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Lost: Season 4, Episode 4 Monday, February 25, 2008

Posted by PQ Crash in Lost, PQ Crash, TV.

So, last week we found out that Sayid works as an assassin for Ben in the future, the island is 31 minutes behind real-world time and that Ben apparently has means and reasons to leave the island. Again, more questions…no answers.

Before we recap Eggtown, there’s a small bit of Lost news to share. TV Guide has reported that Lost will run for another three episodes and then return for five additional episodes on April 24th at 10pm. Grey’s Anatomy will take Lost‘s current time-slot (Thank you, ABC, for moving Lost yet again!)

Also, the Lost video-game, Lost: Via Domus, for the PC, 360 and PS3 will be released on Tuesday the 26th. Details can be found here.

Eggtown (Kate-centric flash-forwards) Recap after the jump…

The episode started off with Locke preparing breakfast for Ben. As Locke gave the food to Ben, Ben commented that he felt sorry for Locke, saying, “you [Locke] keep hitting dead ends…desperate to figure out what to do next. You’re more lost than you ever were.” Frustrated, Locke took the tray of food away from Ben, slammed the door to Ben’s cell shut and threw the tray of food against the wall. Overhearing this, Ben had a satisfied look on is face.

Kate and Claire were in front of a house drinking coffee as they saw Locke dash out of his home. Sawyer approached the two noting that the coffee smelled good. Claire giddily left Kate alone with Sawyer (why isn’t she still in mourning about Charlie? She shouldn’t be happy…). Sawyer made a few comments about normal living–like the coffee in mugs, etc.–and asked about Kate’s intentions with Locke’s camp. As Kate dismissed his comments, Sawyer asked about Kate’s possible pregnancy.

Flashing forward, we saw Kate sitting next to her lawyer and getting ready to exit a car and go into a courthouse. When Kate got out of the car, she was met by a horde of reporters. Inside the courthouse, Kate plead not guilty to the charges against her. (Which were nearly every felony possible.)

Commercial Break

Sun and Jin were at the beach camp and Jin was looking at a map of America, trying to come up with possible places to live after their rescue. Sun told Jin that she wanted to raise her baby in Korea. As Sun and Jin were talking, Jack returned to the camp with Juliette, Charlotte and Dan.

Back at Locke’s camp, Kate asked Locke where Miles was being held. Citing that his camp was under his rule and that Kate didn’t need to know where Miles was, Locke denied Kate’s request. When Kate left Locke’s house, she saw Hurley carrying a tray of food. Kate asked Hurley if he was taking that food to Miles, Hurley said yes. Kate then told Hurley that Locke wanted her to do it. When she asked if Miles was still in the rec-room, Hurley replied to Kate, “No, he was moved to the boat house.” Realizing that Kate “Scooby-Doo’d” him, Hurley asked Kate to make sure that Locke didn’t know that he told her where Miles was being held.

At the boat house, Kate asked Miles what he (and I’d assume the rest of the freighter’s crew) knew about her. Miles told Kate that he’d tell her what he knew about her if he would be able to get one minute to talk to Ben.

Flashing forward, Kate was in a prison jumpsuit talking to her lawyer. While her lawyer wanted her to consider a plea deal, Kate refused his request. Kate’s lawyer then suggested that her defense would be based on her character and that they’d have to bring “him” in. Kate refused, saying that didn’t want to bring her son into this. (Is her son the mysterious “him” that she had to get back to at the end of season three’s finale?)

Commercial Break

Returning to the beach camp, we saw Jack trying to make contact with the freighter. Sun approached Jack and wanted to know why they were having problems contacting the freighter. Concerned, Sun also asked about Sayid and confirmed that he’d left the island a day prior. As Sun mentioned to Jack that Locke might have been right, Jack replied that, “Locke doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” Sun then asked, “Why is Kate with him then?”

Kate and Claire were hanging laundry on a clothes line as Aaron started to cry. Claire asked Kate to pick him up to calm him down. Stammering, Kate declined to pick up Aaron. Claire told Kate that she never thought that she’d be a good mother and that Kate should try being a mother some time.

Flashing forward, Kate’s lawyer leaned over to her and asked, “Please don’t fire me over this, okay?” Kate’s lawyer then called Jack up to testify. Jack testified that there were eight survivors of the crash (Huh? I thought it was the “Oceanic 6.” Is their cover story including two deaths on the island?) and that Kate took care of them all, finding them food, tending to their wounds and finding them water. When Jack continued to testify, Kate interrupted him saying, “It’s my trial and I don’t want him to say anymore.” Kate’s lawyer ended his examination of Jack. The prosecuting lawyer asked Jack one question: Did he love her? Jack said, “No. Not anymore.”

Sawyer was reading a book while Hurley was trying to figure out what movie he wanted to watch (Those two as roommates?). Kate showed up looking to talk to Sawyer. Sawyer, while serving up a glass of box-wine, realized that Kate was at his house because she wanted something from him. Kate admitted it and told Sawyer that she needed to get Ben out of Locke’s prison.

Commercial Break

Sawyer showed up at Locke’s house and asked Locke if he was up for a game of backgammon. As the two were playing, Sawyer told Locke that Kate wanted Sawyer’s help in breaking Ben out of his cell because of Miles wanting to talk to Ben. Locke then grabbed his gun and was nearly out the door when Saywer asked him where he was going. Locke replied, “Whatever Miles has to say to Ben, he can say to me.” (Locke’s still looking for clues!) Sawyer and Locke ran to the boat-house, only to find that Miles was gone.

With Locke out of his house, Kate (along with Miles) broke in through the back door. Kate took Miles down to Ben’s cell and Miles finally had a chance to talk to Ben. Miles asked Ben if he knew who Miles was and who Miles worked for; Ben knew. Miles told Ben that he’d state that he found Ben dead and leave if Ben gave him 3.2 million dollars within two days. Miles told Ben that he knew who Ben was and what he could do. Sarcastically, Ben stated that he was in a bit of a bind and that he’d need more time. Miles gave him one week to meet his demands.

Kate then broke up the meeting with Miles and Ben. Kate (like Locke earlier) slammed the cell door shut and the slammed Miles against the wall. Kate wanted to know what Miles knew about her. Miles then rattled off all the charges Kate was wanted for and told her that she’d be better off staying on the island. As Kate and Miles headed upstairs, they were met by Locke who held them at gunpoint. Locke told Kate to go back to her house.

Commercial Break

As Kate was sitting in Claire’s living room, Locke entered. Locke wanted to know what Miles and Ben talked about. After Kate told him, Locke told Kate that she’d have to leave his camp by the next morning.

Flashing forward, Kate was pacing around a courthouse office. Her mother entered (in a wheelchair and hooked up to an oxygen tank), wanting to talk to her. Kate’s mother wanted to see her grandson and stated that she didn’t want to testify against Kate. Upset that her mother turned her in in the first place, Kate refused her mother’s request to see her grandson.

Dan was with Charlotte trying to remember (or telepathically read?) three playing cards lying face down. Dan only knew two of the three cards. Jack and Juliette approached them and told them that they couldn’t contact anyone on the freighter. Jack then asked if there was another channel the freighter’s crew could be reached at. Charlotte mentioned that there was an emergency channel. Jack told Charlotte to call it. While Charlotte was talking to someone on the freighter, we found out that Sayid, Desmond and Frank hadn’t gotten back to the ship.

Commercial Break

The next morning, Locke went to the boat house where Miles was tied up from the rafters. Locke pulled the pin out of a grenade and stuck the grenade in Miles’ mouth. Locke told Miles that he was responsible for the well-being of the island and that, soon, Miles will tell him why Miles’ team is on the island and who they work for.

Sawyer and Kate were laying in bed. Kate and Sawyer rolled around a bit before Kate pushed him off. Sawyer asked Kate if it was about her pregnancy. Kate told Sawyer that she wasn’t pregnant. Sawyer indicated that he was relieved that she wasn’t pregnant. Upset, Kate asked Sawyer if having a child would have been such a bad thing. When Sawyer told her that it would have been, Kate got up to leave. Sawyer then accused her of using his response as an excuse to leave; he then told her that she’d be back in a week when she found a reason to be upset with Jack. Kate then slapped Sawyer.

Flashing forward, the prosecutor offered Kate 10 years probation after Kate’s mother refused to testify citing health concerns. Kate took the deal. As Kate left the courthouse through the parking garage, she was met by Jack. Jack told her that he didn’t mean what he said on the stand (I believe it was the “I don’t love her anymore” bit). Kate then asked if Jack wanted to go back to her house for a visit. Jack declined and asked her if they could go out later for a cup of coffee. Kate then told Jack that she knew why he didn’t want to see the baby, and that until he did, “there’s no you and me going for coffee.” Kate then told him that her door was always open to him.

When Kate finally got back to her house, she went upstairs to her son’s room. As she picked up her son she said, “Hi, Aaron.” (Kate can now add kidnapping to her list of felonies.)

So, what did we learn to ask?

How did Aaron get off the island? Kate couldn’t have faked a pregnancy and smuggled Aaron off the island. Perhaps Ben took Aaron off the island to give Kate a cover…

Why was Dan trying to remember (or read) the cards?

Why was Claire in a good mood? Shouldn’t she still be in mourning about Charlie’s death? Or is she a heartless hussy?

How come 3.2 million dollars? Why not 3.3 or 3.4? (Again, the best lines are Ben’s.)

A special thanks to commenter “Eoin” for pointing out that the “Dean Moriarty” reference on Ben’s passport came from Kerouac’s “On the Road” last week. I probably should have read the classics in high-school and college, I was too busy watching TV.

Now, I’ll leave you with a YouTube video. Producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof mentioned that this video contained a hint as to why the polar bear was found in the middle of a desert in episode two. Enjoy. (EDIT: DougOLis pointed this out to us two weeks ago. My apologies, Doug–PQ)

Questions? Theories? Suggestions for the recaps? Leave them in the comments or e-mail me at pqcrash_at_gmail.com.



1. DougOLis - Monday, February 25, 2008

I believe in Jack’s testimony he said something about 2 of the survivors dying on the island, but I forget the details.

I pretty much shat my pants when Kate picked up “Aaron.” What the fuck happened to Claire? Is our heartless hussy going to be joining Charlie soon?

I pointed out that video two weeks ago.

2. PQ Crash - Monday, February 25, 2008

My bad, Doug. You did indeed beat me to it.

I think that Claire will remain on the island, but she makes a deal with someone (probably Ben) to get her child off the island.

3. mingusmonk - Monday, February 25, 2008

“I’m not leaving this dadgummed island. Here, you go ahead and take my kid away from me!”

hmmm. Not likely, in a normal situation. But Lost could make it work.

4. BTO - Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Maybe Locke accidentally shoots Claire? Seriously, he is going off the deep end.

5. DougOLis - Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My guess: Charlie wants to baptize Aaron again.

6. Kane - Friday, March 21, 2008

The bribe that Miles offers Ben is his way of telling him he knows the compass bearing to the island and that’s why he should be paid off.

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