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The Hills – ‘No Place Like Home’ Monday, May 5, 2008

Posted by Matt_T in matt_T, more indepth than probably need-be, the balls, The Hills.

We start this week at Bolthouse, and Heidi comes into see Mr. Bolthouse and shuts the door (bosses hate this) She tells him she’s heard the company is expanding and she wants to continue to grow with the company and she’s willing to do what it takes including traveling and relocating if thats what he needs. He’s interested in continuing to grow the Hyde brand and mentions a casino in Vegas and Heidi says that sounds brilliant. Cue the Natasha and join me after the jump.

Lauren and Lo are out by their pool and Audrina is sleeping and they decide not to wake her. She comes out shortly and says she’s working with the Alkaline Trio today while they’re working on their new album. She invites her roomies to join her and then eat dinner after. Lauren says that sounds fun, Lo says she just wants to shop.

Back to Bolthouse and Heidi tells Kimberly about the Vegas project, and Kimberly asks about Spencer. Heidi says she doesn’t care.

Over to a music studio where the Alkaline Tour are recording. (Never thought I’d see them on The Hills.) Audrina a coworker and the producer are watching them record and Audrina remarks that she likes his voice. Lo and Lauren come by, Lo is texting while she’s there and Lauren doesn’t seem too interested. Which is a shame because the music sounds good. About 90 seconds later Lo says she’s hungry, and her and Lauren decide to go get sushi and want her to come. She says she can’t. (This is what work is, ladies, she can’t leave) and as they leave Lauren remarks it sucks she couldn’t come.

They go to a cool looking sushi place that has the sushi on conveyor belts. Lauren says she thought Audrina wanted them to stay the whole time. (Perhaps but staying just a minute is a little lame.) Lauren says they should a gift for Audrina’s guest house. Chateau Audrina. Lauren also is worried that things are getting weird since Lo moved in.

ShePratt goes to see Heidi, and she notices how different the place looks. Stephanie says that her place is a wreck and Spencer needs to get out sometime. Heidi tells her about her promotion and traveling plans. She says she needs to get out and clear her head and has nothing holding her back. Stephanie asks her if she really wants to do that. She says that she doesn’t think Spencer really wants to date anyone and that they are perfect for each other. (heh)

Off to Lo, Lauren and Audrina’s place and Lo and Lauren are playing with a new puppy, Chloe. Lauren loves that she has blue eyes like they do (awww) Audrina comes in and the girls show her the puppy that they got from the shelter (good for them for going to the shelter) Lo remarks that in doggy day care the dog is going to ‘be like I have two mommies’ and Audrina looks hurt so she leaves.

Stephanie comes home to a messy place and bitches at Spencer. She tells him he’s cramping her style and he’s got to go. He says he can’t wait to leave and again complains about her being friends with LC, but he says he’ll be gone by the end of the day.

Audrina and Justin-Bobby (who according to the caption is now Audrina’s boyfriend!!!!) go into the main house to cook. Audrina says she doesn’t come in the main house much. Justin asks why.   She says Lauren and Lo are always upstairs and she’s in the back house. She says she chose the back house because she’s more quiet and Lauren and Lo share everything, clothes, makeup, etc and Audrina has never been like that. And Audrina says they’re rude to her when she talks. JB asks why she is staying there, and says she should look around at places for her and doing her own thing.

Heidi and the Bolthouse gang roll up to a private jet in a Bentley. (Srsly? They make that kind of scratch? ) Sam, the owner of the SBE group asks why she can now have time to travel, and she says her and her boyfriend broke up. Sam says that he’s going to freak out when he finds out she’s in Vegas.

Transition to Spencer going over to Hedi’s place and letting himself in. (Why does he still have a key?) No one is home, and he leave a voicemail for Stephanie (I think) asking where Heidi was. Some emo music plays as they cut between Heidi and Spencer staring pensively into the distance.

Unfortunately, next week is the season finale.  See ya then.



1. DougOLis - Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Heidi looks like she’s going to puke when Brent tells her about travelling and expanding the brand. But in all fairness, that’s probably how I look when my boss puts me on a new big project too.

Alkaline Trio’s still around? What exactly does Audrina do?

Lo is really making things awkward in this episode. Normally I love her but I am not digging her right now.

No fucking fair. Heidi gets to roll up to a kick ass private jet in a Bentley Arnage? That’s bullshit.

2. Matt_T - Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I know Audrina works for Epic Records. As far as what she does? No idea.

I’m with you on Lo, she’s being snotty and it seems like there’s no good reason to be.

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