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The Hills – ‘A Date With the Past?’ Monday, April 28, 2008

Posted by Matt_T in matt_T, more indepth than probably need-be, The Hills.

Lauren, Audrina and Lo are house hunting, and the house is ridiculous, it has a guest house, which Audrina is going to live in.  Lo says its a perfect party house and Lauren says they have to have the best house warming party EVER!  Join me after the jump for the partay. 

Lauren and Lo are having tea and talking about how great it is they are living together and discuss who is coming to the house party.  LC says that Stephen (!!!!) is coming (!!!!) and Lo says that ‘melts her little black heart’ aww.  Lo asks how long she liked him and Lauren says she never stopped.  Awww

Steph meets Spence at some other coffee house place and tells him that Lauren invited her to the house warming party.  Spencer wants to know if she has any family loyalty.  She says he’s a hypocrite because in high school he became best friends with her ex in high school.   Stephanie says she’s going to tell Heidi and she’s put all that stuff behind her.  Spencer is mad and says he’s done talking to her and leaves.

Off to the new house where the girls are getting ready for the party.   Lo says she needs curtains and wonders if the neighbors have seen her naked yet.  They talk about who all they invited and when Audrina mentions Justin-Bobby LC and Lo give her some crap for it and she looks upset.  Lauren says she invited Stephen and Lo asks if she invited him as a friend.  LC tells her not to get all 9th grade on her.  What?  I thought this whole show was like 9th grade.

Party scene and Whitney shows up (I’ve missed her!) Brody shows up with a juicer (nice gift, d-bag) and his new girlfriend.  Lauren looks mad.

ShePratt goes over to Heidi’s to tell her that she’s going to Lauren’s party.  Heidi freaks out, and gives the where’s your loyalty speech that was similar to Spencers.  No wonder Heidi and Spencer are made for each other.  Stephanie says this is so middle school (we’re regressing from 9th grade now.)  She decides to stay at Heidi’s and hang out with her and watch a movie, how lame.

Back to the party and Lo tells Lauren that Brody’s girlfriend is pretty and has big breasts, Lauren looks thrilled that Lo pointed that out.  Stephen shows up and LC turns into a 15 year old again, she’s all giggly and smiley and its nice to see her happy.

Justin-Bobby shows up and he got a haircut, Audrina tells him about the girls being catty about him earlier, and Audrina isn’t really fond of Lo.  JB tells her that if the bullshit starts up again she can’t win.

Lauren and ShePratt are at school and Stephanie asks about the party, Lauren tells her about it and that she should have come.  Stephanie tells her about the Heidi Spencer nonsense, and that she felt torn, but she’ll go to the next one.  LC tells Stephanie about Stephen and that they have a date.

Lo is really excited that Lauren is going out with him.  They go eat and Lauren looks fabulous.  LC tells Stephen that its really weird with Audrina now.  Lauren says that Lo’s stuck in high school with how excited she was that they were going out.  Stephen says that his mom was the same way and Lauren says the same thing about her mom.  Then Stephen says its kind of weird that everyone has expectations of them, and why can’t anyone just have platonic friends.  Poor Lauren looks crushed.  On the way home She reminisces about how in high school he always got her home right at curfew.  He gives her a hug when he drops her off.  Boo.  But he says he’ll be in touch.

She gets home and recaps for Lo, and grabs the ice cream out of the fridge.  Lauren says that it was good, but it makes her feel like she’s back in high school, but she’s not anymore, and she’s ok with how it went.  Lo says that’s good, but maybe one day they will get married, because that’s what Lo wants.  And we close with a shot of Stephen smiling as he drives off



1. DougOLis - Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I heart Lo and I heart Stephen, so vis a vis I heart this episode.

2. sophie - Saturday, May 3, 2008

i havent seen any of the episode and i cant wait to see them they sound really good!
i really want lauren and steven to get togethher !!..x.x

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