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American Idol Roundtable – Top 8 Week Recap Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Posted by Jerkwheat in American Idol, Bloggers Gone Wild, jerkwheat, more indepth than probably need-be, reality TV, Things too long to read.

Ok, so it wasn’t the treacly mess that I feared it would be. No one believed the children are the future, Jesus and gang pretty much hung out in the background, and there were a few honestly interesting song choices – I fully support anything that brings up the Hawaiian mountain of song that is Iz. Tonight is Idol Gives Back so there won’t be any eliminations tonight, but there might be some on Thursday. As always, our thoughts from last night (minus Matt_T, who was spared “inspiration night”) after the jump….

*ED NOTE – Sorry for the lack of YMR, it’s been a busy couple of days – I’ll give you two songs tomorrow, promise…


As I said above, it wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be. After Fat-Fat mentioned it, I was really hoping someone would break out “One” (looking at you, Irish Lass) but I realize that’s likely to be saved for IGB. I really didn’t feel Michael Johns’ stab at “Dream On”, especially the attempt to hit the Tyler notes that even the Scarfed One can no longer reach. I don’t care for any reminders of Fantasia, so points deducted for Syesha. Castro nailed the Iz version of “Under The Rainbow” in my opinion, I think our calls for him to find the Bottom 3 this week are going to be easily proven false. KLC broke out the country and religion, and since it’s in her wheelhouse she did a good enough job with it. I had high hopes for David Cook and the OLP song, but he just didn’t do as good of a job as I thought he could. Would have been good to have heard the stripped down acoustic version that he was rumored to be performing. Carly was “aight” with the Queen song, Arhculetta was exactly what I thought he’d be with the Robbie Williams, and Brooke was perfectly fine with Carly Simon. I don’t think anyone sans Castro stood out this week. My predicted bottom three for Thursday is: Syesha, Michael Johns, and Kristy Lee. Going home…Syesha.


Hey all! I want to be inspirated, how about you? Yes it’s inspiration  night so all we can hope for is at least one good song. I have picked Jason C. to hit the road so here’s to him sucking. Also the Brewers game will be either on during commercials or in my ear during the competition. Dedication right?

Let’s roll and don’t fuck it up gals and guys.

Oh yeah it’s Idol Gives Back so donate. Or not. Your call. You could always buy a new HDTV instead. (it’s worth it.)

God Brooke is hot. HOT HOT HOT!

1. Mike J. is up and is saying inspirational stuff.  He is going to sing “Dream On” by Aerosmith. Have to say he’s doing a damn good job. Crowd is loving it. AWWW fuck me. He had to try to sound like Tyler at the end. I HATED THAT. Still good enough to move on. Randy says OK. Paula queefs joy.  Simon liked the performance. Sorta agrees with me but I only thought the last 10 seconds of the song were an impersonation.

Top 1st: Patterson out. Keppinger out.  Griffey single. Phillips out. Great inning for Soup.

2. Syesha is up. She is the girl that I never had. She will sing “I Believe” by Fantasia. FUCK. This song sucks IMHO and makes me think of this hot chick singing a song by a monster…I mean Fantasia.  She looks great though and sounds decent but her notes are kind of all over. Hmm. Not bad and she will be bottom 3.  Randy didn’t like it…dammit Weeks stop popping up. Paula lights a fart. Simon said it was good but not Fantasia.

3. Jason C. will sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” He just looks fucking ridiculous. Looked like a fucking Muppet. Sounds ridiculous.  Review over.

Top 2nd: Prince with a great stab to retire Dunn. Woot! 2 out now. Votto singles. Welp.. Idol…

4. KLC will sing “Anyway” by Martina McBride. Looks great as always. Yes it is a God song. She is doing a fantastic job though. She is hitting the big notes without a problem. She definitely has a future as a country singer. Best she has done in a couple weeks. Great performance. Randy nitpicks. Paula slobbers. Simon liked it. It may not save her from the final 3 but she should stay.

Bot 2nd: Braun K’s. Cueto looks damn good. Hall K’s. Dammit. Welp.. Idol…

5. Dave C. is up next “Innocent” by OLP. He likes what it conveys. He is certainly dressed stupidly. It really just seems cheesy to me. He isn’t doing bad. It’s Meh to me. He is working the crowd and Paula nicely. He’ll stay and I hope he gets his heart on the straight and narrow. Randy didn’t really like it. Paula perspirates. Simon didn’t like it. Well, I don’t think it was as bad as Simon said but I didn’t really like it.

6. Carly is singing “Show Must Go On” by Queen. She’ll probably rock this out. I’d like to touch her boobies.  She is soulful and really knows her way around a stage.  Not sure I really like the song choice but she is nailing it. Great. Great.  Randy is on pitchy alert tonight. Paula agrees with Randy. I felt engaged actually but didn’t like the song. Simon hated the song choice. Says it was angry. Hmm. WHOA WHOA. Simon gives the OK for people to vote against her. I don’t like the suggestion from him that she may be in trouble.

Bot 3rd: JJ singles. Soup sacs. Kendall base hit. Brewers 1-0. I loved this Kendall acquisition and it is paying huge dividends early….shit…IDOL!

7. Dreamboat is up and is singing  “Angels” and that’s not a surprise. Love it that he’s playing the piano. He sounds phenomenal. Better song than last week. He seems very comfortable playing and singing. I give it to him this week. I agree with Randy it was his best performance.  Paula vomited something positive. Simon loved the song choice but says he is nitpicking. I am impressed. Makes me think he could win it all again.

8. Brooke..mmmmmm… is up next singing a Carole King “You’ve Got A Friend.” Imagine that. You know what I have been thinking. I love metal like Slayer. I think I hate every song Brooke has sung. Which makes it obvious we couldn’t be a couple. I mean, come on, “Angel of Death” is better than any Carole King song right? Queens of the Stone Age fucking PWNS anything by Carly Simon right? That said I would fondle her furiously.  Oh, her performance was OK.

Final thoughts. Jason C. in my book should be in trouble. Joining him in the bottom 3 will be Syesha and  KLC. I will stick with Jason C. going. HOWEVA! Brooke has been in the bottom 3 before and has an outside chance after tonight.


Inspire me!  Inspire me!  Make me feel like I could fly!

Hey – it is Bill Ford.  Nice to donate to the Idol Gives Back, but perhaps he should inspire the fans of Detroit by having Matt Millen fired.

I have no idea what Michael Johns is singing since my wife won’t hush during his talk – even on the three times I rewind the DVR.  Oh – it is Dream On by Aerosmith, since dreams inspire him (or something).  He actually gets the high notes, but the rest was “meh” to me, since he wasn’t really rocking it.  Randy thought it was a little pitchy (shock), and Paula disagrees with his rambling.  Not a fan of her hair tonight.  Again, she talks about how he sounds as good as he looks.  Simon thought it was okay but wanna-beish, which is probably an apt description – he sounded like he was doing a Steven Tyler impersonation.

My personal email has an invite from McDonald’s 365Black to attend the Essence Music Festival.  I have no idea why – I am Conan O’Brien white – but I have to wonder why they call it “365Black”.

Syesha brings back Fantasia’s “I Believe”.  Didn’t someone do a Carrie Underwood song last year on this week with “Jesus Take the Wheel” and completely tank?  She’s accompanied by a full choir in the Idol Nest, and I think they almost overwhelm her voice.  It was appropriate for what the song is – but it may not resonate with the Idol voters.  Randy is 0 for 2 with the crowd, and Paula disagrees strongly.  Simon starts to talk and my four year old actually starts booing him.  Again, Simon seems to think she is becoming an impersonator like Michael Johns – he wants to see Syesha be HER, not other divas.

Jason Castro will be doing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”… with a ukelale?  Or a kid’s guitar?  First thing I thought is that it sounds like The Blanks version, which earns him points with me.  Oh, Jason Castro is safe.  It was whimsical and in his wheelhouse, his fans go crazy.  Randy called it Mo to the Hot?  What?

Our perennial bottom runger, KLC, gives us “Anyway” by Martina McBride.  Good song, let’s see how she does it.  Hey – points to whomever said God would be involved in her song, but didn’t she wear this outfit in a previous week?  Perhaps she should open her eyes a bit more often.  They give her an Idol winner pan sweep from front to back, but she would be the least deserving of it of this year’s remaining cast.  Good choice for her, not great.  Probably not good enough though to keep her out of the bottom three, but enough to bring her back next week.  Paula calls it her best, which is probably true, but that’s not a very high bar.

What the hell –  Simon was nice to everyone the first half of the show.

All right, let’s see how David Cook does with Our Lady Peace’s “Innocent”.  Great song, but he is rough getting started.  Again, the choir in the Idol Nest oversings him on the chorus.  No Raine Madia, not bad, but not his best, by far.  He was too slow in the verse, which killed the momentum of the performance.  I think he may be in trouble.  Plus he should have done the first verse – “Oh, Johnny wishes he was famous/Spends his time alone in the basement/With Lennon and Cobain and/A guitar and a stereo”.  OLP is awesome.

Hey, Taylor Swift!

Carly and Queen’s The Show Must Go On.  Dang, we don’t get Sunday Bloody Sunday or One.  Solid, but this time, whatever Simon thinks, she looks more like a star.  Mrs.JB hated it, and the judges didn’t feel engaged.  Simon agrees with me that she looks good, but thoguth she came across angry.  Maybe a bit, but angry sex is awesome.  Wait, what?  I thought it was another good, not great, but I’ll vote for her a dozen times.

Let’s see how bad Dreamboat annoys me this week with Angels.  Before even hearing it, we all know he is safe.  That tween voting bloc is going to stay behind him.  He is at the piano, his strong suit.  Side rant – every week, same shit.  But the judges abuse everyone else about not being repetitive, but never say a word to him.  /end rant.  It was a solid performance for him.  I think Randy and Paula both orgasmed during it.

Hey, Troy Aikman!

Brooke White closes us out, and looks pretty as always, doing Carole King’s “You’ve Got A Friend”.  How the heck did she end up in the bottom three last week?  She’s solid – but it may not be the song choice that inspires voters to call in.

Bottom Three – Michael Johns, KLC (she just cannot help herself), and Syesha.  I think David Cook is probably more deserving, but he seems to have a fan base that will keep him safe.  Mrs.JB puts Johns, Syesha, and Carly.  I still think there may be a chance they do not eliminate anyone this week, but they would have to double up next week based on the schedule.



1. DougOLis - Wednesday, April 9, 2008

MJ – Can’t hit the highs but he gets around it decently. And I spoke too soon, he attempts it at the end and FAIL. Sinbad? What the fuck was he doing there? I agree with Simon in that it was good but not his style.

Syesha – starts out boring, gets a little better, and then sucks at the end. Not so good. DUN.

Jason – he nailed the Hawaiian version of the song. I’m not real sure how I feel about it, but it was very good and could be the best of the night. (note: Yes JB*, it is the same version that Ted’s band did on Scrubs. The Israel whatever his name is cover.)

KLC – terrible. I don’t agree with the judges at all; she did a bad Martina McBride impersonation of a great a song (and probably not even her hardest song to cover). (note: Maybe I’m holding a prejudice (out of love for Martina) and should give this another chance. Everyone seemingly thought it was pretty good.)

DC – this starts out bad; way too low and flat. He should leave it to OLP because his voice doesn’t suit the song. It sounds like the backup singers are carrying him.

Carly – shrieky on the low stuff and a bit off pitch. There was some stuff that was but not great. Maybe her worst performance so far. Simon nailed it and I agree with him 100%.

DA – I don’t really like the low slow parts but the higher chorus refrains were good. He was good and the song choice was great but I wasn’t in love with it. Could have used a better arrangement because I don’t remember the Robbie Williams version being so slow. Agree with Simon again.

Brooke – lookin’ good, soundin’ good. The performance is a bit boring and she looks kind of awkward out there. Love the dress.

Bottom 3: Syesha, KLC, Carly
Top 3: Jason, DA, Brooke
Syesha goes

2. Fat-Fat - Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So I find out today everyone seems to like the Jason C. uke jam. I guess I have the shitty taste in music.

3. Abs - Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So do I have to watch all of IGB tonight to find out who gets voted off? Is someone getting voted off?

I made the executive decision to watch the Sox game on DVR last night after I got home at 10pm, so I will watch and post opinions later. So sad to hear that DC didn’t do so well with the OLP!

4. JB* - Wednesday, April 9, 2008

ABS – The elimination show is tomorrow night. Tonight is strictly feel-good fluff with frequent charity videos and occassional chiding of how you are a bad person if you call to vote but not to donate. Plus, the thing starts at 6:30 Central tonight. Throughout the Midwest, fans of the second episode of The Simpsons are going to be miffed.

Doug – I was watching that season of Scrubs on DVD recently, hence that is what jumped out at me.

5. Abs - Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oh good, I can continue my streak of not watching IGB. Thanks!

/bad person

6. DougOLis - Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ok, just watched the Robbie Williams and David Archuleta versions of Angels again. David’s version was quite a bit more boring until he hit the refrain. I think he may have actually hit that part better but it took him too long to get there. The song’s power is not in the beginning. Also, why didn’t Robbie Williams ever become popular here? Bummer.

KLC wasn’t as bad as my initial impression but it’s still weak compared to Martina.

7. JB* - Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I concede the point that “One” may be being saved for tonight, but so help me if they do “We Are the World” as one of the group songs… even if this may be the best cast to do it with.

8. DougOLis - Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I’d be ok if they did We Are the World and they did it like this:

9. JB* - Thursday, April 10, 2008

I still have freaking Hannah Montana stuck in my head. Curse you, Idol Gives Back.

10. Jerkwheat - Thursday, April 10, 2008

I missed it JB – I assume her best friend Leslie wants you to know that she’s just being Miley

11. JB* - Thursday, April 10, 2008

She does, in fact.

I am fully aware that I am 30 and not 12, but I don’t entirely get her appeal. She is a bit of a spazz and a shouter in the performances I have seen with my kid. But maybe that is it – and the fact that her show makes her look to the kids “so normal”.

That being said, that song just has a ridiculously addictive beat. I cannot imagine her Achy Breaky Dad approves of it, though.

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