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Urban HIMYMs: “Sandcastles in the Sand” — A Place Called Revertigo Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to my season’s worth of recaps for How I Met Your Mother. Welcome, once more, to Urban HIMYMs.

So here’s the deal:

I’m going to try and keep this brief in the outline, and then just move to my notes.  I’m going to stick with the ten things manner that we had last week.  Certainly, as a starting point for discussion.

Before I do that, however, may I just give a giant freaking hat tip for the team that puts Cobie Smulders together week in and week out.  Hair, makeup, wardrobe, all of you take something great and just make it awesome.  Well done.

And away we go…

1). The opening scene riff on what you call the deflowering of a Canadian was wonderful.  It was like a Deadspin comedy pyramid, from the clever, to the horrible but had to be said.  Similarly, the “summer in Canada lasts a week and a half, the last week of July” was another hilarious touch.

2). VAN DER BEEK!  I love that his accent ends up being like a northern version of Varsity Blues.  “I don’t want your life, eh?”  Crash Test Dummies big, eh?

3). Barney is particularly charming in this episode.  You can actually see why the gang puts up with everything else he does.  He’s funny, he gets off good lines that are as much complimentary as they are funny, and he doesn’t overdo it on any theories or the like.  Similarly, Barney’s dramatic exit when he discovers there’s a second Robin Sparkles video.

4). I don’t know if I buy Robin’s regression to her teenage self in the presence of Simon.  I guess the additional presence of Michelle vis-a-vis Lily makes it a little more realistic.  Then again, maybe we all do this, but just not in the obvious manner in which we see it.

5). On the same tip: I like Ted and Marshall arguing over the term for regression of one’s self to a previous way of acting.  Marshall’s championing of Revertigo vs. Ted’s fight against it.

6). I like Robin fighting with her “parents” Lily and Marshall.  I particularly like how quickly the couple becomes uberparental.  On a comparative tip, I think that Robin’s relationship with Simon is like Liz Lemon’s relationship with Dennis the Beeper King.  They should know it’s really bad for them, and yet, because it’s easy and it feels right, they don’t see the flaws.

7). Back to point 5, I like that Michelle has this whole thing figured out, associative regression, and Michelle is acting that way around Lily because Lily brings out that part of her.

8). I love the scene between Barney and Robin at the bar.  It manages to be sweet, touching, funny, and genuine all at the same time.  For all of his flaws, Barney actually proves himself a great friend in this case.  He’s there for Robin, he genuinely has an affection for Robin as a person that I don’t even know he has for Marshall, Lily, or even Ted.

9). The second Robin Sparkles video, “Sandcastles in the Sand”.  It gets better every time you watch/listen to it. For instance: “Travel the globe from Alberta to Ontario”, which means driving a van across Lake Winnipeg.  That Barney and Robin keep a running MST3K style commentary on the video makes it even better.  That Alan Thicke makes a cameo and is reading “CANADA TODAY”.  That the robot makes a return appearance.

10). Somehow, I knew that was the way that things were going to end that way, and yet, it still surprised me.  I suppose its the difference between being and becoming.  It’s going to be interesting to see what comes of this.

Honestly, I really liked this episode, because as much as it sets out to make a fool of Robin, it ends up actually reminding us, as the viewer, why we like these characters so much.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens next week, when Ted celebrates his 30th birthday.

So gang, please, take it away in the comments, and enjoy.

Once again, I’d like to thank my pal Geoff (aka The Bad One) for his witty and insightful comments as I worked on this. And Jennifer (aka The Yostess) for putting up with me doing this.

So, that’s all I have for this week’s edition of Urban HIMYMs. With that, this is Yostal reminding you to just chill, ‘til the next episode.



1. JB* - Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And as we know from Season 1 – Ted’s Birthday means The Goat Story!

2. DougOLis - Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I had a feeling this episode might be legen…dary so I wrote down my thoughts while watching it. Here they are unedited:

Breasts everywhere! Ha, Degrassi joke! That show rocks. James Van Der Beek. OMG, we’re like 30 seconds in and I already love this episode. I’m pretty sure that’s a beach in San Diego by the way. And a Grease joke, well played Barney. Lol, fat balding Dawson.

Ha, is there actually a Deep North? Please say yes. “Foreskins” – good Lord, I’m dying here. Does Barney use an Apple laptop with a Dell logo? “Yeah, I don’t know about revertigo” – brilliant. Wait, are we going to get to see/hear Lily and Michelle. Don’t leave this open ended. “Finish him” – I was always a big fan of Scorpion’s move. Slightly disappointed by the actual Lily/Michelle revertigo.

Holy fuck, playing the “Murder Train” song over puppies is fucking hilarious. I can’t stop laughing. People are looking at me strange in my cube.

I love Lily dancing.

OMG, they’re going to hook up, look at Barney’s loving eyes. OMG! holy fuck this video is hilarious and awesome. Tiffany and Alan Thicke! Holy crap! Nice tampon joke Barney. Dude, she looks ridiculously hot in this video. This song is fucking hilarious. Hole Lee Shit! Yes! Fuck Yeah Mother Fuckers!

3. DougOLis - Wednesday, April 23, 2008

note to self: tone back the “holies,” the “fucks”, and the “OMGs.”

Fantastic episode. Loved that they got together and was kind of surprised we actually saw it at the end. Do we know that they break up? Aunt Robin is single in the future right? Does Ted ever mention Barney in the future?

I have one gripe: Why would Ted be telling his kids about Robin’s life and how would he know the intimate details? Also, it’s “How I Met Your Mother” so this plot doesn’t really fit in with the purpose. These gripes don’t make me like it any less, they are more pet peeves than anything.

4. DougOLis - Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What’s supposed to happen on his 30th birthday? Was there some allusion earlier?

Oh yeah, and I assume that Barney and Robin went back to her place around last call…and nothing good happens after 2 am.

5. JB* - Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Doug –

There was an episode in Season 1 where he is telling the kids about his birthday. He says something to the effect of “And then there was my 30th birthday”, and the sidewoosh to a goat in the bathroom. Also, Robin has always been referred to as Aunt Robin, so what most fans took away was she was single – especially with references about her living in Argentina (maybe?) and travel. And all the kid’s drawings of her were of just her. Barney is referred to as Uncle Barney in the Liberty Bell episode (one of my favorites).

I know most all of us thought something like this was coming, but it seems out of character for Barney. It breaks the Bro Code – the Brode, if you will – about hooking up with a best friend’s (even if he is not Ted’s best friend) ex.

6. JB* - Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Also, I defend the fact that I know all of the above based on the fact that I spent many, many months with lame co-workers in countries without English television, so I watched a lot of DVDs in the hotel late at night.

The same holds true for Scrubs and SportsNight knowledge.

7. Yostal - Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gentlemen, as always, lots of good stuff here.

I don’t know about violating the Brode. I think there has to be a caveat in there about a group of friends. The fact that we have the quote about how Robin and Barney had discussed it before and they worried it would screw up the dynamic of the group means that this has been considered.

We’ll just have to see. Four episodes left this season.

8. The Bad One - Monday, April 28, 2008

I guess we have our answer about Brode violations. In other news, “Sandcastles in the Sand” is a deeply-layered piece of schlock.

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