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Real World Recap – Where the Fuck is “Blackville”? Saturday, April 26, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens on a beautiful morning, with Dave and Joey goofing off in Kimberly’s bed (not like that, perv). We also see Sarah on the phone with her boyfriend, and she tells him that Will has a crush on her. Surprisingly, her boyfriend is not pleased. At the same time, Will is talking to Brianna about his crush, and he asks her for her help. Join me after the jump to find out what all this has to do with being too “ghetto”.

The roommates all get together and take a bus tour of Hollywood. When they stop for lunch (at Subway! Hi Jared!), Greg sits by himself in silence. Eventually, Will goes over to talk to him about making more of an effort with their roommates, but Greg tells him that everyone in the house is “too sensitive” (maybe you’re just not sensitive enough, you cold-hearted bastard!). Back at the house, Will and Greg continue to bond as Greg shows Will his modeling portfolio (hmm. 2 guys sitting on the same bed, looking at shirtless pictures of 1 of them. Nope, no jokes here). Greg tells Will that he is going to a private “industry” party the next night, and he invites him along (it’s a date!).

That night, everyone goes out for dinner and to discuss their plans for the next night which is Sarah’s 21st birthday. As dinner begins, Greg makes an effort to talk to Joey because he doesn’t want drama in the house (of course, he does this by condescendingly telling Joey how to use chopsticks properly). Will tells Sarah that he can’t go out for her birthday because he is going to Greg’s “industry” party, and this upsets her. Eventually, everyone moves on to the bar, where Dave is distracted by some boobies.

The girls walk back home from the bars, bitching about the fact that the guys ditched them for other boobs. When they arrive back home, Kimberly bitches at Dave for leaving them (because she’s jealous!), and he apologizes. Once the clock turns midnight, and Sarah is officially 21 (wait, how was she drinking at the bar earlier that night?), she calls her boyfriend. He is upset that he can’t be with her on her birthday, and his attitude does not improve when she tells him that she has to hang up to go open her presents. During the present-opening, the doorbell rings, and it is the boobs that Dave had talked to earlier at the bar. Brianna goes outside to tell them to leave, while Dave and Kimberly go cuddle in bed.

The next night, we see everyone getting ready to go out. We get a few glimpses of Greg and Will at the “industry” party, and then the action focuses on Sarah’s birthday shenanigans. She is, of course, completely wasted and winds up talking to a guy who tells her that is a film producer (does that line work?). Eventually he mentions something about a dominatrix, and Sarah says “So it’s an adult film?” (ahh, the naivete of youth). She then meets more random guys who buy her birthday drinks, and she gives one of them the phone number and address of the house. As everyone else is leaving, Dave realizes that Sarah is still inside talking to random guys, so he goes in an gets her.

Back at the house, Dave puts Sarah to bed. Unfortunately, the doorbell rings soon after and it’s the guy that Sarah had been talking to at the bar (the one to whom she gave the address, obviously). Joey goes outside and sends him home. Will and Greg then arrive back at the house, and Will is upset that Sarah is already passed out, but he is happy that she was flirting with guys because he believes it means that she is willing to cheat on her boyfriend (I guess I can’t argue with that logic). Greg then tries to give Will a pep talk about “game”, but Will says that he is not “a player” (are these guys stuck in 2001? do people still say “player”?).

The next morning, we see Brianna talking to Sarah about Will, and she lets it slip that Will asked for her help. That night, as they are on their way to a club, Sarah tells Will that she knows that he asked Brianna for help. Will is surprisingly cool about the situation, and then they talk about the guy Sarah had talked to the previous night. Back at home, after a presumably brief evening out, we see Joey in the hot tub and Brianna is complimenting him on his good looks, and flirting. They go in to his bedroom and cuddle, and exchange a little kiss.

The next morning, Dave asks Joey if he “hooked up” with Brianna, and Joey admits that they made out (OMG! UR KIDDING!). We also see Sarah and Kimberly discussing the fact that they don’t know very much about their roommates, but know too much about Brianna (because she’s an “over-sharer”). Later, all of the girls get together and are talking about sex, and the conversation turns to Brianna and Joey. Brianna shocks Sarah and Kimberly by saying that she doesn’t care if Joey respects her or not if they have sex. She then continues to over-share and tells them that she started stripping because she got pregnant and needed money for an abortion.

That night, everyone gets ready to go out and Kimberly notes that “the real life hookers that we see wear the same clothes that Brianna wears to go out” (OH SNAP!). Out at the bar, we are treated to a montage of Joey drinking feverishly (this is foreshadowing, people). They invite people back to the house and continue to party.

At the same time, Brianna has met a guy who claims to be a singer, and who says that his friend is a music producer. Brianna brings them back to the house but they can’t come in because they are at the maximum number of allowable guests (production rules are a 1-to-1 ratio, so no more than 7 guests in the house). Brianna is pissed off, and she tells the guys that they can’t come in because “someone is being a prissy little whore”, which Kimberly overhears. This obviously pisses Kimberly off, so she says “let’s not get ghetto here” and tries to calm Brianna down (umm, I don’t think that’s going to work). Brianna and Kimberly get into a screaming match with the following intellectual debate: Kimberly – “Go back to your pole”; Brianna – “Watch where you sleep tonight” (Descartes wept).

Back in the house, Will stirs the pot by mentioning the fact that he is offended by use of the term “ghetto” to describe “urban black people.” Meanwhile, Kimberly is talking to Sarah about the situation, and treats us to this gem – “I don’t care if you’re from the most inner-city…BLACKVILLE, you don’t act like that.” Surprisingly, Sarah suggests that Kimberly may want to watch what she says. Elsewhere in the house, after the other guests have left, Joey decides to arm-wrestle the music producer and he loses 3 times (which I found stunning). Brianna goes to comfort him, and he pushes her arm away (uh-oh!).

The next morning we see Brianna talking to Joey about his drinking, which he says he is going to stop. A little later, Kimberly pops her head in to see if Brianna wants anything from Subway (again? is that all they eat for lunch?), and Brianna ignores her. Noticing this, Greg (of all people) tries to broker a truce between them. In the kitchen, he makes Brianna and Kimberly talk to each, and they each offer half-hearted apologies. Kimberly, however, is still not quite sure what she did wrong since “Brianna said it herself that she gets ‘ghetto’ when she’s mad.” Meanwhile, Joey is on the phone with his grandmother, and after he gets off he cries thinking about his behavior of the previous night and says that he is done drinking.

That night, the roommates begin drinking and getting ready to go out. While everyone else leaves, Joey stays at home with Sarah and Kimberly and they give each other facials (yes, even Joey). Joey talks about “growing up” and not going out to drink as much. Soon after, the rest of the roommates come home drunk and continue their partying, while Joey sits off by himself. 



1. DougOLis - Saturday, April 26, 2008

Greg surprisingly came off as a pretty cool guy this week; are there no token douchetards this season?

Has Kimberly ever met a black person before? Is she the most racist housemate ever? I’m not sure if she’s trying to be mean or she just doesn’t know any better.

2. undergroundbto - Saturday, April 26, 2008

I want to believe that she is just that ignorant, but you never know.

As for the douche, I think that Dave may wind up taking that role (hey, let’s peer pressure the alcoholic to drink!)

3. Rockabye - Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jezebel had Kimberly’s audition tape a long while ago; she just seems like your typical Southern ignorant white girl.

4. ya trick ya! - Saturday, July 12, 2008

hopefully no one important ever hires her hahaha
that would be awesome.

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