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American Idol Roundtable – Top 5 Week Recap Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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Neil Diamond is awesome. Idol contestants singing Neil is not nearly as awesome. Today’s post show roundtable is not going to be very round nor even table-shaped. You see, Matt_T was oot and aboot again, Fat-Fat had Brewers tickets, and while I planned to watch Idol after the Tigers-Yankees game – I instead got caught up in the Costas Now madness. HOWEVA, JB* is a goldarn trooper and his report is after the jump…


All righty… here we go. I write this under protest for the dismissal of Carly. Silly tween voters. And if only more of the performers had gone with sparkling Neil Diamond 70esque outfits.

Apparently we’re going to get two songs from each performer, and to match, each one gets two phone lines. And Neil Diamond is the shit. Tennessee Moon was a great album.

Jason Castro gets “Forever in Blue Jeans” and amazingly has a sing-song half-stoned performance thing going. Very rhythmic, very Castroesque. Decent, not great, but enjoyable enough. As we go to commercial, DCook and Brooke are on deck and in the hole. He’s hitting it.

EmoBoy will be doing “I’m Alive”. His kick off with the guitar sets the tune, and he has a Diamond-like sound over more rocking music. This is more what I expected to hear him do with “Innocent”, but the set seemed very short, even for Idol. Somewhere between a normal David Cook performance and sounding late 80s rock. Far better than Castro, but not his normal standard.

Brooke White is a Believer. She better make me one after surviving when Carly went home. Oh, crap – she has that awkward bouncing/moving thing going on her guitar like she did back in Beatles Week 2. She also has warbly sound in her voice and an unblinking half-scared smile into the camera. She has Paula dancing, but no one in my house. This was a very rough go. I’d bet Simon does something about being like karaoke.

Dreamboat… and he draws “Sweet Caroline”. Wait – how the hell do they dole out song picks? He gets “Sweet Caroline” and “America”?

Sorry – I was dumbstruck during the performance. This was godawful terrible. It was a Dreamboat performance over a peppier beat, and the two did not mesh. I will say it – Dreamboat would be a terrible American Idol. He would sell ballads, and nothing else, and I don’t think that is what Simon wants from the fan-chosen Idol – solely for his own pocketbook.

Jinkies! I got a song pick correct – Syesha will be doing “Hello, Again”, and starts outbarefoot, sitting on the stage. She also has her hair down, which I am not sure we have seen before. She looks pretty different, actually. The performance is in her wheelhouse, which makes it all the worse her voting bloc seems to be non-existent.

At the break, Seacrest does a quick poll of the judges. Randy’s knobgobbling of Archuleta is ridiculous. Paula – shock! – may be drunk, since she did not realize they only did one performance and she gives a full review of both of Jason Castro’s songs (though he only went once). Simon destroys all five performers in his thirty seconds. He tells them to bring it strong in Part II – which probably scares the shit out of them since they are already set for Round II.

Let’s do it again, with Castro giving the viewers “September Morn” from the chair. Melodic, forgettable. Randy says just okay, Paula calls it safe and that he should leave his comfort zone (why does no one say that to Dreamboat?), Simon says forgettable. Maybe a bottom two?

Emo! “All I Ever Really Need is You”, this time with an acoustic guitar and no band. More of a stripped down sound, and it works quite well. This time around, Paula flat out refers to him as The American Idol, and I think Simon choked on something.

I feel an overwhelming urge to see Speed Racer.

Brooke White sits to the piano for “I Am…I Said”, but first gets a joke in about writing the words on her hand. This is her strong suit – the piano, straight up vocals, and even though it exposes her a bit that she is not a perfect singer, it works.

Dreamboat serenades “America”. Like he needed to get the push from the two biggest Diamond songs. It started out not so good, but got better once he got past the opening and he had the whole big voice thing going at the end – which, yeah, duh, we know. Randy chokes on it, Paula hearts it, and Simon laughs that it was a great choice. Mrs.JB* points out that he could have sung anything and had his fanbase going crazy.

Syesha gets the money slot to close us to “Thank the Lord for the Night Time”. Another jazzy/upbeat performance for her, which is as much performance – expressions, full body movement, hip shake, preaching to the back up singers, and clapping (though she looks like she startled herself a time or two with the clapping). Solid, though Simon telling her she could be in trouble probably won’t help.

Run down –
Best Two – DCook and Syesha
Middle of the Pack* – Jason, Brooke
Bottom* (Performance Wise) – Dreamboat

*Middle of the Pack – Jason’s first performance was fine. His second one was bland. Brooke’s first performance was brutal, her second was great. Both are thorough middle of the road. I thought the Dreamboat was just out-and-out crap.

Voting Wise – We all know there is no way in hell Dreamboat goes home. Bottom two are likely Brooke and Syesha, but I’ll go with Brooke going home tonight, based solely on the voting groups that seem to be out there.

In Conclusion:

The rest of us were a little pitchy last night and JB* is the bomb, yo.



1. DougOLis - Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thanks for taking one for us JB. I stuck to my word and did not watch and it doesn’t sound like I missed anything special.

I really can’t see Dreamboat doing “Sweet Caroline.” Actually, I don’t think it would have been a great choice for anyone because I see it more as a karaoke bar sing-a-long.

Why don’t they snake the performances like a draft?

2. JB* - Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Doug – I thought about that this morning. Would it be a huge benefit for ANYONE to do Sweet Caroline (or anyone’s major well-identified songs)?

You may get a bump in popularity, but you also may take it in the backside if you don’t do it justice. See – Syesha with “I Will Always Love You”

3. salomey5 - Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hey, pretty good recap I’ve stumbled onto!!!

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thought Arch was NOT “da bomb!”

Let’s hope for a better show tonight, because the last month’s themes have not made me happy…

Keep up the good work! :)

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