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Gauntlet III Recap – An Unsatisfying Ending Saturday, March 22, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

When last we met, the Rookies had decided to “protect” Eric, feeling that his weight would slow the Veterans down in the final challenge, and chosen to send Adam into the Gauntlet. This episode picks up with the Veterans moving to the Gauntlet for their own deliberations of who to send in against Adam. While the general consensus is that they want to send in Danny, since he tried to cut a deal with the Rookies, no one on the Veterans team is willing to speak up first. Join me after the jump to find out what happens in this final episode of the season.

While Adam bitches about the fact that Frank couldn’t save him during the Rookies’ deliberation, the rest of the Veterans sit around and stare at Danny. Finally Robin and Eric state that they are better friends with the remaining guys and so they want to send Danny into the Gauntlet. As more and more Veterans start to talk, Danny “volunteers” himself (umm, you were going in anyway, buddy).

So the Gauntlet is Adam vs. Danny in…”Ball Brawl”, which seems to be a toss-up – Danny has the brawn, but Adam has the speed. The Gauntlet starts and Adam races out to grab the first ball. Danny tackles him, but Adam manages to drag him past the finish line for 1 point. For the second ball, Adam races out and grabs the ball, and then fakes Danny out of his underpants for his 2nd point. TJ sounds the horn for the 3rd ball, and neither Danny nor Adam move. Eventually Danny says that he is focusing on getting the last 2 balls (worth 2 points each) for the win, so Adam walks out, picks up the ball, and walks back for his third point. TJ sounds the horn again, and Adam races out to pick up the 4th ball. Danny tackles him, but he is too close to the finish line and Adam manages to lunge across for his 4th, and final, point. While the Veterans celebrate Adam’s win, the Rookie girls come over to say good-bye to Danny (yeah, they might have been why you were sent in to the Gauntlet, jackass).

That night everyone is celebrating, but the Veterans are also discussing strategy since they are concerned that Eric’s size is a big disadvantage for the final Gauntlet. Eric speaks up for himself, saying that he absolutely will not quit on his team. Meanwhile, Frank is sitting around bitching and moaning about how his team sucks and they are absolutely going to lose. The roommates get their final clue (“hope you have fond memories”), and then CT gets his head shaved. Why? “I promised Diem. I don’t like who I’ve become in this house, and I wanna turn over a new leaf.” That’s all well and good, except for the fact that you were an asshole well before “this house.”

The next morning everyone boards a yacht, and TJ tells them that the final Gauntlet is “Army Strong” where they must, as a team, navigate a series of checkpoints based on previous challenges. The first checkpoint has to be reached by a 1/2 mile swim to shore. TJ blows his little air-horn, and they’re off! Immediately it becomes obvious that the swimming is very difficult for some people. CT has to swim back toward the boat and physically drag Eric towards the shore.

The first checkpoint is “Chill Out / Assembly Required”, where the teams must retrieve puzzle pieces submerged in an ice bath and then put the puzzle together. The Veterans only reach the checkpoint after the Rookies have retrieved most of their pieces. The Rookies finish soon after that, and chain themselves together (per the instructions) for the rest of the Gauntlet. After a little bit of time, the Veterans finish and CT chains himself next to Eric so that he can help him if needed. As they are running toward the 2nd checkpoint, Brad yells out to stop since Eric looks to be having trouble breathing, but the rest of the team yells at him to keep going.

The Rookies reach the 2nd checkpoint, “Screw You”, where the teams must unscrew a giant nut (oh, grow up) from a track. This checkpoint requires quite a bit of muscle, and the Veterans catch up to the Rookies, who are having a bit of trouble. Towards the end of the track, the Rookies’ nut gets jammed (Felix Pie knows how they feel), and they wind up breaking the track to finish the checkpoint.

The Rookies reach the 3rd checkpoint, “Sliders”, with the Veterans close behind them, and Frank and Jillian immediately take charge leading their team through the puzzle. As the Veterans are closing in, Eric almost falls down a seet of stairs, and after recovering his balance he collapses. Brad immediately begins yelling for a medic, and after a few minutes the rest of the Veterans realize that Eric is in bad shape. The Rookies finish their puzzle and move on while the Veterans wait for the medics to arrive and bitch about Eric costing them money. While Robin cries and Brad tries to explain that he thinks Eric’s life is on the line, Ev and CT (guess that “new leaf” starts after the Gauntlet) continue to yell at Eric to get up and finish.

The Rookies reach the 4th checkpoint, “Man Overboard”, where they must sit on a platform in groups of 3 and use a pulley to move themselves across a gap. As the Rookies finish (rather easily), we see Eric being taken away on a stretcher. This leads into Evan giving the Veterans a big motivating speech to “finish for Easy” (Eric), and they move on to the 3rd checkpoint. Ev takes control and the Veterans finish the puzzle quickly.

The Rookies reach the 5th checkpoint, “I Dig You”, in which they must dig up a buried chest, remove a flag from that chest and then hoist it up a flagpole for the win. While the Rookies are digging, the Veterans arrive at the 4th checkpoint and finish very quickly. The Veterans then catch up to the Rookies at the 5th checkpoint, and they are excited to see that they are still digging. The Veterans, with their greater numbers, find the chest, remove the flag and run it up the flagpole. While Frank bitches about having lost, we see Eric in the hospital while CT says “I’m so disappointed in Easy” (yes, it’s disappointing that he had a cardiac event, you douchebag). The Veterans all turn to TJ, who has not blown his little air horn yet, and he informs them that they left Eric behind so they lose the Gauntlet. This causes Ev to rant about the fact that none of the Veteran guys wanted to face Eric in any of the Gauntlets, leading him to still be there at the end. The Rookies, meanwhile, find their chest, remove the flag and run it up the flagpole for the win.

Celebrating their big victory, Frank says “Jillian and I survived 3 Gauntlets apiece, and I feel that we really deserve the money.”

The ending was a little unsatisfying to me. First of all, I don’t think that Frank did deserve the money because he really came across as a douchebag during this challenge. Second, if the Veterans were technically “disqualified” for not following the rules (i.e. leaving Eric behind), what about the fact that the Rookies didn’t follow the rules when they broke the track at the 2nd checkpoint instead of moving the nut all the way to the end? And third, wasn’t there a Gauntlet where Coral had to be removed for a medical emergency in the last stage (I think it was a spider bite), and her team wasn’t disqualified?

Well, anyway, this season of massive team-vs-team douchebaggery is over, but a new season of the Real World (more individualized douchebaggery) awaits!



1. Matt_T - Sunday, March 23, 2008

I’m with you. What a crappy ending to a crappy season. The Vets were by far the ‘better’ team. The rookies were pathetic. The vets could have just walked Big Easy’s fatass to the dig and they still would have won

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