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The Hills – Season Finale ‘The Next Move is Yours’ Monday, May 12, 2008

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Here we are, season finale time. Lauren recaps the season up to this point in about 30 seconds. Audrina’s looking at lofts with JustinBobby. She talks out the pros and cons of moving, and saying she’s already kind of living by herself in the guest house. Well yeah. Its a separate house. JB asks if she’s told Lauren yet, she looks whistfully out the window and we get the theme song

Heidi’s place where he spent the night last night. Somehow it looks like Spencer grew a beard over night. Stephanie comes over and he’s freaking out because she didn’t come home. Stephanie tells him he’ll tell her where she is if he doesn’t do anything crazy (yeah right.) She tells him Heidi’s in Vegas with her bosses. He asks Stephanie if she’s going to come with him. She tells him to think before he does anything stupid, and he tells her to pack for Vegas.

Off to Vegas, where the Bolthouse crew is checking out a club and talking about renovation plans.

Hey a Whitney sighting! She and Lauren are at work and hanging clothes and Whitney says that one of the dresses looks like Audrina. She asks about Audrina and Lauren says its gotten weird. And Whitney the voice of reason says that Lauren and Lo are like sisters and that Audrina probably feels left out. Lauren says she doesn’t think that Audrina wants to stay there anymore. Whitney says that she needs to talk to Audrina. Lauren is worried because them living together is the main thing they have in common and if that goes away, then what?

Back to the shiny lights of Vegas where Spencer and Stephanie are cruising down the Strip and Spencer asks sister to call Heidi to see where she was. Stephanie actually says “WHASSSUP GIRL” She’s at the Palazzo. Spencer tears off, doesn’t even park the car and goes storming in. And he’s totes not dressed for the occasion, everyone’s dressed semiformal and he shows up in jeans and a polo. He walks up to the table and says ‘Excuse me for interrupting this meeting but can I have a moment.’ As they walk off the Bolthouse crew laughs at them.

They walk over and she rips into him. She tells him that this is a very important dinner and she’s with her bosses. He says that he was freaking out because his sister told him she was moving to Vegas. She tells him its still all about him, and e says that he is done chasing her around. She says she can’t do this now and goes back to the table. When she gets back Sam and the other Bolthouse flunky leave. Brent stays back for a second and tells her she needs to get him under control and she only gets one chance. He says he’ll talk to her tomorrow and leaves. And Heidi looks emo. I wonder if she’s going to pick up the new Death Cab.

LC and Lo are in the kitchen cooking dinner and as usual Lo has the line of the night. “I’m going to eat all the cheese before Audrina comes, and that’s not going to be good for my behind” They are waiting on her to come to dinner and talk about how weird things have gotten. And the puppy from the last episode looks a lot bigger. As they are hangingout in the kitchen they see Audrina leaving. And they both give WTF looks to each other.

Back to Vegas where Brent Bolthouse is waiting out front for Heidi, Sam rolls up, looking like he stepped out of Goodfellas. Heidi’s late and Brent wants to wait 2 minutes, Sam says no way, Brent leaves another message and they roll out in what looks like a Maybach. Flash to Spencer and Heidi riding down an escalator. Well I guess Heidi chose Spencer and this seems a lot like LC choosing Jason over Paris.

Lauren goes into talk to Lo about the Audrina situation and Lo isn’t very sympathetic to the situation. Lo wants a fun house with girls who are her best friends. Lo doesn’t seem to understand that you don’t have to be best friends with your roomies. LC goes down to the guest house to chat with Audrina. She compliments Audrina on how nice the guest house looks. They chat about the issues, Audrina says that she’s been doing her own thing and that Lo seems to be causing the problems. LC says she goes out of her way to make things better. Audrina tells her that it was nice of her to try to make dinner but she already had plans and she doesn’t need to tell Lauren everything. She tells Lauren this isn’t about her. (Right on!) She says she thinks Lo has driven them apart. Lauren doesn’t think Lo’s done anything and she doesn’t let other’s opinion affect her opinion of them. Lauren starts crying and leaves to go back up to the main house. As she’s walking up to the house we get the shot of Heidi and Spencer rolling back up to their place in LA.

AND THEN IT ENDS. That’s it? That was a totally lame ending.



1. DougOLis - Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I started feeling bad for Spencer and he kind of made sense, but Heidi is a moron. She had a ridiculous opportunity with the Vegas gig and she fucked it up. What a moron. Also, that Sam guy seems like a dickwad.

2. brent bolthouse | Immediate important news - Tuesday, May 13, 2008

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3. Katie Reese - Thursday, May 15, 2008

I need some help. What was the name of the song that was playing
When Hiedi and Spencer were coming back from Vegas on the escalator? I can’t find it anywhere. :( I have got to download it.


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