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Gauntlet III Recap – She’s a MAN, Baby! Friday, March 7, 2008

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This episode opens at night with the cast getting their clue, which says that “things could be looking up, but you don’t want to look down” (oooh, wonder if that involves heights somehow). We also see Ev discussing the fact that she wants to get rid of Katie and Coral, so she wants to throw the challenge the next day. Now, those of you who read these recaps faithfully (and there are clearly billions of you) might have noticed in some previous recaps that a commenter has alleged that Ev was a man back in high school (i.e. she literally had a penis). I was always a little sceptical, but not after this episode. Join me after the jump to find out what changed my mind.

In the morning, Coral confronts Evan about the discussion the previous night of throwing the challenge. She is really pissed off since she thought that they were friends (cue flashbacks to them as teammates on “Fresh Meat”), and Evan tells her that they are friends (LIAR!). Everyone marches off to the challenge to discover that they will be competing in “Over the Edge”, where they must stand atop a 25-story building, climb out onto a plank, descend a ladder, grab a flag, and then make their way back to the roof. The team that does this in the fastest time is the winner, so the Rookies feel that they have an advantage since they have fewer players.

The challenge starts, and Ev goes first for the Veterans and she crushes Jillian’s time. Next up for the Vets is Adam, who finishes in 47 seconds. The Rookies are already getting nervous, but they realize that basically all they have to do is avoid doubling the Veterans’ time, since they have almost half as many players. Unfortunately, next up for the Rookies is Rachel, and she falls off, incurring a 15-minute penalty. Tori is next for the Rookies, and she starts to freak out about the height, but she manages to finish in just over 3 minutes. Meanwhile, the Veteran guys have been discussing throwing the mission to get rid of one of their weaker girls. CT goes for the Veterans, and he simply lets go of the ladder when he is almost to the flag. While Ev smirks at his obvious move, Katie and Coral get really pissed off. Katie is up next for the Veterans, and she is extremely afraid of heights. Instead of trying the event, Katie tells everyone that she would rather go into the Gauntlet than do something that she is so scared of, particularly when the boys are throwing the challange anway. This second disqualification results in a big win for the Rookies.

The Rookies go off to deliberate, and they choose to “protect” Katie and send Ev into the Gauntlet. While the Veterans go to deliberate, and everyone wants to send Coral against Ev, Coral tells Evan that she is quitting because she “won’t be the sacrificial lamb” (shit, now I’m hungry). Coral leaves, which means that the Veterans have to pick someone else to go into the Gauntelt against Ev. Casey decides to bite the bullet, and she volunteers, saying that she feels like the other girls would be stronger in the Final Challenge.

So, the Gauntlet is Ev against Casey in…”Ball Brawl” (at this point everyone knows it’s over). The Gauntlet starts, Ev runs out to get the first ball and absolutely obliterates Casey on the way back to the end zone. Seriously, this is what it looked like:

Ev also gets the second ball, although this time she uses her speed instead of her fore-arm shiver. In the traditional manner of this game, Ev allows Casey to get the third ball, and then steamrolls her for the fourth ball and the win. Casey goes home, but no one is really too upset about it.

That night we see Ryan and Nehemiah talking about how they are both on the block. They tell Frank that they have the “Dream Team” of Rookies, meaning that the players that are left are the ones that have the best chance of winning with, but Frank thinks they are crazy.

The next morning, the case gets the clue that “good times are going to roll.” That night, everyone is partying (drinking obscene amounts, as usual), which causes Kenny and Frank to get a little rowdy. During a wrestling match, Frank twists Kenny’s ankle to the point where he has to go to the hospital. The doctor tapes up the ankle and gives him some medication (she may have also told him to stop being such a pussy – I don’t understand enough Spanish).

The next morning when the teams show up at the challenge, Kenny announces that he is ready to go and that “it’s no big deal” because he is “a gorgeous machine” (umm, much ego?). The challenge is “Mexican Blanket” where everyone is wrapped in a…Mexican blanket, and must roll to opposite ends of the course. The first team to get all of their members across the finish line wins, thus once again giving the Rookies an advantage since they have fewer players. Before the challenge starts, the Veterans discuss “Operation Roadblock”, where they decide to simply block the Rookies from moving down the course until they can get most of their players across the finish line. The challenge starts, and I am immediately hungry for taquitos. Nehehmiah stops in the middle of the course, and the Veterans begin to simply roll right over him. Paula is the first to the finish line, and then things begin to tighten up. In the end, however, the Rookies lose once again, because their team sucks at life.

The Veterans deliberate and decide to “protect” Frank, which automatically sends Nehemiah and Ryan into the Gauntlet since they are the only other two options. They face off in “Ram it Home”, where they are on opposite sides of a blocking sled and must push their opponent back to a wall. Things start off pretty even, but eventually Ryan begins to gain some ground. This confuses everyone, as Nehemiah outweighs Ryan by about 30 pounds. After a while, both guys are just sitting with their backs against the sled, dug into the sand, and no one is moving so TJ forces them to turn around. At this point, Ryan is exhausted, so Nehemiah eventually wins and Ryan goes home.

That night, Katie tells Robin that if the Veteran guys throw the challenge the next day in order to try and get rid of her, she will respond by throwing the male challenge. Of course, she fails to realize the serious flaw in her logic – if the guys throw the girl challenge and send Katie into the Gauntlet, she will lose and go home, and thus be unable to throw the guy challenge.



1. Shenanigans - Friday, March 7, 2008

I feel vindicated

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