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American Idol Roundtable – Top 9 Week Pre-Show Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Posted by Jerkwheat in American Idol, jerkwheat, singing?, Television, You know how I know you're gay?.

Last week we said goodbye to Chikeze, even though he certainly didn’t deserve it. But, I think we all knew he was gonna be gone in the coming weeks anyway, so what does it really matter? Once again, Kristy Lee should be our likely candidate for departure, but with it being Dolly Parton Week (?!?!) that may not be as likely as we wish. The usual gang joins me in our weekly pre-show discussion…after the jump


Sweet mother of God, it is DOLLY PARTON WEEK. Famous Titties for $1000!

Is KLC going to be singing “9 to 5”? Or has Dolly written a song about
a young child with cancer and a dead puppy who the terrorists have
killed?  These are the questions I want answered.

Can we get Archuletta singing “I Will Always Love You”? or will Syesha
fall into the Whitney trap?

And let me go on record saying that if Carly or Brooke don’t straight
up OWN “Jolene” this week, this whole show has been for naught. And if
David Cook plays the White Stripes version of him, I’m signing him up
for Nickelback b/c he’ll have cemented his place on Unoriginal Bastard

Can we get a duet on “Islands in the Stream”?

Someone should absolutely take on Dolly’s cover of “Shine” from a few
years back as well. I’m looking at you

I’m really curious as to how this week is going to go down – is it all
Dolly songs?  is it “influences”?

Your thoughts?


I’m interested to see this week how Jason reacts to being the bottom three for the first time and being called out by Simon for the past few weeks.
Islands in the Stream will hopefully be the group sing on Wednesday night.  Other than the songs Jerkwheat named, I can’t think of any Dolly songs off the top of my head, so I hope its influences too.

I think this week will be kind to the big voiced ballad asingers and Cook, Castro and Johns will struggle.


I am on my cell right now (ED NOTE* – JB is really SAS, phoning it in via Blackberry…that’s dedication homes), but Dolly did a whole disc of Americana
about two years ago that KLC may pick from.  And I concur – no Jolene,
no point.


I know Dolly has had a big influence over music. I know she has large tits. I also know that I will hate this week. I like probably 3 DP songs. Maybe more than that if she wrote for others. I would love for Carly to do “Jolene.” I don’t think Brooke could do that song really. Jerk, you are right on with the Cook pick and he won’t give any credit for who’s version he did. Other wise I have no real reads into this weeks show. I could see this being a great week for KLC because country “seems” to be in her wheelhouse. I wish this was Willie Nelson week. I really have no thoughts on who’s going home or not. I will just have to watch the show.

In conclusion:

Looks like many a blogger has picked up on the possibility of Cook doing the White Stripes version of “Jolene” and dear God I hope that doesn’t happen. I’d really like to hear Carly give it a go. Other than that, I really don’t have a clue who is gonna sing what and we’ve got no clear cut pre-show elimination favorite. Guess we’re gonna have to pay attention to the show…



1. DougOLis - Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It better be Carly doing Jolene. Brooke might be able to do it fine but I can’t see it being quite as good of a match as it is for Carly. And if David Cook does it, I will personally drive up to LA this weekend, track him down, and kick him in the nuts.

Ramiele definitely should have gone home last week, and since she didn’t even make the bottom 3 I don’t see it happening again. Fuck the state of Hawaii. You give us Jasmine, Sanjaya, Ramiele and keep them around far too long. Here’s to hoping the judges have the wisdom not to let anyone in from the state in the future.

2. JB* - Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My updated response got in too late, so here we go…

Okay… I was looking back, and in the past, when they had a country star on (Martina McBride last year), all the performers just did country songs, not necessarily Martina McBride songs. Same with Gwen Stefani – some did do her stuff, but others just did generic pop songs.

But for the sake of argument, I’ll go with just Dolly songs here, in the name of keeping it simple.

Brooke – “Joshua” – Dolly’s first #1 song. Plus I can think she is singing it to me. Really, the only reason, so I can then mock the others.
Carly – Seriously, if they have to do Dolly songs, and it is not Jolene, I will stop lusting her today, even if that’s a George Jones song. Plus, I know I won’t.
Dreamboat – “Here You Come Again”. Not a huge song nowadays, but her first big pop crossover (a trend which has completely ruined country radio).
OMGEmo – Shine, but he does the original version, and the judges rave him for making it his own while everyone else (specifically Jason) is bluegrassing. If not this (too obvious), then “We Used To”, since it opens with quite the guitar piece.
Jason – “Shine”, if DCook doesn’t, or “Wildflowers” which was a waltzy-sounding song with simple acoustic guitar and fiddle, and we don’t get enough fiddle on American Idol.
KLC – “Welcome Home”, from the God & Country cd. USA! USA! I think she’ll be the one with the balls – pardon the mixed metaphor – to try “9 to 5”
Michael Johns – It would be a stretch, but Parton provided the back-up vocals and accompaniment on Brad Paisley’s “When I Get Where I’m Going”. I cannot find anything else for him, actually.
Ramiele – “Why’d You Come In Here Lookin’ Like That”, from 1989. Most notable for having a bunch of other country gals, and Billy Ray Cyrus in the video as the object of their desire. For some reason I can see Ramiele doing this.
Syesha – I can’t quite put finger on why, but for some reason I think she’ll try “I Will Always Love You”. Hmmm….

Regardless of if this is the rules or not, I think KLC will be treated rather well by the country week. Bottom 3 – Ramiele, Michael, and a shocking appearance by the Dreamboat.

Ramiele, for realsies, finally goes home.

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