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American Idol Roundtable – Top 11 Week…RECAP! Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Posted by Jerkwheat in American Idol, Bloggers Gone Wild, I don't get out much, jerkwheat, more indepth than probably need-be, TV.

Well gang, I found this week to be terribly dull and lacking in any really memorable performances. I was pretty happy to have started it an hour late so that I could fast-forward through all the non-performance parts – that’s really the way to go with this show. As always, the rest of the crew has plenty to say about this week’s show…to the jump!

Second week of the Beatles catalog and that makes me happy. Next week I probably won’t know any of the songs the contestants sing. In the preview I suggested that Amanda sing Helter Skelter. That may be the only way I could tolerate her tonight. I also think KLC will play it safe and move on. Loser? Amanda. Unless someone does Yellow Submarine. They should be sent packing half way through the song.

So let’s get to the action and don’t fuck it up gals and guys…

1. Amanda is up first and she’s singing Back in the USSR.. She pronounced west “Whest”. Does she have to sing in that lispy weird way? It wasn’t her worst performance actually but that’s not really saying anything. I’m sad to say it probably will keep her around because of the VFTW crowd. It was very predictable and boring. Randy gives 7/10, Paula thought pitchy but solid and Simon pretty much agreed with me. Another thing. Can she change her fucking hair already? It looks stupid. I live in Milwaukee and know what biker chicks look like. They don’t dye their hair in that ridiculous ass way. She probably thinks it’s an edgy look and some may agree. I think she looks like the bride of Frankenstein.

2. KLC is up next and she is looking pretty fine. Love her hair. (as opposed to that monster that just performed.) She is singing You Got Hide Your Love Away. This is a very good choice I think. She can show a country side without doing a hoedown. Too bad it’s not sounding that great. It’s very monotone and boring to me. Randy agrees it’s boring. Paula loves how she looks. She does look phenomenal. Simon says she isn’t a good performer. I agree. She’s probably going to get shit-canned. I also would let KLC BLOW me out of my socks.

3. Dreamboat…who doesn’t know any Beatles songs…is on deck and will sing The Long and Winding Road. Good luck with that kid. His hair is also fucking ridiculous. He is sounding pretty good though. The girls are going to swoon. I have to say he is knocking it out of the ballpark. That was pretty remarkable. He owned it and that’s tough to do when singing a McCartney ballad. It was a great bounce back. Randy loved it, Paula loved it, and Simon loved it. I agree. Now go fire the hair stylist. He’s safe.

I may be on a hair kick tonight so I will include it all reviews. And Parker Posey is still sexy. Christ…still 8 more?

4. Mike J is up and is singing A Day in the Life. I LOVE THIS SONG! He starts off pretty well and the musicians do a good job backing him. I give him a 10 for effort. That said, I thought it was weak. He sounded rather warbly a couple of times and the notes were not all hit. Randy is so-so, Paula is drunk*, and Simon hated it. Simon said it didn’t work as a shorter song. I agree. His hair was nice though. For a dude. He’s safe.

*she went on about ear monitors and dude wasn’t even wearing one. The excuses she tries to use instead of criticisms are really funny to me.

5. Brooke…mmmmmm…is up and is going to do Here Comes the Sun. Her hair is a rats nest and I love it. Bad song choice is my first reaction. We’ll see but if she doesn’t nail it I will be surprised. I’m surprised. It was complete garbage. It was boring and I started thinking about how I may try a new coffee tomorrow. She danced like a 4 year-old. She’s taking the punches from the judges right on the chin. I like that. She knows it sucked but I am getting an air of conceit from her and don’t know what to think about that Maybe it’s because she thought her shit didn’t stink after all those great performances. She’ll stay. I LOVE YOU BROOKE!

6. Here comes David C. and he’s singing Day Tripper. He’s doing the Whitesnake version. He sounds really good and I always liked how Coverdale sang the song and Marsden played guitar. The guitars are also silky and sort of crunchy. I love that shit. I loved it. I really, really, REALLY did. His hair was emo though. Voice box was not that cool because you should know how to really use it. Maybe my love of early Whitesnake is shading my view. Paula and Randy loved it and Simon disagrees. I disagree with Simon. He’s definitely staying.

7. Carly is up and is singing Blackbird. I love her hair. It that a wreath around her neck? WOW.

8. Here comes Jason C. He will be singing Michelle. I like this song choice. It fits him. His hair is whatever because it’s always the same. I like the fact he learned the lyrics and he is working the crowd better than anyone tonight. It was schmaltzy though. I would give it 5/10. Randy and Paula didn’t like it really. Simon didn’t like it but admires Jason and his awkward cuteness. He’ll stay.

9. Jesus, we’re only at the 9th singer of the night!!! Well, here comes Syesha and Yesterday. She will probably sing the hell out of it and no one will care. I mean she HAS gotten this far but no one remembers anything she did. Can it be her breakout moment?

—Before she sings, she looks hot. I enjoy cleavage and her hair looks nice. What about her dress? Hey! There’s CLEAVAGE!—

Not breakout but certainly very, very good. Song recognition will really help her here. No way she goes home. She showed great vocal abilities as always. All the judges liked it. I agree.

10. “Keze is next and is singing I’ve Just Seen a Face. He says he is going to play an instrument he doesn’t know how to play. That’s smart. As for the singing he sounds very nice. Forest Whittaker would be proud. I don’t know what to think about this. Hmmm. I love the tempo, voice and enthusiasm that comes after the Harm. He can’t play the harmonica though. Why did he do that? Stupid. I agree with all 3 judges for many different reasons. He will be in the bottom 3.

11. “Hot Lips” is up and is singing I Should Have Known Better. I like her outfit actually. Looks sexy. Her singing sounds worse than usual. Pitch seems all over the place and the low notes need more volume. I don’t like it. Maybe because I’m grumpy that we are 11 singers in and this show has sucked! Randy didn’t like it and Paula liked it. Simon said she sounded like ‘Keze on harmonica. That’s funny. I agree with him.

Christ I hate to say this. Amanda is safe. I don’t know if I can take it anymore. Bottom 3 will be ‘Keze, Worm Lips, and KLC.

Going home? KLC. Should have been you Amanda. Should have been you.

This has been the worst AI show I have seen in a long time.


Amanda – Well, its just like everything else she does. Not her worst, but Simon hit the nail on the head. She’s boring, its the same thing every week. Growly ‘rock’ versions of classics. She’s kind of arrogant about it too.

KLC – Like the others predicted, she played it straight, and she missed a lot of notes. But she said if she’s back next week she’s said going to blow Simon out of his socks. I’m not really sure what that means, but it sounds dirty and I’m curious.

David A. – He remembered all the words this week. It sounded good, but it was boring to me. The judges love it and all the girls up front are screaming. He’s safer than safe.

Michael Johns – This was not very good. This was a lot like KLC’s performance, missed notes all over the place. But he tells a sob story, and I’m sure he’ll get a lot of votes. The screaming girls up front seem to love him too.

Brooke – The dress seems appropriate for the song. Her dancing was really dorky, but its kind of endearing. A bad song choice, there’s not much you can do with this song andit was boring decent, until towards the end when she did a little bit of falsetto and improv.

David Cook – No way, is that a voice box? Hell yes it is! This is the best performance of the night. He actually looks like he could be a star. I’ve never heard Whitesnake’s version, but this was great. I do agree with Simon on the smug thing.

Carly- Fantastic. Really enjoyed the contrast between the soft parts and the huge notes. She reminds me of Ann Wilson, she hits the big notes better than anyone.

Jason – He looks high as a kite. And he’s singing in French? /swoons. I thought it was kind of cheesy, but not bad.

Syesha – Holy crap, she looks hot tonight. Loved everything about her performance, the guitar, the sitting down, she also nailed the contrast between the soft parts and the big notes. Beautiful.

Chickeze – I’m not familiar with this song, but What The Fuck? I enjoyed the beginning, but what the hell was the harmonica, the slight bit of country twang? That was more schizo than Britney Spears.

Remiele – Meh. Boring. I could barely hear her on the low notes.

Bottom 3 prediction: Remiele, KLC and Michael Johns. Amanda is saved by VFW again.

Going home: KLC, and we don’t get to see her blow Simon’s socks off.


We open with the baffling questions – Why was it necessary to introduce each contestant individually off the stairs? Do they need to that much time and sell another commercial? It was nice of him to explain how the system works – the lowest vote leaves? I see, I see. Next week we’re setting the over/under on winks by Simon. We’re at two in less than five minutes.

Amanda Overmeyer… yup. You still annoy me. “Back in the USSR”? Half the viewers have no idea what the USSR was. While my wife likes Amanda’s shirt – and I applaud her for not dressing like a zebra this week – this is basically the same Amanda performance as every other week. Stunted strutting and random pointing do not help, least of all with the snarl. Next week’s over/under will also include the use of the word “pitchy” by Randy. Finally, Simon calls her out on the repetitive performance. She wants to put out there what an Amanda Overmeyer concert would be like. She knows she is not winning this thing so she wants to make sure she can sell out her local bar in Lafayette.

A very sparkly Kristy Lee Cook brings us “Hide Your Love Away”. She’ll win points with the lack of banjo and steel guitar. She starts out decent enough – I think – but when she cuts to the chorus she sounds a little… off. There’s a big vocal wrap-up, and I thought it was fair, not good. Pretty much just a safe, mundane choice. I am also concerned that we’re through two performers and Randy has not uttered the word “dog”.

Wait – Naughty! KLC just said she could blow Simon out of his socks in her response with Ryan. Naughty! That will make sure she comes back next week. As Ryan repeats her voting number, it hits her what she just said. I’ll say what Simon actually did not say this week – it sounded like karaoke.

Teeny Bopper Heartthrob David Archuleta will be performing “The Long and Winding Road”. He sings it very serenady, which works well for him – and he remembers the words! That deep of voice from that tiny of a guy still makes me laugh sometimes. The crowd. goes. wild.

Why are there only women in the mosh pit? Wonderful corporate shilling with the iPhone promo which Ryan just “happened” to see in the crowd and there just “happened” to have a clip for the big screen.

“A Day in the Life” of Michael Johns, where he tells he has put the best parts together. I enjoyed it – big upswings, vocal skips through the quick parts. The camera spinning around him is a bit nauseating to Mrs.JB*, but then again, everything is nauseating to her right now. Randy didn’t love it (though drops our first dog of the night), and Paula (who is probably drunk) thought it was also not his best, and Simon thought it was a mess. We’ll agree to disagree. Not to be cynical, but mentioning that it was dead friend’s favorite song may get a few sympathy votes.

Everyone else’s sex kitten Brooke White points out her husband in the crowd, though they don’t show him. I guess the producers don’t want to upset the other guys. She starts out “Here Comes the Sun” sitting on the stairs – the first time this year, I think, and in an appropriate yellow dress. Paula is chair dancing! It’s a good song for her – not a superstar performance like last week, but upbeat and solid. The awkward sway dancing, though, was distracting. Randy’s not thinking it was a great showing for her due to her not “connecting”, while Paula thought it was safe. Simon gets a round of boos for saying it was terrible and “wet”… which means what exactly?

OMG he so emo! David Cook IS a Day Tripper! He starts out with his guitar and… two microphones? Yup – there’s Paula dancing. First drunk comment? Ahhh – the second microphone Framptons his voice. The household is split – I thought it was a decent rock performance from David, though my wife doesn’t care for it. This is going to drive me crazy – he sounds like some rock/pop band. The one that comes to mind is Creed, which isn’t quite right. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know in the comments. Simon thinks he was predictable – a recurring theme – and a bit smug.

Oh, Carly Smitson. Hello again. After some drivel from Ryan about Simon whispering in Paula’s ear about the song “Blackbird”, Carly performs it in a slow, paced performance. She nails a big “singing in the dead of the night”, but seems uneven transitioning to the next line. I still heart her, and this was good. Randy’s creating new words – “Carly-osis”. Simon calls it self-indulgent, and while she explains that the song to her speaks to their being broken by the industry in the past. He responds that he feels uncomfortable – and pinches his nipples? What the hell?

The wife’s crush follows mine as David Castro sings to “Michelle”. Paula may not be drunk, but the Mrs. thinks Jason is still stoned. He starts out at the mic stand, and in the second verse, he walks the stage to the screams and squeals of the loving female crowd. There’s a waving fan whose sign reads either Don’t Mess or Don’t Mow with Jason. I thought it was another good, not great, performance.

Sayesha does what probably thousands of others have, and covers “Yesterday”. Very safe choice and she performs it well – a well-paced song that she didn’t mess with except to hit a few notes to show off her upper range. It was very bare bones performance which worked very well to me.

Random old guy in the crowd!

Last week’s surprise star, Chikezie, starts out “I’ve Just Seen a Face” in a style that I think would work well as an R&B single. Wait – until he busts out the harmonica, turning it into a bluegrass. It’s off the BET Countdown now. I’ll be in the minority – I liked it. It was nowhere near as annoying as KLC’s last week, and it was just different enough to hold the interest. Randy called it strange, Paula dug it, and Simon used the word “atrocious” and he closes it with “gimmicky”, which is probably apt.

Ramiele’s got the jaunty hat of the night! She closes us out with “I Should of Known Better”. Another harmonica (from the band) and wow, she starts out pitchy. I thought it was awful.

Simon hit it spot on – this was a weird week. Repeating a same theme is dangerous – the contestants probably did what they thought was their best song last week. This whole show was rough. At least Kelly Pickler’s cleavage will entertain us tomorrow night.

All of the numbers came in way under:
Randy “Dog”: 3
Is Paula Drunk?s: 2
Jezebel James Promos: 1

Best performance of the night was probably David Archuleta or Carly. Tough call – no one was great. The bottom three tomorrow night will probably be KLC, Ramiele, and Amanda. Again, I’ll say KLC probably goes home, but I think Ramiele should.

In Conclusion:

There seems to be a lot of agreement on tonights bottom three: Kristy Lee Cook and Remiele seem are our givens – with thoughts of Amanda dancing through some of our heads. One would think that this would be the week that America atones for last week and sends KLC home, but the collective wisdom of the American Idol voting public is a fickle thing. I think she’s out this week…we’ll find out…after this break…



1. Abs - Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I thought Randy said cooliosis, not Carly-osis. Carly-osis makes more sense.

The only thing that didn’t bore me out of my mind last night was the “blow you out of your socks off” comment. Bottom 3’s going to be KLC, Amanda and Ramiele. Let’s just kick all 3 off tonight and be done with it.

2. JB* - Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am pelasantly surprised by the number of uses of the “more indepth than probably need-be” tag.

3. DougOLis - Wednesday, March 19, 2008

@JB – There was one dude in the mosh pit for Michael Johns and the girls next to him started looking at him like “what the fuck is he doing here?” The camera cut away pretty quick.

Are we certain that Amanda is VFW? In my opinion it has to be Ramiele; she’s more Sanjaya bad. Plus there’s the Hawaii connection with Sanjaya and Jasmine.

I agree with JB & Abs conclusions.

4. DougOLis - Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My quick hits:
Amanda – Very flat and pitchy. It’s not that hard of a song. Looks like she could kick my ass.
KLC – Better than last week I guess. Oddly enough, I didn’t think she played it that straight. I felt like she popped it up and actually could have gone more country/twang; it’s a pretty gritty and acoustic song. When she was talking about keeping flies away from her horses with vinegar and Ryan suggested that Paula try that, was Ryan joking about paparazzi or Paula’s less than clean snatch?
David A – good but didn’t blow me away. Good night to do a safe performance.
Michael Johns – Did he say that “Bohemian Rhapsody” was by the Beatles? Parts were decent but he was mostly flat an throaty. Saved by his dedication.
Brooke – Hot and boring. My sound cut out through part of this. Did I miss anything? Did she say something naughty?
David C – I really don’t care for his singing style, but it was still good. One of the better performances on the night; he’s fun.
Carly – Awesome again
Jason – “Michelle” is one of my least favorite Beatles songs. It’s so fucking corny and he made it even cornier with his performance.
Syesha – looked damned fine and a solid performance. It’s a great song but it’s been covered well too many times.
Chikezie – It was an interesting to say the least. Kind of confused me.
Ramiele – Horrible, horrible performance. She missed so many notes.Last week was boring but fine; this just sucked. Sanjaya 2.0. What’s with everyone countryifying Beatles songs?

The song selection tonight was pretty bad. You’d think they could do better with The Beatles epic catalog; apparently not. My highlight of the night was hearing MGMT’s “Time To Pretend” in some movie preview. Glad I was able to watch Beauty and the Geek after this to get the stank out of my mouth; hello Leticia!

5. Fat-Fat - Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jerkwheat, you want longer? I’ll give you longer.

DougOlis- I kind of thought that she may have missed the lyrics at that point. It was a weird hiccup. As for the countrified songs. It seems it’s getting worse every year. I think Simon even mentioned it during the early auditions that it’s more abundant.

6. Abs - Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I went to high school with one of the Geeks this year but I still can’t bring myself to watch the show.

7. Fat-Fat - Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jesus I was wrong. I picked KLC to go home and she ended up being in the bottom 3. BYE Amanda! Thank God. My hate must move on. Carly almost leaving is a joke.

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