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Lost: Season 4, Episode 9 Friday, April 25, 2008

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The Shape of Things to Come (Ben-centric)

Well, apparently I missed the recap of episode 8; here it is in bullet-point fashion:

  • Yup, Michael is back.
  • Michael tried to kill himself, but the island wouldn’t let him.
  • Rousseau and Karl were gunned down in a drive-by (or something to that effect-PQ)

Okay, now we’re up to speed, yes? I’m not going to waste anymore time writing up an introduction; hit the jump for the recap of the best episode of Lost since the finale of season three.

The episode opened up with Jack digging through a suitcase of prescription pills (similar to how I start my mornings). Kate walked in on him and asked what the pills were for. Jack replied that he had a stomach bug. Kate and Jack were enjoying another heartfelt talk when Bernard started screaming for help because a body washed ashore. It was the freighter’s doctor and was ID’d by Dan. By the way, the doctor looked like his throat was slashed (he was probably a snitch).

Locke, Hurley and Sawyer were sitting around a table. Hurley stated that, “We’re all going to die.” It turned out that they were playing Risk.

Alex was being led through the jungle by and unknown group of people. They led her to the barracks’ perimeter security gate and forced her to enter the code to deactivate it.

As Locke, Hurley and Sawyer were finishing their game, a telephone rang. Locke picked it up and received message: “Code 14-J” Locke stated that he thought the message was intended for Ben. Sawyer and Locke found Ben, as he was playing the piano, and told Ben about the message. Ben’s reaction? He pulled out a shotgun from under the piano bench and told Locke that they needed to get to Ben’s house because it’d be easier to fortify and protect themselves from the tree-line. When Locked asked him why, Ben replied, “Because they’re here.”

Commercial Break

Flashing, uh, elsewhere… Ben woke up in the Sahara Desert (wearing a Dharma Starter jacket — he’s sooo gangsta!) and was met by two men on horses. Oh, they had guns too. They padded Ben down and frisked him. They found something in his pocket and made him pull it out. It was a telescoping baton and Ben used it to knock one guy out, take his gun and shoot the other man. (Oh, shit. I guess that he always has a plan.) Ben then rode of into the desert on one of their horses.

Ben, Locke and Sawyer were shuffling through the barracks as Ben explained what the code implied; it was a distress signal meant to be used if anyone of his people were captured. Ben told Locke and Sawyer that he sent Alex, Karl and Rousseau off to safety the previous night. Sawyer then left to get Claire and Aaron. Ben told Locke to stay near him at all times because Locke was important and the invading group wouldn’t kill Ben.

Back at the beach, Jack asked Charlotte and Daniel if they knew why the doctor’s throat was slit. They played dumb and blamed it on the time-differential… Daniel was then asked about the status of the sat-phone. He replied that the microphone was broken and that it could only be used to send out a signal. Bernard suggested that it could be used as a telegraph. Daniel stated that he would need additional parts to convert the phone. Kate took Daniel off to dig through some of 815’s stripped parts.

Back over at Ben’s house, Ben and Locke were barricading the doors and windows. Sawyer was running around the barracks looking for Claire. He found an unnamed character and asked if he had seen Claire. The unnamed character was then shot in the chest. He died. Another unnamed character walked out of a house…O AN SHE DIED. Unnamed character no. 3 goes outside and looks at the two dead bodies. Guess what the score is now…Reaper 3, extras 0. (Rule no.1: If you hear gunfire, don’t go outside. Rule no. 2: If Sawyer asks you a question, duck for cover.) Sawyer runs behind a picnic table to use for cover; it keeps him safe. Sawyer finally made his way to Claire’s house. It was hit with a rocket launcher and it will be seen next in ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (I assure you, I’m not making this shit up…except for the Extreme Makeover part.)

Commercial Break

Flashing, again, elsewhere… Ben arrived in Tunisia and checked into a hotel under the name “Dean Moriarty.” And he’s a “preferred guest!” Before he went up to his room, he asked the clerk what day it was. It was October 21, 2005. A TV was on in the hotel lobby featuring a newsclip of Sayid. Sayid was hounded by newscameras and he stated that he “just wanted to bury his wife.” (Ah, so that’s how Sayid becomes an assassin: It’s for revenge! So simple, so awesome.)

Back at the barracks, Ben told Locke that there’s only one person that can help them now, and that person is Jacob. Locke told Ben that he didn’t know how to find the cabin. Ben replied, “I know, but Hurley does.”

Sawyer dug through the remains of Claire’s house. Claire lives! But now her house is run down. :( (Damn, it’s tough for single mothers, isn’t it?) Sawyer then carried Claire back to Ben’s house.

Ben’s doorbell rang. It was Miles carrying a walkie-talkie so the invaders could talk to Ben.

Commercial Break

Flashing forward (I’m sure of this now), Ben was in Iraq, photographing a man from a rooftop. While Ben took the photos, the funeral procession for Sayid’s wife took place on the street below. Sayid noticed Ben. Ben immediately ran from the down to the street. When Ben exited the building, Sayid jumped him without realizing who he was. Ben told Sayid that he was looking for the man who killed Sayid’s wife. Ben told Sayid that Nadia’s assassin worked for Charles Widmore.

At Ben’s house, Miles explained that the invaders claimed to be security for Ben; they were there to escort Ben back to the mainland. Ben then told Miles that he wouldn’t be collecting 3.2 million dollars. Ben then asked why would he want to talk to “them.” Miles told Ben that they had a hostage: Ben’s daughter. Ben immediately picked up the walkie-talkie. The man on the other end identified himself as an employee of Charles Widmore. (Okay, so the mercenaries on the freighter killed Karl and Rousseau. Got it.) Ben looked out a window and saw the soldier. The soldier then brought out Ben’s daughter and threatened to kill her unless Ben left the house. After a verbal stand-off, the soldier killed Alex. Ben froze in shock.

Commercial Break

Ben sat at the edge of a couch in silence. In a stoic tone, Ben said, “He changed the rules.” Ben then dashed into the hidden office in his house and locked everyone else out. There was another secret passage that Ben then entered.

Flashing forward to Iraq, Ben was sitting at a bar and spying on Sayid’s wife’s killer. Ben then followed the assassin through an alley-way. The assassin realized that Ben was following him and pulled a gun on Ben. The assassin asked Ben why he was following him. Ben replied, “I need you to send a message to Charles Widmore.” Sayid then shot the assassin. He unloaded the clip, actually. Ben started to walk off, but Sayid asked him where he was going. Blah, blah, blah…Sayid stated that he’d spent the last 10 years searching for the woman he loved, he finally found her, married her and then she was killed. Sayid then asked Ben, “Who’s next?” (Uhm, Goldberg?)

Ben left his office and told the group that they had to leave the house and run straight for the tree-line. The house then started to rumble. They looked outside and it was…THE MUTHA’ FUCKIN’ BLACK SMOKE MONSTER! And Black Snake Moan tore the living hell out of the mercenaries. Yes, the group did run away, but Ben stayed behind for a moment to say good-bye to Alex. :(

Commercial Break

(I’m gonna quickly run through the next few scenes…it’s 2:11am PST right now and I have to be at work in five hours, please forgive me.)

Faraday built a morse code machine. He lied about the message he received from the ship. The ship said that the doctor was fine. Jack forced Faraday to admit that the freighter’s crew never was going to take the 815 survivors off the island. Jack’s tummy hurts.

Locke, Hurley and Ben went off to find Jacob’s cabin. Sawyer, Claire, Miles and Aaron decided to go back to the beach.

Flashing forward, Ben, dressed in a fancy suit, was shown walking down a street in London. He entered an upscale apartment building and conned his way past the concierge and into the elevator. Ben picked a lock to gain access to the penthouse suite. Ben then wandered through an apartment in the dark. He opened a door and said, “Wake up Charles.” Widmore replied, “I wondered when you were going to show up.” Widmore asked Ben if he was going to kill him. Ben replied, “We both know I can’t do that.” Widmore went on to tell Ben that he knew who Ben was and that everything that Ben had, Ben took from him. Sternly, Widmore asked Ben, “Why are you here?” Ben replied, “I’m here to tell you that I’m going to kill your daughter.” Widmore told Ben, “You’ll never find her.” Widmore also said, “That island is mine, Ben. It always was. And it will be again.” Ben replied, “You’ll never find it.”

The hunt is on for the both of them.

So, what did we learn to ask?

  • Have you seen Claire?
  • What exactly did Widmore mean when he said that the island was “always” his?
  • Is the smoke monster somewhat controllable?
  • Why is Hurley so crucial to finding Jacob’s cabin? Shouldn’t Ben know where to find it if it moves from time to time?
  • (And for a question based off of episode no. 8) If the island wouldn’t let Michael kill himself, would it have let Jack jump off of the bridge in the season three finale? Or did the island cause the woman to crash into Jack’s jeep?
  • And with three more 815 “survivors” biting the bullet this week (seewhatididthere???), how many survivors will be left on the island to rescue? Six?

That’s it for me. Please leave your comments and theories below. I’m tired and I’m sorry if my grammar and sentence structure sucked because of it, but this episode was fantastic and I wanted to get the recap and discussions going as soon as possible. You can send all of your negative comments to my e-mail at pqcrash_at_gmail_dot_com. Take care.



1. BTO - Friday, April 25, 2008

I don’t know what I learned to ask, but I did learn that if Sawyer asks me anything, I’m fucked. Those guys were worse off than the random Trekkie that beamed down to the planet with Kirk and Spock.

Also, Ben is a bad mf’er.

2. Sam - Friday, April 25, 2008

Widmore’s remark that the island was “always” his made me wonder if he’s, like, immortal or something. Which sounds dumb, but anything’s possible on this show.

3. Jerkwheat - Friday, April 25, 2008

I second the best episode of the season sentiment – glad to see they came back from the strike with their fastball intact.

4. DougOLis - Friday, April 25, 2008

Fucking brilliant episode. Soo much action and it was nice to see that Ben does actually care.

Why can’t Ben kill Charles? Can Charles kill Ben?

What are the rules and how were they changed?

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