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Lost: Season 4, Episode 6 Sunday, March 9, 2008

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The Other Woman (Juliet-centric)

After last week’s mind-fuck, Lost returned to form with their straight-forward flashbacks in The Other Woman. Personally, I’ve always thought that the Juliet-centric episodes have been good, but never great. I was horribly, horribly wrong about that this week. Probably because we finally got some fucking answers about the show’s overall plot in this episode. (Okay, that’s twice I’ve sworn in this paragraph, I’ll stop now. Promise–PQ.) Answers aside, The Other Woman shed some light onto Juliet’s past on the island and proved that Juliet isn’t as wholesome as we thought she was…

The recap is after the jump…along with cooked rabbit! (Uh, this didn’t have a number on the side of it, did it, John?)

The episode started off with Juliet meeting with a therapist, Dr. Harper. Juliet admitted to Harper that she felt that everyone was looking at her like she was some sort of celebrity. Harper tried to tell Juliet that she wasn’t being treated like a “star” but Tom (Mr. Friendly) interrupted their meeting and told Harper that Ben needed to see Juliet. (I assume that the writers tried to make it seem as though Juliet made it off the island with this scene before Tom’s interruption.) Tom took Juliet to meet Ben where Ben presented Juliet with her own house in the barracks. Juliet was flattered at Ben’s gesture, but told him that she didn’t need such a nice place if she would only be there for six months. To which Ben replied, “Well, we just want you to feel at home.” (Obviously, seeing as she’s still “at home” on the island after three or four years.)

Back in “real-time” (I don’t know what that means anymore) Juliet was setting up a tent at the beach camp. Sun offered to help Juliet when she asked Juliet why she was setting up a tent if they were going to leave the island soon. Jack then approached Juliet to see if she had seen either Dan or Charlotte. Jin told the group that Dan and Charlotte went into the jungle. Jack, in pissed-off leader-mode, asked why Jin didn’t say anything. Sun replied that Jack told them that Dan and Charlotte were friends and meant no harm. Jack and Juliet went into the jungle looking for Dan and Charlotte.

Juliet was separated from Jack when she heard the “whispers” in the jungle. As she turned around, she saw Dr. Harper. Dr. Harper then said, “Hello, Juliet. Long time, no see.” (Oh, and Dr. Harper looked evil.)

Commercial Break

Still in the jungle, Harper told Juliet that she had a message from Ben. (Please let it be, “Welcome to the jungle. Wake up, time to die.) Ben’s message to Juliet was that Dan and Charlotte were heading to the island’s power station to release a gas to kill everyone on the island and that Juliet needed to stop them (damn, it wasn’t what I hoped for). Jack found Juliet as she was talking to Harper. Jack asked Harper who she was, Harper replied, “I’m an old friend of Juliet’s and I told her where the people you’re trying to find are going. Maybe you and your gun can go too.” Harper then disappeared into the jungle.

Flashing back we saw Juliet sitting in the middle of a medical lab and crying. After a noise startled her, Juliet found Goodwin digging through some medical supplies for a burn that he suffered at the island’s power plant. Goodwin told Juliet that he heard that one of her pregnant patients died. Juliet confirmed it and told Goodwin that she was taking the loss hard because that what she was brought to the island to do: Find out why the pregnant women were dying. Goodwin told Juliet to talk to the island’s therapist, Dr. Harper. Juliet replied that Harper hated her and that Harper was a “mean and spiteful person.” Goodwin then informed Juliet that Harper was his wife. Juliet told Goodwin that she wouldn’t tell anyone about the burn he suffered if he didn’t tell his wife what Juliet said about her. In a flirting manner, Juliet and Goodwin finally introduced themselves.

Back in the jungle, Jack was struggling to get the truth about Juliet’s mission out of her. Juliet simply told Jack she needed his help. Staring at Jack, Juliet thanked him and continued walking.

In another part of the jungle, Dan and Charlotte stopped next to a creek to get water. Dan was looking at a hand-drawn map, trying to find their course to the power plant. Charlotte tried to allay Dan’s fears about “doing this” (referring to the power plant) when Kate (heading back to the beach from Camp Lockecanwalknow) stumbled upon them. Charlotte pulled a gun on Kate.

Commercial Break

Kate was getting water from the creek while Dan and Charlotte asked her about Miles. Kate told them that Miles was fine and then asked them what they were doing in the jungle. Charlotte replied that the satellite phone’s battery was dead and they were in the jungle looking for Dan’s other pack that had another battery. As Charlotte was talking, Kate noticed that their phone’s signal light was on. With her suspicions raised, Kate asked about the bag Dan was carrying. She opened it up and found gasmasks and biohazard suits. When Kate asked Dan what the equipment was for, Charlotte pistol-whipped her and knocked her out.

Jack and Juliet were walking through the jungle and Jack asked Juliet about Harper. Blah, blah, blah… When Jack wanted to know about Juliet’s past (especially after she had his past in a “file”) Juliet told Jack that he didn’t want to see her file.

Flashing back to the medical lab, Juliet was explaining to Ben what was happening to the pregnant women on the island–their immune systems are turning against the womb. Juliet showed Ben the breakdown through a microscope and as Ben leaned into the microscope, he put his hand on Juliet’s hand. Enter: Goodwin. Goodwin stopped by to give Juliet a “sandwich.” Ben’s demeanor turned from pleasant to cold because of this. Juliet then had an appointment with Dr. Harper where Harper asked Juliet how long she was sleeping with her husband. Harper asked Juliet to stop sleeping with Goodwin because she was afraid for Goodwin’s safety. When Juliet asked why Goodwin’s safety was in jeopardy, Harper replied that she was afraid of Ben; Ben was in love with Juliet and was jealous of Goodwin because of it.

Locke was gutting a rabbit when Claire asked him about Miles. She asked Locke if she could talk to Miles to find out about the freighter crew’s intentions. Locke replied that he was trying to find those things out. Claire then told Locke that a more humane and “less intimidating” approach would work (Charlie’s body hasn’t even washed ashore and she’s going to be “nice” to the prisoner…hussy). Locke countered her point by reminding Claire that Charlie said that the boat wasn’t Penny’s. Claire asked him, “Don’t you want to know whose boat it is?”

Ben was still in his cell when Locke entered. Ben questioned Locke’s leadership skills again by asking Locke if his people were revolting against him. Locke (knowing what Miles said to Ben) asked Ben if his plan involved raising $3.2 million. Ben, realizing that Locke knew about Miles’ demand, told Locke that both he and Locke wanted the same thing. Or at least had a common enemy. Ben struck a deal with Locke: If Locke let Ben out, Ben would tell him everything Ben knew about the freighter’s crew and who they worked for.

Commercial Break

Flashing back, Juliet was swimming in the ocean while Goodwin laid on the beach. They exchanged thoughts about their “secret” affair. Goodwin wanted to tell everyone about him and Juliet, but Juliet was reluctant to do so because of Ben’s crush on her. Goodwin asked Juliet, “What’s Ben gonna do?” The scene then cut to the Other’s barracks as 815 was breaking apart. This is when Ben had Ethan and Goodwin survey the wreckage and “blend” in with any survivors.

Jack and Juliet were running through the jungle when they heard Kate mumbling. Juliet ditched Jack while he was tending to the wound on Kate’s head.

Locke took Ben up into Ben’s former living room where Ben pointed out a hidden safe to Locke. Locke opened the safe and found a video tape labeled “Red Sox.” Locke replied, “Red Sox?” as he found the tape. Ben retorted, “I taped over the game.” Locke played the video while Ben told him who the freighter’s crew worked for: Charles Widmore. (Sweet, we finally have an answer! And the villain’s name isn’t Deus Ex Machina!) The tape showed Widmore kicking the hell out one of Ben’s spies. Ben explained that Widmore would exploit the island’s healing (and other) properties. Ben gave Locke a file containing everything he knew about Widmore. Locke had one final question for Ben: Who was Ben’s man on the freighter? Ben told Locke that he’d have to sit down for the answer.

Commercial Break

Kate was tracking Juliet’s path through the jungle. Jack asked why Kate stayed at Locke’s camp when she went to rescue Charlotte. Kate explained that she needed to find out if the freighter’s crew knew about Kate’s past.

Juliet arrived at the island’s power plant and entered it.

Flashing back, Juliet entered Ben’s house carrying a basket of dinner rolls. Giddily, Ben was pulling a ham out of the oven. Apparently, Ben tricked Juliet into thinking that Ben was holding a dinner party. Sitting down at the dinner table, Juliet told Ben that the children that they pulled from 815’s tail-section were asking about their mother in Los Angeles; Ben told Juliet that the children would forget about their mother in time. Juliet then asked Ben when Goodwin would return back to the camp. Ben explained that Goodwin was making a case for Ana-Lucia and that she’d be a welcome addition to the community. Ben followed this up by saying that Goodwin felt “passionately” about Ana-Lucia, “almost inappropriately so.”

Juliet went further into the power station and found Dan hacking into the station’s computers, overriding the safety systems. Juliet snuck up behind Dan and pointed a gun towards his head. Dan, frightened, asked Juliet, “What are you doing here?”

Commercial Break

Juliet, still holding a gun on Dan, tried to stop Dan from releasing the poisonous gas. Dan tried to explain to Juliet that he wasn’t going to release the gas, he was only trying to render it inert. Charlotte attacked Juliet from behind. As Juliet and Charlotte were fighting, Dan was trying to shut down the gas tanks from releasing the poison. Charlotte, now on the floor with Juliet pointing a gun in her face, told Juliet that they were trying to render the gas inert so Ben couldn’t use the gas to kill everyone again–seeing that he’d done it once already. Juliet let Dan finish his task. The gas was rendered inert.

Flashing back, Ben met Juliet in her lab and told her that he needed to show her something. Ben took Juliet to Goodwin’s rotting corpse. Juliet, crying, asked Ben why he took her up to see it and why he’d let Goodwin die, Ben told her that she was “his.”

Dan, Charlotte and Juliet exited the power station when Jack and Kate finally caught up to them. Kate pulled a gun on Charlotte. Charlotte tried to explain to Kate that her and Dan just saved Kate’s life and offered to take Kate into the power station to explain what they did. Although Kate needed proof, Jack took Charlotte at her word because of Juliet. Juliet finally told Jack that Ben wanted her to kill Dan and Charlotte and that Ben is at war with the freighter’s crew. Juliet then said that Ben would win the war and when that happened, Jack wouldn’t want to be anywhere near her because Ben thinks Juliet is his and Ben knows how Juliet feels about Jack. Jack then kissed Juliet and told her that, “He knows where to find me.”

Hurley and Sawer were playing horseshoes when they saw Ben freely walking about the barracks, holding clothes and linens. Shocked, Sawyer asked Ben what he was doing. Ben calmly replied, “See you guys at dinner” as he walked into a vacated house. (I’m pretty sure that Ben went into Juliet’s old house.)

So, what did we learn to ask?

Okay, Claire doesn’t mourn Charlie, Kate’s bouncing between Jack and Saywer, Sun was worried that her baby wasn’t Jin’ and now Juliet is revealed to be “the other woman.” Are all the women on the island home-wreckers and hussies? (Bernard, you better keep an eye on Rose.)

Exactly how did Dan and Charlotte know about the power station (Robert Palmer, FTW!)and the poisonous gas?

Revised question: Did the journal found from the Black Rock help Charles Widmore find the island? Did it inspire him to hold his “race around the world?”

And for more Juliet goodness, I’ll leave you all with this Mobisode.

Questions? Theories? Mangled syntax? Delicious recipes for rabbit? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or e-mail me at pqcrash_at_gmail_dotcom. Thanks!



1. DougOLis - Monday, March 10, 2008

For some reason, this episode bored the fuck out of me. There were some pretty big revelations but none of them shocked me too much. Who’s the man on the boat? Michael? Walt? Boone? Locke’s dad? Locke’s cop friend? Libby? I’m inclined to think it’s Michael.

Ben seems to get all of the good lines.

2. BTO - Monday, March 10, 2008


3. SKA2682 - Monday, March 10, 2008

I agree, Doug. I thought the exact same thing. The previews for next week look like Sayid knows someone on the boat and surprised to see him, and it looked like that person was black. I think it is Michael or Walt. Really looking forwar to Thursday.

4. danny c - Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the man on the boat is ben, there is more than 1 of him i wud put money on it, alot of money on it

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