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Your Morning Rock/New Music Tuesday – March 4th, 2008 Tuesday, March 4, 2008

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It is most certainly a fine day in new music land. Wanna know why? It’s because the musical love of my life (alt-country edition) has a new one out today. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a new video for her on YouTube (except for an interview piece…which is after the jump) but I did find the lead single off of her Back To Me album. Ladies and gents…Kathleen Edwards….

All about the lovely Miss Edwards and more….after the jump

Kathleen Edwards – Asking For Flowers
Oh, how I’ve been waiting for this one.  I first heard her debut album Failer on XM towards the end of my epic collegiate career. We saw her open for Guster in one of the worst examples of “opener that the headliner loves and 90% of the fans will hate” I’ve ever been witness too. If you haven’t heard Failer, you need to just go ahead and pick that one up. It’s an excellent, excellent album. Back To Me isn’t a shabby follow-up either, but Asking For Flowers is already getting the words “masterpiece” tossed around by magazines like Billboard. I’m excited enough to link you to an EPK for this one.

The Black Crowes – Warpaint
For their first new studio album in many, many moons it looks like the false review of this album for Maxim was probably the best publicity that the Crowes could have ever asked for. So let’s go ahead and give this one 2.5 stars so that we can be like the rest of the world.

Michael McDonald – Soul Speak

Whiskeytown – Stranger’s Almanac
The album that turned me onto Ryan Adams and crew while I was a wide-eyed high school senior in 1997.  This time it’s getting a 24 track reissue with all kinds of out-takes and b-sides. If you don’t have this one already, it’s worth picking up.

That’s what I got for ya this week, as always, tell me what you’re picking up in the comments and lets discuss…



1. mingusmonk - Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The resident old geezer checking in (yet thankfully not old enough to even be mildly entertained by that Michael McDonald fap. But my mother-in-law would eat it up).

I’ve got a weakness this time around and that soft spot is The Black Crowes. I’m all over Warpaint and there is no going back. I’ll see Maxim’s 2.5 star non-listened review and raise it Stephen Thomas Erlewine’s 4.5 star review. Other than maybe adding Warren Haynes, the Crowes could not have grabbed a better addition than the greasy slide of Luther Dickinson. I’ve gotta find a way to see this tour.

Surprised to not see any mention of Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks Real Emotional Trash what with the Indie lean on things around here. I know I’ll give it a spin.

2. Jerkwheat - Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I knew Malkmus was coming out soon – but mine eyes totally glossed over it on the release charts so, uh…

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – Real Emotional Trash
It’ll never be as good as Pavement was, no matter how much we hope that it will. It will, however, be quirky. It will likely be pretty good, not great, and certainly not bad. In end you will listen to it a few times and then go put on Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain or Slanted and Enchanted and remember days of yore.

3. Camp Tiger Claw - Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The new Los Campesinos! full length is available digitally today. Doesn’t actually hit shelves till April 1. They put on one of the most fun shows I saw all of last year, and the EP was good. Interested to see how it sustains across a whole record.

I was unaware the Crowes added Luther as a guitarist. That could be fun to see.

4. The Bad One - Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I’m so excited about Asking For Flowers. I’ve heard most of it already (She’s been streaming half of it at kathleenedwards.com for weeks and she put the whole thing on her Myspace last week). I can’t wait to see her play live again in April. The only other show I’ve seen of hers was at The Ark in Ann Arbor a couple years ago. It was fantastic, but it was just her and Jim Bryson up there on the stage. I want to see what she’s like with a full band.

5. DougOLis - Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I’m fully on board the Kathleen Edwards love, but I’m going to have to tell Jenny Lewis on you. Along with Neko Case, what’s up with all the redhead alt-country female musicians?

re the Maxim situation: The Black Crowes could have prevented the whole situation by actually providing review copies. It was wrong of Maxim to assign a score, but the band shouldn’t have been so selective. You don’t see movies providing showings to only the top 10 or so newspapers.

Was that Michael McDonald video from 40 Year Old Virgin?

Is there anything worthwhile on Stranger’s Almanac? I already have the original so if there’s no good extras there’s not much reason for me to pick this up.

I have a few more releases:
Alan Jackson – Good Time: Our big country release of the week by one of the modern country legends
Flogging Molly – Float: Just in time for St. Patty’s day we get a new release from America’s favorite Irish punk bar band. (I still prefer The Pogues, but Flogging Molly fits in nicely with their absence)
Mia Doi Todd – Gea: Pretty good singer-songwriter but I’m not always in the mood for her

6. Jerkwheat - Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yah Mo Be There, indeed Doug.

From what I’ve seen, a lot of the extra tracks on the Stranger’s Almanac Special Edition appear to be a lot of the same bonus tracks and demos that appeared on the reissue of Faithless Street from a few years back (Ball Park demos and whatnot). I’m gonna check it out on iTunes tonight when I get home and see if any of the extra tracks are worth a download (assuming it’s on iTunes).

Also, boo to you Tyson’s Corner Best Buy for not having Kathleen in stock. You are the worst place to buy music ever and I curse you for being so close to my office. I really, really, really miss the Tower Records that was across the street.

7. PQ Crash - Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Actually, the Black Crowes album is great. (Note: They paid me to say that.) A couple of years ago, I scored free tickets to a Black Crowes concert. I only went for the opening acts: Drive-By-Truckers and Robert Randolph and the Family Band.

And, for a $5 download, Nine Inch Nails’ Ghost is brilliant.

I will be picking up Kathleen Edwards’ new record today.

8. mingusmonk - Tuesday, March 4, 2008

“Was that Michael McDonald video from 40 Year Old Virgin?”

That was a completely reasonable question. I felt old enough having lived through peak of The Micheal McDonald Era of The Doobie Brothers. But considering the fact that many of you wouldn’t even know him from Pete Cetera if it wasn’t for 40 Year Old Virgin now has me feeling like even more of a crotchety old geezer than I did 4 hours ago.

Oh – and I miss The Pogues.

And on a related stream of conciousness – If I Should Fall from Grace is depressing as all hell.

9. DougOLis - Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sorry about that mingus

Apparently The Pogues are doing a few shows on the East Coast during March.

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