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American Idol Roundtable- Top 11 Week Pre-Show Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Posted by Jerkwheat in American Idol, jerkwheat, You know how I know you're gay?.

So, what could possibly be cooler lamer more awesomer than a bunch of dudes talking about American Idol? NOTHING! Join us this week for our new regular feature with some of your favorite Deadspin commenters as we break down the current week of American Idol. Joining me will be Matt_T, JB*, and fatfat. Follow the jump to join the conversation…
Well, the gay stripper has left us, Chikeze has surprised us, and
somehow Kristy Lee Cook survived turning the Beatles into a
hoedown…quite a first week of the big competition.

It’s another week of the Lennon-McCartney songbook, so we sort of know
what to expect now – although I’m personally expecting more early
Beatles pop songs this go around (i.e. I Wanna Hold Your Hand)

Any random predicitions for Tuesday nights show?


Kristy will probably go pretty straight with her performance, keeping the song true to form so as to avoid the ire of the judges and the voting public.

Meanwhile, I think Ramiele – and possibly Jason Castro – will probably go for something bigger and energetic in response to some criticism – and could pay the price for it.

How Brooke, Carly, and Chikizie follow up last week’s showings will be very telling.  They were – in my opinion, of course – the tops last week.  I don’t think all three will be again.

The over/unders –

  • Times Randy Jackson says “dog” – 28
  • Promos for The Return of Jezebel James – 8*
  • Times I ask my wife is Paula is drunk – 6**

*Null and void if show has already been canceled
**Thirteen, if we watch this on DVR after our four year old goes to bed

I predict Carly will be the best performer again, Amanda will be the worst, but Ramiele goes home.


I agree that KLC will play it straight and will give a good performance. So I think she’ll be safe.

I am very afraid about Amanda this week. Somehow she got love last week and I thought she bastardized the Beatles. More of the same this week. Those songs just don’t fit her travesty of a voice. Maybe she could do Helter Skelter.

I agree with Josh about Ramiele and Jason. They have to come out more upbeat just to show a contrast. I could see Jason taking heat for going too upbeat since he seems like more of a soulful and smooth singer.

‘Keze is still on the hot seat but he really put himself in a better position with that strong performance. If he can come out and do it again he will be in great shape. Funny, but I feel like rooting for him now.

I am starting to really reconsider my pick of David A. to win it all. His performance last week left a bad taste in my mouth.

Best of the night? I say Brooke because I want her to bear my childr…I mean because she has been outstanding her last 3 performances.

Worst? Amanda. Vomit.

Going Home? Amanda.


I’m with Fat-Fat, Amanda will be the worst, but I don’t think she goes yet because of vote for the worst and for the judges inexplicable love for her.  I don’t get why Ramiele and Jason are supposed to do something different when Amanda has only done ‘rock’, and she gets praised for ‘knowing what suits her’
Way too early prediction for this week:  Syesha and KLC return to the bottom 3, with a surprise of Michael Johns joining them.  I think regardless of how well she does KLC goes home this week.
In conclusion:
Mixed thoughts this week: Amanda, Kristy Lee, and Remiele all being picked by the gang – and I’m going to second the call for Remiele unless Kristy Lee is just amazingly bad again. We’ll be back tomorrow with the post-show reaction…


1. DougOLis - Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I think Amanda could pull off “Helter Skelter.” Not saying that she will, or that she’ll even do it, but it’s one of the few Beatles songs that really fits her.

If I was KLC, I’d tell the world to fuck off and keep doing her songs her own way. She’s not going to win by playing it all straight and imitating her way to the finish. Be independent.

2. Abs - Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wasn’t that KLC’s problem in the first place – too much imitation? Or was that another blondie? I can’t tell them apart. She might be this season’s Sanjaya. Sticking around until everyone’s asking why on earth she’s still here and then America finally realizes this and boots her off. I hope not.

Go home, Ramiele.

3. Rockabye - Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Can I join this next week when it’s down to 10? I’m watching this week (anyone know if SideReel or something has AI online?) to get a feel for it, but I’d like to write as the newbie starting next week.

BTW, tonight’s theme (sorry, minor spoiler) is the Top 100 on iTunes (http://www.windpowersports.com/music/top-songs.php is, I think, today’s list) and that gives many options. Don’t Stop Believin’ is there, as is the Guitar Hero Dragonforce song, as is some Alicia Keys. Any guesses as to who sings what?

4. Jerkwheat - Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tonight is another week of Lennon/McCartney

5. DougOLis - Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In the even that they do the top 100 from iTunes in the near future (and it would have to be the near future), it would be awesome to hear someone do “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow,” completely butcher it, and say they were just singing it straight. That would make my week.

On another note, “A-Punk” is on the top 100, so there’s that. Definitely an interesting theme idea.

6. Rockabye - Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Yeah, Wikipedia confirms that it is another week of Lennon/McCartney. Sorry.

I do know that I’d seen it would be Top 100 iTunes on Wikipedia last week and saw similar things on other sites. So I’d guess it’s in the works for some other week.

But it can’t hurt that the Beatles catalog is finally going online and AI’s pumping it now, can it?

7. BTO - Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This season is killing my soul.

8. Abs - Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In my perfect world, if they were singing the Top 100 on iTunes, someone would sing “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” complete with the bagpipes and banjo (I’m thinking David Cook) and Jason Castro would come out with a Guitar Hero guitar and sing the crazy Dragonforce song. And David Archuleta would sing “Hey There Delilah,” of course, because he and that song are two things that make the teenyboppers go crazy.

Can I also say I haven’t heard of a good 65 or 70 of the songs on the top 100 list? Apparently I’m really behind on popular music.

9. JB* - Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ah, corporate synergy. I feel dirty.

And to speak to Matt T’s point, I did not mean to say Ramiele/Jason SHOULD do something radically different, just that I could see them doing so after the judge’s words last week.

Amanda, however, is not capable of doing anything but gravelly-voiced rock, so it is pointless to urge her to do so.

10. Matt_T - Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If next week really is top 100 on iTunes, I’m already looking forward to it.

I want to hear them sing more modern songs, We haven’t heard anything past the 80s since before the semi’s.

11. Fat-Fat - Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I won’t know know any of the songs when they do that itunes week. Every review snippet will be: Brooke sings something I don’t know. Jason sings something I don’t know…and so on.

12. Abs - Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Michael Johns looks a little like Josh Beckett.

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