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American Idol Roundtable- Top 12 Week…the Recap! Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Posted by Jerkwheat in American Idol, jerkwheat.

So, last night’s Idol was, shall we say…interesting. Generally a solid group of performances and a couple that totally missed the mark. Oh, and there was the small matter of The Chosen One flubbing the lyrics to a song MORE THAN ONCE. Thankfully, both Fat-Fat and JB* were kind enough to write about their experiences with the episode as it unfolded…hit the jump to learn the ugly truth of the Top 12 Week performances…like the fact that we were all wrong about Chikeze…

From the one and only Fat-Fat:

It’s Beatles night and I have a feeling it will go OK. Catchy tunes will benefit everyone but Amanda who will probably try to sing “Yesterday.” If she does I quit.

Here we go and don’t fuck it up guys and gals…

1. Syesha sang “Got to Get You Into My Life.” Hate her hair. She sounded pretty good like she always does. I really didn’t like the arrangement. Sounds like WHAM!. She ended with a strong note. It wasn’t terrible and she should stick around.

2. Chikeze sang “She’s a Woman.” One of my favorites. He did it in a Keb’ Mo’ fashion and I really dug it. He looked good and worked the crowd. He may be safe now. Shit. It was pretty dope though. One of the best performances of the season.

3. Ramiele sang “In My Life.” I love this song. She sounded like she always does. Pretty good. God I hate her lips. Look like earthworms. I really thought it was boring. Last note wasn’t that great. Yawn. Simon got it right with the “bored to tears” comment. She may be leaving.

4. Jason C. sang “If I Fell.” Great song. Played guitar which is a plus. He sounded incredible and really put a vocal down. Showed a lot range. He put his own stamp on it. I thought it was great. No way he goes. I didn’t agree with Dawg and Simon, especially the “bedroom” knock.

5. Carly sang “Come Together.” This should fit her. She was excellent. Especially when she started singing with a harder edge in the first verse. Plus I have always loved those weird lyrics. She will not go home. Hated what she was wearing though.

6. David C. sang “Eleanor Rigby.” My first thought is disaster. And it was. If I wanted to hear Creed sing the Beatles it’s probably on youtube. I hated it quite frankly. I disagreed with all the judges. They can eat shit. But he will stay and he should.

7. Brooke…mmmmmm …sang “Let It Be.” She’s hot and I loved it. I would take her virginity. Actually, I thought it was incredible. She looked hot too. I know some don’t like her. I had a friend say, “dude she looks kinda horsey faced.” Yeah, he’s gay. Then she cried like Favre and I loved her even more. FAVRE RULES!

8. Gay Stripper sang “I Saw Her Standing There.” UGH! I don’t like the song. I didn’t like his performance either. Tiffany was better…in a lot of ways. Too poppy. I would love to see him go home. YOU HAVE A WHOLE CATALOG OF BEATLES SONGS AND THAT’S WHAT YOU SANG!!! Dick. Leave.

9. Amanda (break a leg!) sang “You Can’t Do That.” Of course she picked one of my favorites. AND IT SOUNDS LIKE BAD JOPLIN! What a surprise. I am done with this. She has to go. She also looked like a creep. Paula said she loved it…IT WAS VERBAL DIARRHEA! Paula and Simon fight and Simon ended up liking her originality. She looks like an ugly skunk and probably smells worse.

10. Mike J. sang “Across The Universe.” I have always liked this guy and hope he does well. I liked that he sang it traditionally. He will stick around. It wasn’t anything special.

11. KLC sang “8 Days A Week.” She said she is taking a risk doing it country style. BWAAHAHAHAHHA! The worst version of a song I think I’ve heard. Ever. I am not a country fan, I should state that. That was ridiculous. Really bad. If she would have just sang the country and keep the arrangement she would have been fine.

12. Girl Dreamboat sang “We Can Work It Out.” First of all, he knew the Stevie version but not the BEATLES version? He forgot the lyrics! Fuck. I like the kid and all but he messed up. Plus I thought his version was hokie. He will stay and may still win it. Although my prediction of him winning took a big hit.

Overall: Cook has to go home, Amanda was saved by Cook, and Gay Stripper was awful. I think there is a chance that Ramiele may go though.

My Pick is…….Cook. You little minx. Worst. Version. Ever.

And Mr JB*’s thoughts…
I don’t know if I am at an advantage or disadvantage here, but don’t kick me out – growing up a country boy, I’ve never been the biggest fan of the Beatles. On the plus side, I won’t have the same preconceptions of what these “should” sound like.

To my DVR we go, courtesy of people stopping to drop off crap at 4:50 pm…

Syesha’s performance of “Got to Get You Into My Life” sounds like a cover of a Whitney Houston cover of the song. I don’t care for it at all, but apparently the judges disagree with me.

Everyone’s pick to get bounced, Chikezie is very dapper in the argyle sweater vest. His “She’s a Woman” is out-and-out solid. Definitely my favorite of the first two, though the high pitch at the end wasn’t really necessary. What the hell was Randy babbling about with the “thump-thump-thump” and the “wiggity-chiggity-wiggady-woo”, though?

“In my Life” by Ramiele Malubay is a nice enough vocal performance, but I am getting restless legs syndrome sitting here. Simon’s right – bored to tears.

Does Jason Castro find it annoying to have bugs flying around him in his interview segment? Mrs.JB* thinks he is “Oh-So-Pretty”, and also thinks he may be stoned. His performance of “If I Fell” was good, but not all that memorable – in fact as they show him at the recap at the end, it had slipped my mind. I am not sure what Paula meant about having emotional connections, but he is in danger of getting repetitive.

My favorite, Carly, wants us all to “Come Together”. I’ll keep this family friendly, but “yes…” She rocks it out in a restrained manner – that may be too Paula-esque of a phrase, but this is the top performance of the first hour.

David Cook refuses to smile when being introduced for “Eleanor Rigby.” Keep the cred! His song is all right, he has a good fan base, so he should be safe. Not sure why he shouted at us at the end though. And if he is the dark horse, how can he be the front man? I don’t understand.

Brooke White and “Let It Be” on the piano. Beautiful. Nothing to elaborate here.

David Hernandez saw her standing there, but didn’t give her a lap dance, since that’s not how he earns his money. Yo dawg – little pitchy, little pitchy. I love when Simon gets fed up with the crowd and just starts telling them to shove it. Subtle of Ryan to make a very vague allusion to the scandal by mentioning David’s “stressful week”.

Amanda Overmyer time. Are zebra pants a good idea with the calico hair? If you were a person needing home nursing, what would you think if she showed up at your door? She’s gracing us with “You Can’t Do That”… and she shouldn’t have and looks physically uncomfortable on stage. It’s warbly and… everything we have come to expect from her. It is not as bad as I feared, but certainly not good. However, the judges (well, Randy and Paula) disagree with me once again.

Michael Johns’ performance of “Across The Universe” was simple, and probably worked far better than trying to Idol it up. I’d also add I like when the contestants remember to say “Thank You” at the end of the performance. Classy of Simon to forget “that Irish girl’s name”, too, but his point is still very valid.

I will be in the minority of America, but I enjoyed Kristy Lee Cook’s countrifried “Eight Days a Week.” Randy was right – she did seem to force it – but it was daring, different, and not boring for certain. She certainly did not sound like Dolly Parton on helium, though, but she probably cannot keep doing things like that many weeks in a row.

Everybody’s favorite, David Archuleta, FORGETS THE WORDS to “We Can Work It Out.” At least he smiled while moving on past the missing bits. During his performance, though, I am seeing him but hearing Michael Bolton, who I don’t think would have gotten Simon’s approval in the Hollywood round. Funny, too, how they criticized him and he said “Oh. Yeah.”

The judges were very contradictory tonight. They were all over people for being bland, but criticized those who did make bold and risky choices by saying they shouldn’t have.

Brooke White was best of the night, with Chikizie and Carly close seconds. David Hernandez deserves to go after tonight, with Ramiele a close second, but it will probably be Kristy Lee Cook.

Matt_T is out of town this week and I’ve been a bit occupied with work but my loose thoughts are…

1) Jesus Christ, that Kristy Lee Cook performance was TURRIBLE. And I grew up in the South and have a general appreciation for bad country music. But, wow. I second the thought that it was the worst Idol performance I’ve ever heard. But then…

2) Seriously David, you are gonna fuck up on Beatles night? Wow. Good thing young girls and old ladies love you – DialIdol projects you had the most votes last night…RIGGED.

3) Brooke White, Carly, Chikeze, and David Cook all brought it last night.

Results are coming in a few hours…



1. Abby - Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kristy’s song was awwwwwwful. Someone compared it to a square dance, and I think they were right on. If she doesn’t go home tonight, I will lose all faith in the voting public.

Ramiele was boring and her dress looked like it had ears. It distracted me throughout her whole performance.

Loved Carly and Michael Johns as usual.

2. Fat-Fat - Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Abby: Square dance does nail it. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears when the music started

3. DougOLis - Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Syesha was kind of meh. She did fine I guess but it’s not the greatest Beatles song and the arrangement was kind of wonky. I suppose she did make it her own.

Chikezie was fantastic. That’s how you’re supposed to make a song your own while paying respect to the original. The vocals weren’t perfect (couldn’t quite hit the highs) but the performance and arrangement was outstanding.

Ramiele – blah, I fast forwarded part way through this one so maybe it got better, I dunno.

Jason did good and it’s a great song, but it was a bit James Blunt for me.

I’ve seen Carly do “Come Together” before and it was fantastic as usual. Hells yeah. I agree with Simon’s Kelly Clarkson comment and pretty much everything the judges said.

David Cook- @fat-fat: ha, I thought the exact same thing re: Creed. It wasn’t horrible, but the Creedish sound was offputting to me.

Brooke was looking ridiculously good, played the piano, sang great, and did a lovely Beatles song. Loved it. Marry me.

David Hernandez – that sucked ass. His voice was boring, kind of flat, and karaokeish.

Amanda – no, no, no. I don’t know what that was, but it wasn’t good.

Micheal – “Across the Universe” is a great and highly underrated Beatles song and he did a good job. I understand that he did it pretty straight, but I like Rufus Wainwright’s cover quite a bit more.

Kristy Lee – yikes, that was just strange. Does the song normally have “hold me, love me” that many times? I don’t remember that but it sounded extremely repetitive.

David Archuleta – Something about it made me laugh. A bad choice of song for him obviously.

I’m just thankful that we didn’t get another “Imagine” cover. I’m also quite thankful that none of my favorite songs were ruined.

4. Abby - Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I was trying to figure out who’ll singing Yellow Submarine next week. My guess is either David Cook or Chikezie. Any thoughts?

5. Fat-Fat - Wednesday, March 12, 2008

If anyone sings Yellow Submarine they should be kicked off automatically. Might as well say Macarena was a Beatles song.

6. BTO - Thursday, March 13, 2008

This was the first full episode that I watched this season (which actually says quite a bit about the status of American Idol as “appointment TV”), and I wasn’t overly impressed with any of them. But forgetting the lyrics to a Beatles song? Ouch.

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