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American Idol Roundtable – Top 5 Week Pre-Show Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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I think we have all acknowledged that last week’s elimination was horsecrap of the worst kind. Brooke and Jason (and Vote for the Worst)….you are on notice. Guh. Oh well, Carly wasn’t going to win this thing, but I’ll miss the crowd shots of her freakshow husband. Anyhoo, on to the Idolatry after the jump…


This week brings us one of the great pop songwriters…Mr. Neil Diamond. This is a week that shouldn’t really
be harmful to anybody as Neil has a wide swath of songs to choose from. I’m hoping against hope that “Sweet Caroline” gets left alone (same with “I’m a Believer”) as they are both terribly overdone and are likely candidates for group-sing. With that, here are my song choices:

Dreamboat Archie – “Heartlight” (or more awesomer – “America”) – I say “Heartlight” cause it’s the cheesy message-y song that his dad loves.
Syesha – “Love on the Rocks” (or “Brother Love” if she’s feeling fiesty) – “Love” provides the balladry that is her way.
Brooke – “Cracklin Rosie” – have some fun this week Brooke, as that’s the only way to redeem still being there
Jason – “Cherry, Cherry” – it’s a fun one to play on an acoustic, so Jason can Jack Johnson the shit out of it
David Cook – c’mon, we all know he’s singing the Urge Overkill version
of “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon”

Your thoughts, gentlemen?


Every single one of you out there who voted for Brooke or Jason – a pox on your houses.  Farewell to thee, Carly.

I will make one addendum to my esteemed colleague’s list of group sing – “America” would seem another highly likely choice.

This seems to be a week which will heavily favor the guys, who are hanging tough after repeat eliminations of women, despite the early season featuring alternating male/female castoffs.  More than anything, I think we got a better picture of what the voting blocs look like.

As for this week’s performances*:
Dreamboat – I think he could step out slightly with “I am…I said”.
Jason Castro – “Red Red Wine”
David Cook – Affirmed, definitely see a version of “Girl…” in his future
Syesha – What the heck, how about the Jazz Singer’s theme “Hello Again”
Brooke – Let’s go “Forever in Blue Jeans” here.

Dreamboat and Cook will, once again, lead the night.  Castro will likely be stoned and perform the same as every other week

If neither Brooke nor Jason ended up in the bottom after last week… well, then let’s just pencil in Syesha’s spot for The Bottom of the Round of Five.  Since Dreamboat and Cook seem destined for a finals clash, the remaining spot is between last week’s shocking survivors.  Brooke seems more likely to hit the bottom twosome than Castro based on past voting.  Unless Carly’s voters switch allegiance to her, she’s going to the chairs.

But Syesha has lived on the edge for far too long.

*Please note I am also pretty much 0-fer on the song picks this year.


I’ll join the chorus in saying goodbye Carly, you’ll be missed.   This should be a fun week for the five still alive.  The songs are well known, but there’s some opportunity to ‘make the songs their own’ like the judges always love.  If Cook doesn’t do “Girl” we’ll all be surprised.  Archuletta will do the same boring thing he always does and the judges will love it.  They’ll both be safe again this week.  
It does seem like we are headed toward a Davd/David showdown, and I don’t think this week will change that.  Syesha is a good bet to go home after skirting elimination last week and not having the voting block of Jason and Brooke.  I think Brooke joins her in the bottom 2 but stays one more week.
I have always liked Neil Diamond for some reason. I don’t know the names to many songs or own an album or anything but I like his voice. I am sure they will sing songs that I like. Carly going home was horseshit. I love Brooke but Carly has more talent vocally. Hell, Carly can match chops with all of them still left. I could see Jason doing Red Red Wine hence wrecking another song I like. I agree with all here that Dreamboat will stay safe and be sugary and make everyone shit their pants in delight.

I have no doubt that Syesha and Brooke will be the bottom two. Jason keeps getting a pass which is quite sucky in my book. Syesha will get the hook because people love Brooke. So here’s to hoping Jason sucks!

In Conclusion:

DeadOn is very disappointed in you America. You sent home our beloved, tatted up, Irish, already had a major record deal lass. And you kept two people who were TURRRRIBLE last week. Jason and Brooke, you owe us one elimination and we all hope it turns your way. But the feeling is that it will be Syesha, who is least likely inclined to be awesome on the week of The Diamond.



1. Jerkwheat - Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I’d like to state that I have no idea why WordPress keeps changing the font occasionally on here.

2. DougOLis - Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Any chance anyone dedicates Red Red Wine to Paula?

I may not watch this week out of protest. No, I don’t have a Nielsen box so it’s pretty empty, but Principles People, Principles!

Jason or Brooke goes home. Don’t really know which one and don’t really care (will miss the beauty of Brooke though). Syesha still has that block to herself so she’s safe for now.

3. Jerkwheat - Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I, however, am in possession of a coveted “people meter”…

4. Jerkwheat - Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Mj’s Big Blog, super depository of all things Idol, reports a couple of song choices for tonight


they are each singing TWO songs. Guess I didn’t realize we had already reached the deux deux deux portion of the competition.

5. JB* - Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The slobbering on Dreamboat’s knob is getting realllllly old – especially since this was middling at best.

6. Caro - Thursday, May 15, 2008

I am watching idols in south africa so it is a bit delayed
what was wrong with paula on the top 5 show? why was she acting so strange?

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