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Lost: Season 4, Episode 7 Monday, March 17, 2008

Posted by PQ Crash in Lost, PQ Crash, TV.

Ji Yeon (Sun and Jin-centric)

Well, it was the penultimate episode of the initial “pod” of episodes and it was…okay. The highlight of the episode had nothing to do with either Jin or Sun, it wasn’t even a true “surprise” either…

Anyhow, it’s been a long weekend and Ji Yeon bored me so I’m mailing it in for this week’s recap. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure the recap of next week’s (or, by the time this post goes up, this week’s–PQ) episode, Meet Kevin Johnson, will be completely detailed.

Hit the jump for the bullet-point recap of Ji Yeon. (Sorry!)(Okay, I’m going with a different system for the recap of this episode: Bullet-points and snarky comments…)

  • Wheeeeee!!! Montage of the relevant information needed to understand this week’s episode: The details of Desmond and Sayid’s time on the freighter and the rundown of Juliet’s diagnosis of Sun’s pregnancy and her date of conception.
  • Frank takes Desmond and Sayid lima beans. (NOM NOM NOM!)
  • Zoe Bell (as Regina) is the worst door guard ever.
  • Frank advises Sayid that talking to the captain of the freighter isn’t a good idea.
  • Jin wants to talk about baby names…Sun wants to get off the island first. (And I want them to get killed off. They’re useless characters. I think I liked the Nikki and Paulo episode better than any of the Sun and Jin episodes.)
  • Flashing forward, Sun’s water breaks and she’s going into labor.

Commercial Break

  • (The song used for the Macbook Air commercial is nice. Who sings it?)
  • Awwww. Flashing-forward, Jin’s buying a stuffed panda bear. (I was hoping that he’d strongarm the shopkeeper like he did in his enforcer days.)
  • Someone slips a note to Sayid and Desmond telling them not to trust the captain. (I cannot lie. I slipped them the note, I was bored in class.)
  • Sun asks Dan if his crew is there to rescue the 815’ers. He gives her a non-answer.
  • In the estimated 100 days the 815’ers have been on the island, Jin’s English skills have exponentially improved. (So, the island can cure paralysis and cancer and teach English as a second language. Wouldn’t Ben want the island to be found in order to curb the “LOL, WTF R U DOIN’?”-type of damage done to the English language?)
  • Sun tells Jin that they’re bolting to Locke’s camp because she doesn’t trust Dan and Charlotte’s intentions.

Commercial Break

  • After catching Sun digging through her medical supplies, Juliet realizes that Sun is leaving the beach camp.
  • Juliet tries to tell Sun about the danger Sun is in due to her pregnancy. Sun doesn’t believe Juliet.
  • Flashing forward, Sun is wheeled into a hospital as one of the nurses points out that Sun is part of the “Oceanic Six.” She cries out for Jin…he’s not at the hospital yet.
  • Flashing forward, Jin throws the stuffed panda into a taxi. Someone else jumps into the taxi and it takes off with Jin’s toy. Subsequently, Jin threatens to kill the cab driver (remember what happened to Sun’s lover???).
  • Kate draws Sun and Jin a map to Locke’s camp.
  • Juliet stopped Sun and Jin from leaving by telling Jin that Sun is sick and that she will die. Oh, she also tells Jin that Sun had an affair with another man. (It would have been better if Juliet used the phrase “a man whose seed could find purchase in her fertile womb, unlike yours” when she told him. I also need to watch “Raising Arizona” again.)
  • Jin walks away.

Commercial Break

  • Sun tries to apologize to Jin. Bernard, blissfully unaware, interrupts her.
  • Bernard and Jin go fishing!
  • While fishing on a pontoon, Bernard and Jin discuss the problems with marriage.
  • Bernard tells Jin that the island cured Rose’s cancer. Bernard goes on and on about “karma.” (What the hell? I thought I was watching “Lost” not “My Name is Earl.”)
  • Sun catches a fish. Bernard calls it “karma.”
  • On the freighter… Sayid and Desmond are taken to see the freighter’s captain.
  • While Sayid and Desmond are on the freighter’s deck, Zoe Bell (as Regina) is wrapped up in chains.
  • Zoe Bell (as Regina) jumps overboard. (Thanks for playing “Lost.” Enjoy your parting gifts.)
  • Sayid and Desmond call for help. The freighter’s captain waves everyone off.
  • The captain introduces himself as “Captain Gault.” (Literary reference, anyone?)

Commercial Break

  • (I’ll admit, half-assing these recaps is, obviously, a lot faster and easier than my normal method.)
  • Captain Gault reveals the ship’s owner: Charles Widmore. Gault looks at Desmond and says, “That’s right, you know him.”
  • Gault pulls out the black box recovered from the “found” 815 wreckage.
  • Gault claims that the wreckage and bodies of the 324 passengers was staged by Ben. (Spoiler alert: Executive Producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have stated that by the end of this season, we’ll have two opposing theories as to who staged the wreckage. This was the first story.)
  • Back at the beach, Juliet apologizes to Sun for telling Jin about Sun’s affair. Juliet then tells Sun about what will happen to Sun and her baby if she stays on the island. Long story short, Sun and her baby will die if she doesn’t get off the island soon.
  • Flashing forward, Sun gives birth to a girl!
  • The freighter’s doctor takes Sayid and Desmond to their new bunk. They find that their new bunk has a blood stain on the wall from a suicide. The doctor tells “Johnson” to mop up the blood. “Johnson” enters the screen… IT’S MICHAEL! (It’s the worst kept secret in “Lost’s” history. Harold Perrineau was listed in the opening credits since the season premiere.)

Commercial Break

  • Sun and Jin make up. Sun blames himself for her affair…since he was an evil man before the crash.
  • Flashing forward, Jin arrives at the hospital. Oh, it turns out that Jin’s “flash-forwards” have been flash-backs. (Sun is in the future, Jin is in the past.)
  • Still in the future, Hurley arrives at Sun’s apartment to see her newborn daughter.
  • Again, still in the future, Sun and Hurley go to Jin’s grave. (Excellent. One down, one to go.)

So, what did we learn to ask?

  • First and foremost, how does Jin die?
  • Who’s the last member of the “Oceanic Six?” (Or, does one of the children count as part of the group? Or, does Jin’s corpse count?)
  • Did Ben really stage the 815 wreckage?
  • Why does Bernard show up at the worst possible time? (Although, he did ruin many of Mike Seaver’s dubious plans on “Growing Pains.”)
  • Are we really going to have to figure out what’s a flash-back and a flash-forward every week?
  • Why didn’t Desmond beat some answers out of Captain Gault in regards to Charles Widmore?

That’s all for this week. Again, I apologize for the half-hearted recap; I’ll be back to form for next week’s episode. Comments? Suggestions? Better bullet-point templates? Leave ’em in the comments below or e-mail me at pqcrash_at_gmail_dotcom.



1. BTO - Monday, March 17, 2008

The Oceanic 6 so far are: Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, and Sun. So, the question is (as you noted): does Aaron count? I say no, since he was born on the island, and was not actually on the plane. So perhaps the final member is Michael?

2. PQ Crash - Monday, March 17, 2008

So perhaps the final member is Michael?

I’m inclined to believe that it is due to Jin’s tombstone stating his year of death as 2004 and we were supposed to find out the final two of the “Oceanic Six” in this episode.

3. DougOLis - Monday, March 17, 2008

In all fairness, we don’t know that Jin is dead. It may have been an act and he still could be alive on the island. If that’s not the case, my guess is that he dies on the island (this week?). The date on his tombstone is the day after the crash, so clearly he doesn’t get off the island alive. My guess is that Jin dies soon and is part of the 6 survived/2 died story Jack told in court. I’m thinking that Michael is #6 and the 2 dead are Claire and Jin.

If Ben did stage the wreckage, then he has a far more powerful grasp in the real world with a lot of manpower that we don’t know about. Either that or it happened automatically through that teleportation wormhole.

Why does Hurley say “Good” when Sun says no one else is coming?

4. PQ Crash - Monday, March 17, 2008

Why does Hurley say “Good” when Sun says no one else is coming?

Well, between Sun and Libby, perhaps he’s got a thing for widows.

5. DougOLis - Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh yeah, the Macbook Air song is “New Soul” by Yael Naim

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