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Gauntlet III Recap – CT May Have Some Issues Sunday, March 16, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens at night with the Veteran guys talking about throwing the challenge the next day to get rid of their last “dead-weight” girl, and they decide that they are just going to be obvious about it. At the same time, we see Frank (from the Rookies) talking to Katie and he asks her who she would want to face in the Gauntlet. Before she makes up her mind, the cast gets their clue, that says “Need a break from the heat? Come cool off.” Join me after the jump to see if they manage to cool off, and to confirm that CT is a huge hothead.

The next morning the Veteran guys all decide to put their hair up in a Mohawk in a show of solidarity (umm, solidarity? You guys are throwing a challenge). We find out that the challenge is “Chill Out”, where the cast must individually enter into tanks of ice water in a freezer and completely submerge themselves and then jump out of the water. As people are jumping in and out of the water, CT dips his hand in to feel the temperature and then turns around and walks out of the freezer, saying that he doesn’t want to ruin his Mohawk. After brief dips in the tanks, Tori, Kenny, and Brad all quit. The challenge continues for a bit, and then Adam and Eric quit. The first round ends, and the medic makes Robin quit as well, since she is cold and disoriented.

The second round of the challenge starts with each team having five players. Each person must get into the tank, submerge up to their neck and stay in the water for 5 seconds. The round starts, and Paula winds up quitting quickly, followed by Diem and Ev. Soon after, Evan quits, leaving Danny as the only Veteran left in the challenge and the second round ends. Danny tells the Rookies that he will quit if they make sure to save him, and everyone except Frank agrees, so the round continues. Meanwhile, the rest of the Veterans are wondering why Danny is still inside since they were supposed to throw the challenge. The third round starts, and the players must stay submerged up to their necks for 10 seconds. After his second dip in round 3, Danny quits. As he comes out of the freezer, the Veterans all say that Danny is not part of the team anymore since he stayed in the challenge for too long. Frank then tells the Veterans that Danny tried to cut a deal, and Danny says that Frank is lying.

The Rookies go off to deliberate and they decide to pick someone that Katie can beat, since they know that the Veterans will choose to send Katie into the Gauntlet. The Rookies “protect” Diem and send in Paula, while the Veterans respond by sending in Katie, as expected. The Gauntlet is Paula vs. Katie in “Sliders”, which makes the Rookies happy since Frank had planned on coaching Katie for that event. The Gauntlet starts, and Frank coaches Katie while Adam coaches Paula. Although it is close, Paula wins, sending Katie home. Adam comes over to say good-bye to Katie and she ignores him, saying “I hate backstabbers.”

Later that night, the Veteran guys are all coming down on Danny, and Frank calls him out for lying. Danny feels alienated from his entire team, and pissed off at all of them and at Frank.

The next morning, we see Danny talking to Nehemiah at the pool about having to go to the Gauntlet. Danny knows that his team wants to send him home after the previous day, while Nehemiah knows that if the Rookies lose it will be him vs. Frank in the Gauntlet since they are the only two guys left.

That night, the cast gets their clue which says that “the most level-headed team will win.” This is followed by Frank and CT getting into a confrontation, and Frank lets us know that he is “just antagonizing CT” in the hopes that CT throws a punch and gets kicked off. Adam tries to break things up, which causes CT to pour a beer on his head. Diem eventually drags CT away, and he tells her “I wanna get angry. I wanna hurt people” (really, it’s unlike to CT to resort to violence). We also see Adam talking to Frank about the situation, and Frank says that if the Veterans throw the challenge, the Rookies will put CT into the Gauntlet.

The next morning, everyone shows up for the last challenge, which is “Well-Balanced”, in which the teams have to balance on a large, circular platform for 10 seconds for 2 rounds. The challenge starts and everyone realizes that it is going to be very difficult. Things are made worse for the Veterans by the fact that everyone is moving around and talking at the same time. The Rookies eventually figure it out, and they win the first round. They get into a groove much more quickly for the second round, and they win the challenge.

The Rookies go off to deliberate and they choose to “protect” Eric, since he is the slowest guy on the Veterans team. They begin deliberations on who to send into the Gauntlet, and Frank wants to send in CT, but everyone else wants to send in Adam. This leads to a big argument, and they decide on…

CLIFFHANGER! Tune in next week for the final episode.



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