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My Dumb Luck-NOOOOOOOOO! Friday, April 25, 2008

Posted by Shakarean Hutchinson in I know the suspense is killing you, Reasons why I am single, SA, Scrubs, TV.

I knew this day would come. I knew it from the very beginning that when the show would end somehow Kelso wouldn’t be the Chief of Medicine anymore. But now that it’s here…IT SUCKS. I almost feel like crying. Almost. And this was yet another good episode. Lawrence and crew is on a roll. Let’s get to the recap, shall we?

There was only two real stories this week with everyone falling into one or the other and Dr. Cox being in the middle of both. Let’s start with the lighter one. JD and Turk, who have provided our comic relief the past few episodes. The two of them are moving the elderly patients from the geriatric ward and the patients kept leaving their room (which turned into a running gag the entire episode). After moving the patients they decide to play a game called “Poke the Bear” which they try to make Dr. Cox angry over the fact that he has had a patient for a few years but still haven’t been able to diagnosis him. They tease him and Cox runs off mad. After getting JD back (hitting him with a bungie cord from far away) Turk and JD decide to help out Dr. Cox with his patient. Cox says they can help him out by getting the patient’s pee sample down to the lab. On their way there they stop by Turk’s car so he can get a fedora and while back in the hospital JD forgets where he placed the sample. After retracing their steps they find it sitting outside the hospital. The pee has turned purple so they google “purple pee” and find out what was wrong with the patient-he has acute intermittent porphyria. They tell Cox the diagnosis and Cox goes to Kelso (who is sitting outside on the hospital talking to an intern-more on that later) and they make a deal about treating the patient and dealing with his insurance. Cox (and JD) go and tell the patient what was wrong and the patient is happy instead of devastated like they thought. The patient is happy he knows what is going on so he can begin to deal with it. The rest of this story deals with Kelso so I’ll just finish it here. Dealing with the heaviness that was Kelso’s storyline this week it was nice to have some lightness to the show. I love how close JD and Turk are. For a while there they were dealing with their own individual lives and we didn’t see them hang out. Now they seem closer than ever. And I do like that the past few shows haven’t been ALL about JD. Yes, he’s the lead character, but it’s nice to give him a break every once and a while. I will say I think the story wrapped up a bit too quickly. Granted it was the end of the show, but still a bit quicker than I expected. Or should I say that Cox’s behavior felt a bit rushed. All in all, a pretty good minor storyline.

Now to the heavy stuff of Kelso. Carla and Elliot are still upset about the board forcing Kelso out, so they decided to try and get the board to change it’s mind. After asking Jordan for some help (and her giving them the recipe in dealing with the board) they want to get the entire hospital to stand up for Kelso at the board meeting. Janitor offer to help but the girls don’t want it. Meanwhile Kelso has sat down on the bench outside of the hospital and makes an intern sit there and listen to his stories about his time at Sacred Heart. He tells the intern some funny stories and some heartbreaking ones (the 19-year-old that died anyone?) and still manages to scare the bejesus out of the kid. At the same time Elliot and Carla are trying to get the support staff of the hospital together and stand up for Kelso. Janitor is the head of them and after telling them no, he agrees to help the girls out. Janitor does some snooping and finds out the reason no one will stand up for Kelso is because everyone in the hospital is afraid of Cox and doesn’t want to cross him. After Kelso is done talking to the intern he reassures the guy that his next 20 years at Sacred Heart won’t be like Kelso’s. He’s resigned to the fact that his tenure at the hospital is up. Meanwhile, after hearing the patient’s comments on finding out his disease, Cox changes his mind and stands up for Kelso; he also gets the hospital staff to go along with him. After coming together they get the board to change their minds and they offer Kelso the job. Kelso, however turns it down. All he ever wanted was a chance to go out on his own terms and with the board giving him his job he has decided leave. He thanks Ted on his way out and drives away from Sacred Heart with his portrait in the back. Poor Kelso. His scenes were mostly sad this episode and I really felt for him. And I still didn’t like Cox’s selfishness at not being there for Kelso. And I didn’t for one minute think that Kelso would actually leave. ::sobs:: Like I said at the beginning, I had always suspected that when the show ended Kelso would leave Sacred Heart (and that Cox will be the new Chief of Medicine, but that’s another topic for another day), but it still shocked me. And to be honest, if this was indeed the last season that would have been a perfect ending. Maybe a little too soon (originally this would have aired in either January or February) but still a nice ending.

Once again Ted was great in every scene of the show, starting from the streaking after hearing about Kelso’s forced retirement to swallowing a bottle full of painkillers and Elliot and Carla ignoring him, to the simple but sweet goodbye between him and Kelso at the end. I wonder what’s going to happen with the Kelso character now. They can’t really have a new season without Ken Jenkins, can they? How will they bring Kelso back to the hospital? Like I said, this would have been great if this was the last season, but by all accounts this isn’t. I wonder what happens now.



1. the almost - Friday, April 25, 2008

[…] now that it??s here??IT SUCKS. I almost feel like crying. Almost. And this was yet another good ehttps://deadon.wordpress.com/2008/04/25/my-dumb-luck-nooooooooo/Maryland’s Edwards Gets Nod for House Special to Succeed Primary Rival CQPolitics.com via Yahoo! […]

2. DougOLis - Friday, April 25, 2008

I was quite saddened after last night. I can’t imagine him being gone completely; he has to be around in some capacity right? What happens with Ted now?

3. SA - Friday, April 25, 2008

Exactly! I’m way more upset about this then I should be. Probably because we have a brand new season. I am now infinitely curious about not only the next two shows that were filmed pre-strike, but also the one episode we might get as the season finale before the move to ABC.

4. Kyle - Saturday, April 26, 2008

It was especially upsetting becuase he became less of an ass as the series progressed, and more of a colleague to the other charcters.

In terms of media representation, Boon is looking to have a very heavy involvement in the future plotlines. Also in terms of media language the cars passing in and out of the hospital [Kelso leaving in the sunset in his Merc] are a huge sign of starting a new, almost cyclic, and has always featured heavily in Scrubs. So that could very well be the end of Jenkins’ character. But I hope not.

And Bill Lawrence has stated he never gets rid of good actors. Just depends on whether Ken himself doesn’t want to continue. Would seem strange to leave during a strike episode though.

And the sincere thanks from Kelso to Ted… makes it all the worse he’s leaving.

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