touch by the producers to show a lit up cross on a hill after Sarah’s phone call home.

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