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The Hills – “Back to L.A.” and “An Unexpected Friend” Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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Well we have two episodes tonight:

“Back to L.A.”

Lauren gets home, runs in and bear hugs Audrina (awww). She complains about her jet lag and tells Audrina about the trip. Wahhhhh. I really feel sorry for her getting a free trip to Paris. Quick recap of the trip for Audrina and cue the Natasha Beddingfield:

Off to Teen Vogue, where Whitney is meeting with Lisa Love, and she tells her that she’s a had a great 2 years and she’s appreciated the opportunity, but she wants to move into styling. She’s got an interview with some designer fashion person and wants Lisa’s blessing to go to it. Lisa tells her this is a good transition time for her, and wishes she had that type of position for her there, but she’d be giving her a recommendation. Wow, color me surprised that Lisa was actually pleasant.

Our first visit to Bolthouse of the season and it looks like they’ve remodeled. Heidi gives the Kimberly (the assistant) the low down, about Spencer wanting to move out. She asks how Heidi would feel about him seeing other people. The foreshadowing is so obvious it makes you think this just may be scripted.

Off to ShePratt’s condo where Spencer is currently staying. He says he’s thinking about getting out and dating again. I get the feeling that this will not end well.
At the Teen Vogue offices, Whitney tells LC what happens and she also was surprised about how nice Lisa Love was, and she says that will gives her a boost of confidence for her interview. Lauren says its weird, because they both started at the same time, and Whitney says she’s going to miss her makes a puppy dog face. Awww. I hope this doesn’t mean less Whitney for the rest of the season.

And now she’s off to the big interview at fashion PR People’s Revolution. She meets with Kelly Cutrone the owner. They have locations in NY, Paris and LA. She wants her to come to NY for fashion week and help her. The receptionist is eavsdropping on the interview. How tacky. Blah blah, typical interview bullshit questions and answers. Whitney says styling about 400 times in her answers. Kelly says that Lisa strongly recommended her and that Lisa’s hard to please so she must be doing something right. She gives her the job and tells her that she’s made a deal with the devil because she’s giving her life up, but she’s getting a new one. Whitney looks scared, and I would be too.

ShePratt and Heidi are eating lunch and Heidi makes a joke about Spencers muscles and I almost barf. ShePratt says that Spencers moving in with her and asks how Heidi would feel about him dating other people. They seem to have different opinions of what their relationship entails now. And the writers are slapping us with all of this FORESHADOWING.

At home, LC and Audrina talk about going out and how they are both ‘full on single.’ They plan on going out and ‘getting in trouble.’ Hey what do you know Frankie and Brody show up. Frankie has 3 lines shaved into the side of his head. LC doesn’t give Brody a hug and he gets his panties in a wad. They bitch at each other and Brody storms off. And Frankie tells tells LC she should be nice to him because they love each other and ‘that’s real.’ Uh, what?

LC has lunch with Lo. Yay Lo! She tells Lauren “You look meh” This is why Lo is the best. Lauren bitches about Brody and how he makes her feel not good enough. Lo tells her they have this conversation and she needs a nice boy.

Spencer is at Heidi’s place getting his stuff and she asks him about seeing other people, he says he’s giving her space and lots of it. She looks like she wants to cry, but I think the plastic surgery’s made it impossible for her to do so.

Whitney’s packing up too at Teen Vogue. LC tells her they’re going to have a long distance relationship. Clever writing. I’d love to have a long distance relationship with Whitney. They reminisce about when Heidi almost got them fired the first event they worked, and they should have known then she was the devil. We close with a shot of Spence driving off and Whitney walking down the street with a box.

Episode 2: An Unexpected Friend

We open this episode with LC in class. Wait, what? She still goes to school? I don’t think we’ve seen her in school since season one. She’s looks good in some emo glasses. The teacher is calling role and calls Stephanie Pratt, she’s isn’t there, but walks in a minute later, her and Lauren notice each other and ShePratt rolls her eyes and cue the Natasha Beddingfield.

Whitney is in NY for her first day off work. She meets with Kelly Cutrone, and she says she’s working with some Austrailian designer Sass & Bide. She doesn’t have time to give Whitney the HR spiel, and that she has to wear black while she’s working. How emo of them. She introduces Whitney to the designers and after Kelly tells her they work until 3 in the morning she’s off to another meeting.

Back to school, where ShePratt texts Heidi that Lauren’s in her class. And Heidi says “OMG that’s soooo crazy” Meanwhile Lauren is texting Audrina about the same thing. They both cut their eyes at each other.

Back to NY and Whitney is taking pictures of the models. The designers are concerned about how it looks. Whitney gives some vague advice about they should do something, and I don’t quite get it, but the designers do, and Whitney is really proud of herself.

Back to school and ShePratt keeps making eyes at LC. Stephanie comes over and apologizes and they have a really awkward conversation, and Lauren apologizes too.

At the Sass & Bide fashion show we get a brief cameo of Nicky Hilton and Eva Mendes in the crowd. Whitney and Kelly are wearing headsets. Kelly asks how it went and the designers say they went with her suggestion on the leggings and she knew what she was doing. Whitney’s working on sending the models out and I’m getting flashbacks to Zoolander. OBEY MY DOG. The models are out of order and one of the designers drops a nice F bomb. After the show Kelly gives out high fives that make Tiger Woods like smooth. Kelly is really impressed with Whitney and says when they get back to LA she’s going to have more responsibilities and Whitney is looking forward to it. Yeah, go Whitney!

Off to Heidi’s place and her and ShePratt are painting. ShePratt says she’s doing bad in class and hates computers. Heidi sarcastically says that she should pass Lauren notes and they should be friends. ShePratt tells Heidi that she apologized and Heidi seems pissed.

LC, Lo (Yay!) and Audrina are out and they’re talking about ShePratt. Audrina tells her to keep her guard up, but LC plans on giving her a chance because “what could she do to me?” I can think of a few things.

Heidi and Kimberly the assistant are walking around and Heidi points out that its hypocritical of Lauren to be friends with Spencer’s sister but not her.

ShePratt tells Spencer that he’s a homeless loser (haha!). And Spencer goes on a paranoid rant about how he can’t tell her anything because she goes to school with LC and to the clubs with Heidi.

ShePratt and Lauren are eating lunch and she tells LC how she quit smoking and got a B on her test, and she wants to put it on her fridge. Awww. I think I like ShePratt. She bitches about Spencer and tells LC its going to hit the fan when Spencer and Heidi find out they are friends. And with that bit of foreshadowing we are off to wait until next week.



1. DougOLis - Thursday, April 3, 2008

Why can you always see Audrina’s teeth? This bugs me

Whitney’s new boss is a bit unfortunate looking

“the whole no cancer thing, that’s good” – Yes, Lauren it is, how observant.

Spencer called Lauren, “LC,” on the show this week. I think that’s the first time I’ve hear her called LC on TV since the Laguna Beach days.

2. elssi - Thursday, April 17, 2008

lisa whitney is the best friend 2 nicky hilton.she’s beautiful’s and sexy.

3. Becky - Friday, July 11, 2008

I love this show, it is the best show ever!
Although, I can not seem to play all of the videos, or find all of the different videos for all of the shows.
Anyway, yes.. I also think that Whitney is beautiful, and has the best personality .. as well as Audrina. Those are my two favourite characters.

4. Siobhan - Saturday, August 16, 2008

anybody know who did the music that was played for the sass and bide mercedes benz fashion show? I loved it and I want to buy their album. Thanks !

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