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My Manhood-Was A VAST Improvement Over Last Week Friday, April 18, 2008

Posted by Shakarean Hutchinson in Posts that should have more humor, SA, Scrubs, TV.

We’ll get to the recap in a second but I really need to get something off my chest. Those of you wanting the recap just go right ahead and click the jump. Ok, here goes…

Fuck you NBC. Fuck you and your fucking top brass and everyone that works at your fucking network. I am so glad that this is the last season Scrubs will have to have that little fucking peacock sitting in the left hand side of the corner of the screen. Even if ABC doesn’t pick up the show and there won’t be an eighth season and we’ll have to see the rest of the originally planned 18 episodes on DVD, it’s a major improvement over you. You couldn’t hold off, could you? You just had to screw around with the fans of this show one last time before removing it from your air forever. To paraphrase from several of my fellow commenters at Deadspin, go fuck yourselves, you cocksuckers.

Yes, I know this is a bit of an over reaction, but I am so damn tired of NBC switching time slots and switching days and making the fans of this show go back and forth. It’s the last damn season on their network. It’s mid April meaning there isn’t going to be a lot of episodes left. But I guess that doesn’t matter. The time slot move in and of itself isn’t the problem, it’s the fact that NBC keeps doing this over and over to this one show. If they wanted The Office and 30 Rock to be their 9 PM shows they could have easily done that at the beginning of the season (back in September) or when the shows started back last week. But no, they had to wait two shows in to move it.

Seriously NBC, I think I hate you. Now, on to the recap. 

We had three stories this week. First one involved Turk and JD. Turk was acting over aggressive after returning from visiting his brother, remote wrestling and what not. When JD goes into the lounge and wants to put on West Side Story for Sam (sorry about this, but is Sam one of the most adorable things you ever seen or what? And I hate kids) Turk tells him that he’s watching a game and to not change the channel. They wrestle and Turk wins. Cox, who was going to watch Sam for JD (unusually nice for Cox), turns Sam around and they watch JD getting beat up. They get on the cover of The Janitorial (more on this later) and is excited until Dr. Cox basically tells JD that Turk is the man in Sam’s life. JD, in an effort to prove that he is a man, decides to go and beat up Turk, but the same results happen again with Turk getting the upper hand. JD, in a last ditch effort, swings his arm up and hits Turk in the face, knocking him to the ground. Instead of being apologetic, he brags to the guys that he totally knocked Turk out. Of course Turk is out for blood so he chases JD around the hospital. JD runs into Carla and Elliot in the cafeteria and knows that Turk would never hit him in front of Carla so he sits down with them. While Carla and Elliot are talking about a patient that has breast cancer Carla spills the beans unintentionally to JD about Turk having a testicle removed the week when he was suppose to be visiting his brother. JD is shocked by this and, after being chased by Turk yet again, asks him what happens. Turk had to have surgery because Izzy kicked him hard in the balls. They joke around with this and come to a conclusion about what to do about their fight-Rocky III final scene with both of them hitting each other in the mouth. They tell their own respective groups (Turk tells his fellow surgeons and JD tells what looks to be medical interns) their side of the fight and all ends well. I really liked JD and Turk’s story this week. For some reason we haven’t had a lot of Turk/JD interaction this year. They’re best friends they should be having situations like this. Although it is a bit unusual for them to be at each others throats.

Next story featured Janitor. After Kelso tells him that no one cares what he thinks he decides to start a paper called The Janitorial. He enlist The Todd, Doug, and Ted to help him. His first edition is a hit (with JD and Turk on the front page) and he decides to put out another edition that same day after lunch (It’s a tri-daily). When Cox insults Janitor (calling him and his papers stupid) Janitor decides to publish an “interview” with Cox on which Cox says he is only so aggressive because inside he really just needs a hug or a pat on the back. After the hospital staff start to touch him, believing what Janitor has written in his newsletter. Cox gets tired of this and goes to Janitor to get him to stop everyone. He apologizes to Janitor and the next edition of the newsletter has Cox appearing angry and a bit bi-polar and things return to normal. I’m very iffy on this story tonight. Besides the fact that Janitor actually started the newsletter this story bored me. Which is very unusual because I love Janitor and I love Dr. Cox. But they all can’t be winners I guess.

Last story involves Elliot and Carla with some of Kelso (and his future storyline) thrown in. Elliot has to use the bathroom and goes into the men’s room. While she’s in there Kelso comes in talking to Enid about him being forced to retire and it all being Elliot’s fault. She instantly feels bad about this and comes out of the stall to see a mad Kelso looking back at her. She promises that she won’t tell anyone about Kelso’s situation and runs into her new patient and Carla. Carla asks what is Elliot’s secret but Elliot keeps her mouth shut. They find out that their new patient (who is a man) has breast cancer and he wants to keep the truth from his brothers (who brought him into the hospital). Elliot and Carla talk about how stubborn men are-around JD and Turk and while in the men’s room-and says that things would be easier if they could have just told the patient’s brothers themselves. Elliot is about to call home when Carla tells her there is no service in the men’s room and Elliot realizes that Kelso was trying to reach out for help without specifically saying so. She tells Carla about Kelso and they go to him and tell him that they are going to get the hospital to rally around him and speak to the board so that Kelso can remain Chief of Staff. I really liked Carla and Elliot this week. I liked Carla being her nosy self and Elliot having restraint and not telling her Kelso’s secret. And I loved how in the end they both wanted to stand up for Kelso and his job. This story just foreshadowed next week (or maybe the next two weeks) in Kelso either remaining or leaving Sacred Heart. What I didn’t like was Cox pretty much not caring what happened to Kelso. I guess it was par for the course with the character, but I would think that after overhearing Elliot, Carla, and Kelso speaking he would be a bit more sympathetic. Especially with the show making the Cox character softer after Jack being born and Cox accidentally  killing three of his patients. But in due time he’ll be coming around.

A lot of funny in moment through the storyline came this week. I loved every time we saw Ted and Doug. That Hello Kitty/dead kids comment was superb. Elliot’s sex dream about Kelso and him being half-dolphin was weird but so Elliot. Turk and JD finally admitting that they’re a little married was great. And did Janitor reveal his name tonight? I know Lawrence has said we’ll find out Janitor’s name on the last episode of the show, but that Josh comment have to lead to somewhere, right?

Like I said, I really liked this week’s show. Much improvement over last week.

And NBC? You suck.



1. JB* - Friday, April 18, 2008

/slow clap

Also – I agree with “Now I’ve been called a great many horrible names in life; back stabber, zebra poacher, Josh.”

I hate when I am called Josh.

2. undergroundbto - Friday, April 18, 2008

To paraphrase from several of my fellow commenters at Deadspin, go fuck yourselves, you cocksuckers.

I would never use such language. I would have called them useless twats.

3. Yostal - Friday, April 18, 2008

SA, I could hear the patriotic music swell behind you as the rant rolled. It was well done. But it’s not surprising. NBC has never done well with its quirky shows and keeping a consistent time slot. NewsRadio had 32 slots I believe, for 92 episodes. It was maddening, especially in a pre-DVR era.

Fine job on the recap, as always.

4. Empress Act - Friday, April 18, 2008

This one was light years better than last week. I’m thankful, too, because after last week I was worried it was all downhill.

I believe it was TV Guide that said Scrubs had definitely been renewed for an eighth season on ABC. Hopefully, it’s just as good as the past 6.

5. SA - Friday, April 18, 2008

BTO-I’ll add that to my lexicon.

JB-I’m betting his name is Josh. I’m kinda hoping his name is Josh. Although something completely weird would suit Janitor. And thanks for linking the article last week.

Yostal-32 timeslots?! Damn. I remember when NBC kept moving around Freaks and Geeks. It’s really sad.

Act-I’m a bit superstitious. All indications is that the show is coming back next year, but until ABC make an official announcement on their 2008-2009 season I’m going to hold back just a bit. Don’t want to think one way for a month only to find out it wasn’t true, you know?

6. DougOLis - Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gahh, I had no idea that it was new because I was at the Padres game (22 fucking innings!) and my DVR didn’t record it for some reason; luckily we have Hulu to watch.

I liked this episode a lot; it wasn’t a classic but it was at the very least solid all around. Good storylines with some funny jokes.

Loved the married joke between Turk and JD and also loved the growing the testicle daydream.

Wait, wait, did JB just reveal his name as Josh?

Is ABC picking it up to throw Bill Lawrence a bone for Spin City?

7. JB* - Saturday, April 19, 2008

Like Rachel preferred, I use “Joshua”. Josh is a kid’s name. Though if they get it wrong, for some reason I get called Jason a lot.

Doug, I cannot remember the exact deets, but ABC Studios is involved in the production of Scrubs so they are already reaping the benefits of the DVDs. And some ABC president involved in bringing the show there is also the one who helped put it together originally, hence the attempts to get it moved. Though making up for the botching of Spin City is a worthy cause.

8. SA - Sunday, April 20, 2008

I’m always mixing up Joshua and Jason. It’s so hard keeping those two names apart.

Doug, did you stay all 22 innings?

9. DougOLis - Monday, April 21, 2008

Yep, I did.

10. SA - Monday, April 21, 2008

I applaud the craziness you showed in staying the entirety of that game.

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