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The Hills – When Spencer Finds Out… and Just Be Careful… Monday, April 7, 2008

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Two more episodes this week.

When Spencer finds out…

Lauren and ShePratt (and she’s looking rough) are leaving class and LC invites her to come out to dinner with her. ShePratt is kind of sketched out because ‘she’s Spencers sister’ but she’s not sure if she should. (Of course, she’s going to go we need the drama)

Spencer visits Heidi’s place and notices the painting job and she tells him to make sure to get all of his crap. He asks Heidi if they are dating, bc he’s met girls and he’s not sure if he’s single. She tells him to do whatever, but if he wants to see other people they should break up. He says that he thought they were. She says she should punch him in the face, and the rest of America agrees.

Lo and LC are pregaming before the birthday party. Lo gives her a bracelet or something and they cheers a few times and they talk about who is coming and yawwwwwwwwn.

ShePratt comes home and Spencer’s crap is in her condo and she’s pissed. She asks him what he’s doing with his life and says he needs to get a job. Since when has he ever had a job? She threatens to call DadPratt. Spencer tells her that he’s starting operation ‘win Heidi back at all costs. ‘ Creepy. They bitch at each other some more and ShePratt says she’s not talking to him and is going out.

ShePratt and her friend Roxy head towards the birthday party and Kimberly from Bolthouse is working the door. Whitney’s got some sweet dorky dance moves. Lo, Audrina and Whitney aren’t happy to see ShePratt there, and they talk about it while LC talks to ShePratt and Roxy. LC tells ShePratt she hasn’t known her a while but she’s a good person. I think Lauren has a shecrush on ShePratt

Next morning at Bolthouse and Kimberly tells Heidi about the party last night. Heidi then calls Spencer to tell him about this and he flips out and says Stephanie is like Brody Junior. Heh.

And a nice transition to Brody (the original) meeting Lauren for lunch. Its the first time they’ve seen each other since she freaked out on him last episode. Brody says that LC should meet his girlfriend because ‘she would like her’ Didn’t Jason say the same thing to her last year about his gf? LC tells Brody about ShePratt and he also warns her about Stephanie.

ShePratt gets home and Spencer is laying on the couch (must be working hard on getting a job.) He starts bitching at her immediately and he calls her Brody. And says ‘the fact that you don’t think its crazy is so crazy to me.’ He’s a genius. She tells Spencer he needs to quit having enemies and let it go and she starts crying. She tells him that he’s making her cry, and he says that she’s making herself cry. This is a new low for him. Seriously, dude get a clue.

In school and ShePratt and Lauren are whispering to each other (rude, they should pass notes) about her birthday and Spencer’s reaction. LC tells her she didn’t do anything wrong.

Off to Heidi’s and Stephanie is making dinner (a salad! What a surprise). Heidi’s pissed that she found out from a coworker. ShePratt says that her and LC are friends and they have fashion in common. Heidi delivers the line of the night, “Every girl has fashion.” ShePratt asks what happened between them and Heidi won’t divulge the details. Heidi says to be careful around Lauren, because one minute she’s your friend and the next she hates you. And fin.

“Just be careful…”

LC and Whitney are eating lunch together and they talk about the Spencer/Stephanie/Heidi. LC asks about her job and she recaps what happened last week and says that would be her dream job. Whitney says that’s what she was thinking when she was working on the fashion show. LC looks extremely jealous.

People’s revolution in LA and Kelly calls a meeting for the staff about the upcoming fashion week. She tells them don’t expect the typical LA 9-5 day. They’ll be there at least till 11 each night, Black only, no piercings, no boobs, no eye rolling. Kelly asks one of the other girls about celebrity out reach and she hasn’t done any of it yet. Whitney jumps in with a great idea.

Back at Teen Vogue and LC looks whistfully at Whitney’s computer and sighs. Awww. Whitney says she’s really busy and wishes LC could help her. Aww.

At Heidi’s her and ShePratt are talking about going out to the clubs. What? I thought they were in a fight. Oh well, I guess they made up. They go to some club Vice and they see Audrina, who’s with some sketchy looking dude who isn’t JustinBobby (unfortunately.) ShePratt tells Heidi to go talk to her. After everyone clears out she goes over to talk to her, and its really awkward. Heidi says she’s cried over it a lot and she misses having girlfriends. Audrina tells her that she needs to learn how to keep your friends when you are dating. (Wow, words of wisdom from Audrina) Heidi tells her if she ever wants to hang out let her know. Audrina’s friends come up and Heidi leaves.

Heidi is shopping for home furnishings with ShePratt and she’s excited about redecorating. Heidi suddenly remembers she left some stuff in the apartment (What?) and she wants to go get it and see Audrina.

Whitney and LC are stretching at the gym and talking about work. Whitney remembers when Lauren met Kelly Cutrone for the first time and she made Lauren cry. Foreshadowing. LC plans to visit her on break one day.

ShePratt tells Lauren about her and Heidi seeing Audrina out and that they talked and she thought they were cool now. She seems pissed. Audrina comes home and Lauren asks her about Heidi. Audrina says she doesn’t plan on being friends with Heidi, and she seems rather exasperated by Lauren. And I don’t blame her, Lauren’s a little controlling of her friends.

Lauren goes to the People’s republic to visit and Whitney is organizing clothes for a shoot and LC helps her out. One of the other employees tells LC that they could use the help for fashion week. Must be nice for LC to get every job wants.

Heidi comes to get the stuff she left at their old place. Heidi wants to talk about ShePratt and Lauren, but Audrina doesn’t really bite. Heidi leaves because she doesn’t want to run into Lauren. Heidi tells her again to call if she wants to hang out. Lauren gets home and Audrina tells her about Heidi coming to get her stuff and LC throws a little fit about it. And after a whole lot of nothing that’s it for this week.



1. DougOLis - Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dude, what was with the goth shit Stephanie was wearing? Ewww. Stephanie has a bedroom for clothes? Holy fuck, what a spoiled bitch. I did feel really bad about how Spencer was treating her though. He may never get another date again.

Way to throw chick to Whitney’s right under the bus, chick on Whitney’s left. And chick on the right looks like she wants to murder Whitney after Whitney makes the suggestion.

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