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Spitzer’s “Kristen” and Snoop? Not Bad. Thursday, March 13, 2008

Posted by Andy Hutchins in Rockabye.

I’m on Spring Break, so instead of Sedgwick every day this week, I’m inaugurating The Rap-Up on Saturday with a lengthy post. But I really had to give you this mash-up of Snoop’s “Sensual Seduction/Sexual Eruption” and Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s (accent aigu implied) “What We Want” because it’s a) timely and b) surprisingly decent.

The full song, and some musings, after the jump.

“Kristen” will probably make use of this publicity (this song, in its original form, had nearly two million listens on her MySpace when I checked it last night, but the page no longer exists), but I have to feel a bit for her, what with the inevitable crush of media attention she’ll enjoy/weather.

Granted, not having sex for money with prominent public figures would probably be a good option for the limelight-averse. But given that the rest of this young woman’s life will be clouded by the fact that she worked as a prostitute and had maybe the second or third most-celebrated affair in American politics in recent memory (I’m counting Lewinsky and the JFK/Monroe tryst), I think she might, in quieter moments, wish she hadn’t done what she did.

The full MP3 is here for you to impress your friends with, and while you’re there, check out more of the site. I’ll big-up Jay Smooth any day, and for much more than this song; Ill Doctrine is one of my favorite sites because it combines hip-hop mentality with a worldview that’s a bit broader than Soulja Boy, and the results are humorous and almost always worth a bit of my time.

See you on Saturday. (P.S.: Yeah, Jerkwheat, I’m joining the Idol warship next week, after I’ve, uh, seen some of it.)



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