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The Extremely Late American Idol Roundtable – Top 7 Recap Thursday, April 17, 2008

Posted by Jerkwheat in American Idol, jerkwheat, reality TV.

So, uh, nothing like putting this up two days too late, eh? Sorry about breaking your hearts by not having this up yesterday at noon per usual – my job has been kind of intense the past few days so the blog has been ignored sadly. You already know this because of the infrequent posts this week. Anyhoo, here’s our thoughts from this past week’s Idol performance show – a week in which we finally bid adieu to KLC…


Holy shit – I am watching it on DVR right now and I am seriously
impressed with the David Cook version of “Always Be My Baby”  – I may
download that shit from iTunes, which is something I’ve never done for
an Idol performance. Seriously, I was impressed and found that to be
pretty damn cool. And hell, even KLC was surprisingly good considering
she should have gone home about 6 weeks ago. Syesha tried out for the
vocal gymnastics team once again and was meh, and Dreamboat was
technically ok and tedious as always. I thought Carly looked very good
tonight, I like it when that sleeve tat is covered up on her. Brooke
was Brooke – good but not great as always. And Jason continues to
prepare his Brushfire Records debut album.

I was worried about the dudes tonight and I think they really
surprised, especially David.

Bottom 3 – Syesha, Brooke, Carly

Syesha goes home.


Yeah, yeah, the normal blathery stuff opens the show up to the time we see Mariah Carey who likes them all.

Dreamboat is himself with “When You Believe”.  It’s syrupy, but of course, he does well with it.  The fan base, of course, goes crazy, but there are fewer squeals than in the past week, more raucous cheering.  Was he wearing pleather pants?

Carly looks hot in a dress (have we seen her in dresses often?), and will be doing “Without You”, as pointed out by DougOLis apparently at Simon’s request.  I thought she was great on it – playing it to her strengths, but not in an obvious way that made it look like she was covering.  The “more” on “I can’t give anymore” before the bridge was a bit rough, and she may have missed a cue to cut to the balcony camera, but I thought it was a strong performance.  Edited afterward – I know my bias is obvious, but I think this was the best female performance.

My departure pick, Syesha, maybe foreshadows tomorrow night when she performs “Vanishing”.  I honestly don’t think I know this song at all.  It is a good performance, but… once again, not too memorable.  I also think there is going to be an inherent desire to compare her to Mariah since, well, it is the American public.  Another note from the afterward, this was just a non-factor when I think back to what was good.

Brooke White – who I should note, looks sort of overdressed in a slightly shiny black dress – is at the piano for “Hero”, which is interesting since she did it on guitar in the mentor segment.  I didn’t really love this one.  I thought it was okay, but it just didn’t work great on just a piano.  It hurts to say, but it wasn’t great.  I don’t think I would go as far as Simon’s analogy of “it was like ordering a hamburger and getting just the bun.”

KLC goes for “Forever”, and Mimi has a few moments where she looks like she is wincing.  She says she got goosebumps, but I didn’t hear her say in a good way.  Sorry, Kristy – I thought you were getting better the last few weeks, but this was rough.  Another song I don’t really know, which may hurt (as Simon thinks) or help (as Paula thinks), but I’d side with Simon.  Yup, Paula is drunk, as she rambles worse than me about the performance.

David Cook “steps outside the box” with “Always Be My Baby”.  I think he wore this outfit before, but the song is not half bad.  He puts some sort of a power ballad rocks spin on it, which is what we would expect from him.  Randy calls it the most brilliant performance yet, which seems a bit much.  Paula has a very apt description – it could have been in a movie soundtrack in some romantic comedy.  Simon’s comment about karaoke earns a lot of boos, until he says that this performance was brilliant.  So – a blatant slap at KLC?

Jason Castro closes us down with “I Don’t Want to Cry”.  For a side note, I didn’t match a single song correctly.  Yeah – he was stoned when he met her, slightly slackjawed and goofy eyed.  Of course, meeting Mariah Carey and her cleavage, I am sure most of us guys would have been.  A three piece ensemble accompanies him, including the bongos.  It is a Jason Castro performance – rhythmic, Jack Johnson-ish, just as if a bong should be passed.  Randy called it off and as if they were at an offbeat luau.  Paula liked it and somewhat shockingly, Simon agrees.

Simon hits it spot on – the guys win the night.  Also, why the heck does the WHOLE crowd boo every time Simon says anything?  Is there a giant “applause”/”boo” sign overhead being manipulated by the producers?  There’s no way everyone in the crowd agrees.

I think we may be headed towards an all-female Bottom Three Wednesday night, and I’d say Brooke may be the one to stay out, mostly due to what seems like a stronger fan base (at least online).  I think I’ll stray from my pre-show pick and give the luggage-toting nod to KLC.


First up is Archuletta, who for some very strange reason is wearing leathre pants.  I’m sure his crazy ‘stage dad’ thought it was a good move, but not a good look for him.  “When you believe” I don’t recognize this song, he sounded fine, he hit all the notes same as always.  Simon said that he knew he would pick this since it was Mariah week.  I know I’ve said it before, but why does he get a free pass on doing the same thing every week?  He’ll be safe as usual.
Carly is up and she looks amazing.  She does “Without You” and I like this song.  She did a great job, I like how she was more restrained, she could have gone for the vocal gymnastics, but didn’t.  It was a very strong performance.  Simon seems to be very harsh on her from week to week and it was no different this time.  She also has toned down the crazy faces while singing.
Syesha sings “Vanishing”  I don’t recognize this song either.  She does what she always does and picks the big diva song and does the vocal gymnastics.  She sounded fine, I’m not big on all the runs, but technically, it was good.  I don’t think it will move people to vote and we’ll see her in the bottom this week.
Carly goes with “Hero”  She sits down on the piano and gives us a coffee house lounge type version of the song.  I liked it, she sounded good, but there wasn’t much sizzle to the performance.  It may land her in the bottom 3.
KLC sings “Forever” I actually thought this was one of her better performances.  This was a song that suited her voice and some of the country tone came through without sounding overly hokey.  I think she has a dedicated voting block and she’ll be safe.
Cook chooses “Always Be My Baby”  I like the original and I liked his version of it.  I was very surprised at how well this turned out.  I think Randy may have gone a little overboard saying it was his best performance yet, but it was very good.  Definitely the best of the night.  He needs to quit with the clasping of the hands and bowing when they praise him, its a little old.
Castro closes us out with “I Don’t Want to Cry” and Randy says it was like being at a luau.  I agree with him.  It did gve off that beach vibe, which is good for Jason, but with this week, it looked very weak compared to everyone else.  I was very surprised that Simon liked it.

Revised Bottom 3:  Syesha, Brooke and Jason to go home.  Best performances, Cook and Carly, and I was disapointed no one sang “We Belong Together”


Ok I only got to see the performances in the last 10 minutes. Now I have about 5 minutes to write this. I liked that Carly covered up that sleeve and thought she was good. Dreamboat did a syrupy good job. Brooke looked weird in that evening gown or whatever. She missed some notes on the piano but generally sounded good. Note to contestants: If you choose to play an instrument make sure you can cover up your errors some way. Syesha did what Syesha do. KLC looked nice and gave a good performance. Jason C. ..I just don’t get it. David stole the show with his Mariah version. That was the definition of making a song your own. I will say after watching that Brooke, Carly and Jason will be bottom 3 now. I will still pick Jason to leave.

In Conclusion:

Well, JB* is this week’s psychic as he picked KLC to depart us and she finally did. She was joined in the Bottom 3 by Brooke and Syesha, which we were pretty accurate on this week. Tune in next week…same Idol time, same Idol channel…



1. JB* - Friday, April 18, 2008

Respect, homes – it is two in a row for me!

(Actually, three… I think. Pretty sure I called for Ramiele’s departure too, though that was a gimme.)

2. DougOLis - Friday, April 18, 2008

Matt: “When You Believe” was the song from the Prince of Egypt. Love that song.

KLC looked hot this week and didn’t sound that bad (she was terrible in practice). I was actually kind of surprised to see her go given some of the other weak performances. I was most afraid for Carly who’s been underachieving and has been pretty forgettable lately.

DC was clearly the best on the night and even though I don’t care for his style, I’m becoming a believer.

3. Jerkwheat - Friday, April 18, 2008

I don’t think there’s much doubt we’re heading to a Cook/Dreamboat finale – Syesha and Brooke are likely next in line to head out. He’s also got the storyline behind him now that the media can play the “brother with cancer” card (although it appears, to his credit, that Cook has no desire to play that card). I’m still certain that Archuletta is going to win just b/c of his voting bloc.

4. DougOLis - Friday, April 18, 2008

Is American Idol supposed to pick out the best singer or the singer with the most potential for success?

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