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The Hills – “A New Roommate” Monday, April 21, 2008

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Lauren and Whitney are working at People’s Revolution packing stuff in boxes.  Whitney asks about Audrina and says she hasn’t seen her in a while.  LC tells Whitney about Audrina and Heidi being friends now and that its weird that Heidi comes in their place.  Whitney says its so great to work with her again, and cue the Natasha Beddingfield and join me after the jump

Audrina, LC and Lo are in Audrina’s room trying to figure out what to wear and LC says she got an A+ on her school assignment.  (yay, put that on the fridge!)  LC says that ShePratt may join them out and Lo snarks “Maybe Heidi will come too” and Lauren cuts her eyes at her.

ShePratt and Heidi have the same conversation on what to wear and talk about how LC’s going to be out and Heidi hopes it won’t be weird.

At the bar Heidi sees Justin-Bobby (OMG!!) and wants to tell Audrina about it, but Audrina is sitting with LC and Lo and she doesn’t want to go over there.  But conveniently Lauren has to go to the bathroom and asks Lo to go with.  Heidi sees her opportunity and slides over to their table and tells Audrina about Justin-Bobby.  Audrina says she’s not over him yet and he never called and never wrote.  Lauren and Lo come back and squeeze in.  Lauren ‘s upset about the situation.  Heidi tells Audrina that LC doesn’t want them to be friends and LC can totally hear her.  LC tells ShePratt she didn’t think she was going to bring Heidi.

Justin-Bobby comes over to say hello (and he looks like Guy Fawkes in V is for Vendetta.)  Heidi starts to leave but Audrina tells her to stay.  Heidi says they should all get together as a group.  JB thinks he’s talking about him, but she means ‘the girls’  Lauren gets mad and leaves.

Morning after and ShePratt says she thinks it went well, and they made progress by all sitting together.  (What is this?  5th grade?)  Heidi isn’t really sure about it and she thought Lauren would have been cooler because Spencer wasn’t there.  She tries to pout, but the plastic surgery won’t let her.

Lo comes over after work and Lauren says she loves her job.  Lo bitches about the traffic and they talk about how cool it be to all live together.  Lauren wants to get a house with Lo and Audrina.   Lo wants to ask Audrina but she’s at dinner with JB.  Lo says maybe they should invite JB and Heidi to live with them too.  (LOL at Lo)

Audrina’s at dinner and it seems JB is late as usual.  He says “I like your leather, you must miss the bike”  Chris Berman agrees.  Audrina admits she misses the bike a little.  JB says no ones been on it since.  I thought it may have been innuendo, but I think he’s too dense for euphemisms.  Audrina says she doesn’t want any more drama and that Lauren still won’t speak or look at Heidi, but Audrina has no beef with her.  JB says he thought Heidi was nice.  And forecasts some drama for the girls.  I think he may be onto something there.

The next morning, Audrina says she was out late with JB and he’s cleaned up.  He didn’t even burp in his face once.  She tells Lauren that JB is her Jason.  That’s not really a good comparison there Audrina.

Heidi goes over to ShePratt’s but she’s not home and Spencer opens up.  She pretends that she’s there to see how he’s doing and he calls her out on that.  Heidi bitches about seeing Lauren out and Spencer tells her he has no sympathy for her and it was silly to think everything would be ‘hunky dory’ now.  Wow, 2 weeks in a row of Spencer making sense.  The apocolypse is near.

Lo and LC are out at lunch or something and LC snarks about Audrina’s choice in men.  Audrina joins them for lunch and she says that JB quit drinking.  Then in a very sudden change in conversation LC says they need to start thinking about what to do after their lease runs out and they are looking at houses.  Audrina says she hasn’t thought about it yet and Lo says its going to be a change but still be fun.  Audrina says she’ll move in if they want her to.  Lauren and Lo make strange faces at each other but it seems like that’s the plan.



1. DougOLis - Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spencer has become infinitely more likeable recently and I too use the phrase “hunky dory” (thanks mom!). It’s quite interesting that Heidi has become more of the villain this season (and last I guess), especially since she hasn’t really done anything that wrong.

Holy fuck, Stephen’s back next week! Yay! (I swear I’m not a teenage girl).

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