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Real World Recap – Of Strippers and Psychopathic Rage Friday, May 9, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens with Brianna talking to Will about having to go back home to Philadelphia for her arrest warrant, and he tells her that he will accompany her, so they fly back together. At the same time, everyone else in the house is in the kitchen talking about strippers, with Sarah going on and on about objectification and Kimberly arguing that strippers are just lazy and stripping to pay for their drugs. Dave and Joey get mad, and all of the boys leave the house bitching about the girls’ cattiness. Join me after the jump to find out what else pisses Joey off.

That night, in Philly, Brianna shows Will around her hometown, and she takes him to her strip club. While Will is thrilled to be hanging out there, things get a little weird when Brianna decides to work and she performs her routine on stage. Afterwards, she takes Will to Geno’s for an authentic Philly cheesesteak (no word on whether or the guys at Pat’s were pissed off), and they talk about Joey.

Speaking of the devil, back in LA everyone goes out to party and Joey is drinking and making out with random women. Dave tries to get Joey to slow down his alcohol intake, but Joey ignores him. The girls decide to go home, and they ask Joey to come with them so that he will stop drinking, but he refuses. Several hours later Joey arrives back at the house complaining about how much money he spent on drinks. He then talks about how much he misses his brother and sister, and he mentions that he wants to take them away from his mother since she is a bad parent (yeah, I guess leaving your kids alone to go buy cocaine is unacceptable. Who knew?). Greg brings some people back to the house with him from the bar, including Shaelee (Joey’s “hook-up”). As she makes him breakfast, Joey continues to drink, polishing off an entire (big) bottle of white Zinfandel that had Dave’s name on it (hey Dave! White Zin? Nice choice, Nancy!). Around 4:30AM he wanders into the girls’ bedroom, drunk and belligerent, laughing hysterically to himself.

Later that day, back in Philly, Brianna gets ready for court wearing some booty shorts, so Will makes her put on a pair of pants. She goes to the courthouse and gets served with the arrest warrant and told that she will be arraigned in a few moments. As her friends wait outside, Bobby (her ex-boyfriend) comes out and tells them that they had to re-schedule. Brianna then comes out and tells them that Bobby dropped the charges but that the State was still prosecuting, so her arraignment was delayed until she can get a public defender. She calls Bobby to ask him if they can talk about the situation, and is pleasantly surprised when he acts mature.

Back in LA, Joey is still drunk around 8:30AM and the girls ask him (again) to be quiet since they are trying to sleep. Joey goes absolutely ballistic, yelling and throwing things so Greg tries to calm him down while Joey begins to pack his suitcase. He becomes very belligerent, yelling that he will “knock [the girls] the fuck out with one punch”, and then he tells Dave to punch him. He eventually passes out, eyes open and snoring. and manages to look even more frightening than when he was awake. Sarah calls her boyfriend and tells hime all about Joey, while Kimberly and Dave talk about feeling unsafe and getting Joey into rehab. After Joey wakes up, Sarah tries to talk to him but he just begins yelling that he wants to go home.

Back in Philly, Brianna calls the house to see how things are going and Sarah tells her about Joey. A little later, the roommates manage to sit Joey down in the living room to try and talk to him about his behavior. Joey refuses to listen, saying “What did I do?”, “My patience is wearing real thin here”, “Don’t be scared of me – I’m leaving the house anyway”, and “I wasn’t like this until I stepped into this house.” Joey then tells the producers that he wants to leave, so they come out and talk to him. He tells them that he had conquered his alcohol problems, but that the house was bringing back all of his bad habits. After a few minutes the producers tell Joey that he can leave for treatment and then come back to the house when he is done. Joey finally breaks down and asks for help, telling the producers that he would like them to send him to rehab. After they agree, he goes out to apologize to his roommates and he tells them that his father died of cirrhosis of the liver from his alcohol problem. The roommates are all very supportive, and Sarah even confides that she used to have an eating disorder, so she understands his difficulty in accepting help. Finally, Joey leaves for rehab.

That night, Brianna and Will arrive back at the house and the roommates fill them in on everything that has happened with Joey. Brianna feels bad that it was probably her comments to Joey about being vain that set him off.

The next day we see Brianna on the phone with her mother, talking about her court situation and Bobby. Her mother tells her that she needs to stop caring about Bobby and move on with her life. After this conversation Brianna talks to the girls about Bobby and she breaks down, telling them that she knows she is “better than being a stripper [and] not finishing college.” She also talks to Greg about missing Joey. Moments later, Joey calls the house and Sarah answers the phone. She is pleasantly surprised that Joey sounds so healthy (that was fast!), and then she hands the phone to Dave. Joey tells him that his rehab counselor is Dr. Drew (from Celebrity Rehab on Vh-1), and Dave tells him that he might run into Lindsay Lohan.

Ed’s Note: Clearly this is ridiculous, as LiLo is too busy stealing fur coats to be back in rehab.



1. Jerkwheat - Friday, May 9, 2008

Did you know he used to eat out of a trash can?

He only told us seventeen times.

2. DougOLis - Sunday, May 11, 2008

I heard that he drives a Dodge Stratus too.

I was fucking frightened of Joey and scared for the girls during that rage portion of this episode. Why didn’t the producers step in earlier? Trisha got sent off last season for barely touching Parisa, but they were cool with letting Joey go insane. It’s good they’re getting him help, but jeez man.

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