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Gauntlet III – Frank Fails to Get His Comeuppance Friday, February 29, 2008

Posted by The NY Kid in Fuck You Nibbles, MTV, reality TV, undergroundBTO.

This episode opens with Brad and Tori flirting, and talking her being “on the line” for going into the next Gauntlet. As a stark contrast, we also see happy couple Danny and Melinda in the middle of a blow-out, as Melinda is arguing that the Rookies are at a disadvantage with fewer players, which inexplicably sends Brad into a rage. Just as things begin to heat up, the cast gets their clue – “How many of you are pushovers?” Join me after the jump to find out (answer: most of them).

The next morning the cast arrives at their challenge to find out that they will be playing “Pole Push”, in which teams grab on to the opposite ends of a really long pole (oh, c’mon now) and attempt to push the opposing team out of a circle. Since the challenge is played in guy heats and then girl heats, the Veteran guys realize that they can’t throw the challenge, since it would be obvious if the 7 of them lost to the 4 Rookie guys. During the overall strategizing, we also see Tori arguing that the Rookies shouldn’t even try, since their efforts may make them too tired to perform in the Gauntlet.

The challenge starts with the guys’ heat, and the Rookies begin to run around the perimeter of the circle in an attempt to make the Veterans dizzy. Despite this crafty move, the Veterans win easily. The girls’ heat starts, and the Veterans also win that fairly easily.

During their deliberations, the Veterans decide to “protect” Rachel and send in Melinda. Obviously this does not sit well with Danny, but Brad is happy since the other option was to send in Tori. The Rookies go off to deliberate and Melinda says that she would like to face Jillian. She then goes off the deep end and says that if the Rookies don’t choose Jillian, then if she wins the Gauntlet she will come back and stab all of them in the back (and it’s quite possible that she meant that literally). Frank tells Melinda that although they had been letting the person chosen for the Gauntlet choose their own opponent, their was also a “clause” in that agreement saying that the team could choose someone else (that’s some good lawyerin’, Frank!). The Rookies are all pissed off that Melinda threatened to back-stab the, so they don’t vote for Jillian.

So the Gauntlet is Melinda vs…Tori! Melinda is pissed off that the Rookies would send their two strongest girls into the Gauntlet, and Tori is pissed off that the Rookies sent her in against her best friend in the competition. After TJ spins the wheel and determines that they will be playing “Ball Brawl” (again? That damn wheel is broken!), Tori announces that she will not compete because “the game is getting ugly” and she does not want to return to the Rookies team. However, Brad eventually convinces her to compete. Balls 1 and 2 (1 point each) go to Tori, and she lets Melinda get Ball 3 (1 point). They both go after Ball 4 (2 points) hard, but Tori winds up getting it and she wins. This makes Melinda and Danny cry, and makes Brad and Tori happy, although Tori is still disgusted by her team.

After the Gaunltet is over, Danny is bitching about Johanna not trying to save Melinda, since Johanna is a bridesmaid in their wedding. Johanna overhears him, and they begin to argue. Over on the Rookies side, Tori and Jillian begin to argue, as Tori accuses Jillian of using the “I’ve already been to 3 Gauntlets” excuse to avoid ever going again. Tori then threatens to throw the challenge the next day and send Frank into the Gauntlet (always a wise move to tell people you are tanking).

That night, we see Tori talking to Johanna about wanting Frank out of the game. At the same time, we see CT (drunk, as usual) talking to MJ about voting in Frank (wow, a lot of anti-Frank sentiment on this episode). Then everyone gets their next clue – “the challenge is too close for comfort.”

The next morning the cast finds out that the challenge is “I Dig You”, where everyone is buried alive in a casket 2 feet deep, and one “digger” from each team must free them by correctly answering 3 trivia questions about their teammates. This sends half the cast into a frenzy, as apparently everyone and their mother is claustrophobic. The Veterans decide to have Evan dig, while the Rookies choose Nehemiah. The Veterans start off very quickly, but the Rookies start to catch up since they have fewer people to dig out. However, the Veterans hang on to barely win, and all of the Rookies blame Nehemiah for their loss since he did not do a good job of answering the trivia questions.

The Veterans deliberate, and they decide to “protect” Ryan and send Frank into the Gauntlet. The Rookies deliberate, and Tori is ecstatic that Frank is going into the Gauntlet. She lobbies everyone to send MJ in to face Frank since she believes that MJ would win. However, Jillian wants to send in Nehemiah, since he and Frank are approximately the same size.

The Gauntlet is Frank vs. MJ in “Ankle Breaker” (finally, a new one!), where the boys are tied together at the ankle and must reach opposite end zones. Things start off and MJ begins dragging Frank along, until Frank starts to dig a hole and really entrenches himself. Then, slowly Frank starts to edge forward until he gets to the point where he can grab the rope placed on either side to aid them, and he eventually makes it to his endzone, sending MJ home.

Later that night, we see Frank talking about the fact that NJ was too cocky, and that was the reason that he lost. We also see Robin and Ev talking about losing the next day in order to get rid of Coral. This conversation is interrupted when Coral comes up to them and wants to know what they were talking about. The episode ends with a focus on Ryan, with a dumb look on his face since he doesn’t know what to say to Coral.



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