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The Hills – “Girls Night Out” Monday, April 14, 2008

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Only one episode this week. Here We Go:

Heidi goes to visit Audrina at Epic music’s and they eat at the cafeteria. Heidi says its good to talk to her again, and they talk about how the Spencer/Lauren drama spread to everyone. Heidi wants to have a girls night and asks Audrina to come. And before she answers we cut to Natasha Beddingfield and the intro

Peoples Revolution and there’s a huge line of people out the door. Lauren comes in and hugs Whitney and she tells her to put her stuff down and she’ll introduce her to Kelly. LC says that they’ve met before and Kelly remembers her. Lauren takes some pictures and her and Whitney are working to slow according to Ms. Cutrone.

At ShePratt’s Spencer is making a sandwich and offers half to her (How sweet!) She declines since she’s heading out to the bars. Spencer wants to know where she’s going and if Heidi is going. He looks pissed.

At S Bar, Heidi, ShePratt, Audrina and one of Audrina’s coworkers are having their girls night and ShePratt talks some trash about Spencer.

At People’s Revolution LC and Whitney talk about how great it is working together again and it would be fun if it would be permanent. Whitney tells her to do a good job and impress Kelly. Kelly comes over and tells Lauren she wants her to work some shows and gives her the spiel about all black, yadda yadda.

Back to S Bar and Spence rolls in with some other dbag looking guy. Spencer starts chatting up some girls and buys them shots. Heidi freaks out. “THEY’RE DOING SHOTS?!?!” Heidi bitches him out and says that when she goes out she doesn’t talk to any guys and Spencer is so rude for doing this to her.

Off to Audrina and LC’s and LC asks what Audrina did last night and she casually says she was out with Heidi and ShePratt and recaps the drama with Spencer. LC doesn’t seem to surprised, which was odd. Audrina says that it was weird that girls were interested in Spencer and LC says that’s because he pays them and no girl would willingly touch that scum. Oooh sick burn!

Off to the fashion show and LC and Whitney are both helping with the show. Kelly tells them “don’t fuck up” Good advice, Kelly!

At Bolthouse Heidi recaps the Spencer drama for Kimberly and she says that it was the worst night of her life. Seriously? That was the worst night of your life? Poor girl. I feel so sorry for her. Kimberly says that it was just to try to make her jealous and he’s not over her. Heidi is all emo and calls Spencer and he asks her to come by Bolthouse to see her because they need to talk. How ominous.

Back to the fashion show and a Jason Lee cameo. (That’s gotta be the weirdest cameo ever.) Chaos backstage but Whitney is in charge and seems to be running things. I think I saw Kirstie Ally in the crowd too. For someone who works in fashion Kelly Cutrone always looks like shit, unbathed and old clothes. But maybe she’s just going with the Derelict look. The show seems to go well.

Heidi gets into Spencer’s car to talk about their relationship. Spencer wants to know how long this ‘relationship vacation’ is going to last because he doesn’t think he can wait around forever. Heidi looks like she wants to cry but the plastic surgery won’t let her.

After the show Kelly says O-M-G and gives an incredibly awkward high five. She tells Whitney and LC great job and offers Lauren a job and says she’s making some changes in the LA office. Yay Lauren! I wonder if Whitney ever worries about Lauren stealing her glory, but she seems genuinely happy for her. Kelly’s assistant looks worried and I don’t blame her.

The episode ends with Lauren and Whitney walking out smiling headed to a post show party and we get a glimpse of Heidi getting out of Spencer’s car and walking off.

And in the preview for next week…JUSTIN BOBBY!



1. DougOLis - Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Whitney’s co-worker Jessica looked frightened and pissed when she started getting pushed out by Lauren and Kelly.

Heidi’s fake laugh after ShePratt’s arcade story was annoying as all fuck; I seriously wanted to punch her in the face. I’m done with her. I’ll take whatever side she’s not on. And the confrontation later completely confirms this. Is it bad when Spencer is making more sense and being more rational? And Lauren’s making sense here too! Is that a joke? Judges? Ruling: yes, it is. +1 Lauren

Emo Heidi makes me happy.

Are perms back in?

“For someone who works in fashion Kelly Cutrone always looks like shit, unbathed and old clothes.” – Exactly why I said she looks unfortunate. I think it makes me like her even more.

Spencer easily wins that fight at the end. I’m on his side now. Heidi been pwnd this week.

Jessica looked horribly lost, confused and worried during this episode. Foreshadowing? buh-bye

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