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Real World Recap – Things Come Apart Friday, May 2, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens with the roommates out at night, and we see Kimberly dancing with some random guy, which makes Dave jealous. On their way home, Kimberly says to Dave “too bad you’re not hot or I would fuck you.” To make her point, as soon as they get home, Kimberly fucks Dave. The next morning, Dave is on the phone with one of Kimberly’s friends from home, joking around about their “relationship”, which pisses Kimberly off. Join me after the jump for the rest of this week’s nonsense.

Later that night, as everyone prepares to go out, Joey tells Brianna that he is not drinking. His plans are foiled at the bar by Dave, who keeps shoving drinks in his face. Joey pulls Brianna aside and confides in her that he used to be an alcoholic (umm, used to be?), and then he tells Dave about his past as well. Dave responds by saying “you can drink and we’ll keep an eye on you” (what a supportive attitude!), and keeps asking Joey to take some shots with him. Joey finally gives in and begins drinking, and then he starts making out with Brianna. After kissing Joey, Brianna kisses some random chick, and she freaks out when her mouth goes numb, telling everyone “that chick was on cocaine”. She leaves, and Joey makes out with someone else.

Arriving back at the house, Brianna tells Sarah that she was freaked out about her kiss because she used to have a meth/coke addiction (did MTV decide that since it was Hollywood, half of the roommates should be former addicts?). A little later, Brianna sees Joey come back to the house with a random chick, so she goes out to take care of him and sends the girl home. They get into an argument because he is drunk, and Joey responds by trying to take off his production equipment (i.e. the Real World mic, recorder that is taped to all of the roommates) and leave the house. Brianna finally calms him down and tells Joey about her own addictions. Joey has a breakdown, and tells Brianna that “one day Joey’s gonna be gone” and that he doesn’t want to live any more. Brianna gets upset that he isn’t paying attention to what she confided in him about her addictions, and she walks off, leaving Will to talk to Joey.

The next morning we see Joey on the phone with a friend from back home, talking about being disappointed with himself for the previous night. After he gets off the phone, Kimberly and Dave give him some advice on how to deal with Brianna. Joey takes their advice and goes off to talk to her, and she takes the opportunity to explain her past addictions to him again. Joey tells her that they “can work on it together.”

That night, we see Kimberly and Dave arguing and all of the roommates are making fun of them for acting like a married couple. They jump into bed, with Dave telling Kimberly “you just like me for my penis”, and have sex again. Meanwhile, Joey goes out to do some work on the heavy bag, saying that “this is my treatment” for depression. After his workout he has to go inside and bandage his bloody hands, which freaks out Brianna. She and Will go out for a little while, and she tells him that she is no longer attracted to Joey because he has too much baggage, and she needs to work on herself first. Back at the house, Dave runs out of his room because “something nasty and bloody” was under his pillow. While Greg and Joey laugh at him, Kimberly notes that Will also found something in his bed a few days ago (some rocks), and decides that Greg is pulling pranks on everyone.

The next morning, we see Brianna and Joey flirting (how’s that “not attracted to him” thing working for ya?). The roommates then get a letter stating that they need to meet “Andy” at 4pm at IO West. They arrive at Improv Olympic West and meet Andy Dick, who tells them that they will be taking improv comedy classes. Greg embarasses all of the roommates by telling Andy that he doesn’t recognize him. The roommates then meet their teacher Charna, who tells them that will eventually put on a showcase. Everyone is excited about their “job” for the season, except Greg, who once again wanders off by himself.

That night, Sarah, Kimberly, and Joey stay home and talk about Brianna. At the same time, Brianna is at the bar making out with numerous random people, one of whom is a promoter named Jojo (seriously? what are you, a 14-year-old female pop star?). When she brings Jojo back to the house, Sarah and Kimberly take her aside and try to convince her not to sleep with him. Dave chimes in with the fact that the girls at the club called this guy “Ho-Ho”, so he is pretty sure that “he’s just a playa.” Joey overhears everyone, and he gets out of bed in a bad mood. While everyone is standing around the kitchen, Jojo asks Brianna to go outside because it looks like Joey is going to kill him. Joey talks to Greg while Brianna walks Jojo out of the house. They make out and then he leaves, promising to call her the next day.

The next morning Sarah and Brianna are shopping at Victoria’s Secret and talking about Joey. Brianna says that she isn’t interested, and as soon as she gets back to the house she calls Jojo to set up a date for that night. Meanwhile, Greg finds some money on his bed, and he tries to convince everyone else that he has also been the victim of a prank. The cast go to IO West for their first class and they do some scenes. Charna is happy with the way things are progressing, and she is particularly impressed by Greg.

That night all the roommates are getting ready to attend a show at IO West, which Charna has told them is mandatory, when Greg announces that he is staying home to hang out with some girl. When the rest of the roommates get to the show, Charna is pissed that Greg isn’t there and she calls him at home. Greg tells her that he had already made plans before he even knew anything about their job, so Charna lets him off the hook.

Back at the house (after the IO West show), Brianna calls Jojo (who was supposed to meet her), and she can’t even leave him a voicemail because his mailbox is full. She gets pissed off and Joey tries to talk to her, but he winds up devolving into comments about why he works out so often. This leads to Brianna telling him “you’re more into yourself than you are anyone else”, which pisses Joey off. Greg follows him and tells Joey that he has some girls coming over, and one of them specifically asked if Joey was going to be there (umm, I thought he was already supposed to be hanging out with these girls, which was the reason for missing the improv show?). At the same time, Will talks to Brianna about how sensitive Joey is, and tells her that she really “gets to” Joey and she needs to tone down her criticisms. Greg’s female friends show up, and Joey hangs out with his “hook-up” (Shaelee), but spends most of this time looking over at Brianna.


(1) If MTV intentionally recruited people with past addictions, or if they knew about the past addictions of certain cast members, sending these people to Hollywood, much less making their “job” relate to the entertainment industry, is quite possibly the most despicable thing that MTV has ever done. Why not have an MTV Real World – The Bunny Ranch, and recruit cast members who are nymphomaniacs? Or MTV Real World – Little Rock, and recruit young juvenile delinquents who are trying to quit gang life?

That said, I’ll still watch the damn show.

(2) As someone who suffers from depression, and has found himself in similar situations to Joey (deep despair, bouts of anger), this episode touched me very deeply. I won’t preach about suicide, since everyone has different reasons for considering the act, but in the end anyone who is thinking about it should realize that there is always at least one reason to live – you just need to find out what that reason is for you. The National Institute of Mental Health is a good place to start, and I would encourage you to find someone in your community that you can talk to, whether it is a counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, religious figure, friend, or family member. For those who want a glimpse into what life with depression is like at its worst (whether you suffer from depression, or just know someone who does), I would suggest reading The NoonDay Demon by Andrew Solomon (available at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com). It is a long and difficult book, due to the nature of the topic, but it provides the most accurate description I have ever seen of living with depression.



1. Rockabye - Friday, May 2, 2008

Commendable for the depression/suicide message; I too felt things like that while listening to Joey. I’d honestly be shocked if he doesn’t get help at some point during this show.

Best thing about Greg basically being a dick to the IO people: He’s a UF student, and UF has a long-running and very good improv troupe called Theatre Strike Force (I was in it this past semester, and may continue to be), and not only does it cite IO as its main school of inspiration, Charna (Halpern) is the AUTHOR of the book we use as a textbook. I’ll guess Greg won’t be in TSF anytime soon…

And why has Sarah basically disappeared from the show? Because she’s a decent person? I miss her.

2. undergroundbto - Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sarah is indeed the most normal person on this season, and just like most other normal people who unfortunately find their way on to the Real World, the production crew has completely marginalized her. Normal = not interesting to the producers.

As for Greg, that boy may be the most arrogant person ever to appear on an MTV reality show, and that’s saying quite a bit.

3. DougOLis - Saturday, May 3, 2008

I’m really not sure how I feel about this season. I do feel like MTV is exploiting certain personalities and it makes me feel dirty, but is it really that much different than the past? I dunno.

That said, JoJo’s voicemail message was hilarious. A true pinnacle in unintentional comedy.

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