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Gauntlet III Recap – The Veteran Boys Fight Nasty Sunday, February 24, 2008

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This episode starts off with the Veteran guys discussing their brilliant plan to throw the next 4 girl-Gauntlet challenges in order to “trim the fat” (please avoid playing any drinking games where you must drink each time this is said – you may suffer from alcohol poisoning). We also Frank telling his Rookie teammates that the previous night he had heard the Veteran guys discussing this strategy, so he is excited that they might win a challenge. Join me after the jump to check out these brain surgeons in action.

That night, we see Ev, Katie and Coral talking about how the Veteran guys don’t appreciate them, and they are aware that the boys may throw the girl-Gauntlet challenges. They bring up the idea of threatening the boys with throwing the guy-Gauntlet challenges, but no decisions are made. Later, with everyone in the living room, Katie and CT get into a shouting match as CT denies the plan. This is interrupted by the clue, which states that “if you build it, you will win” (how clever).

The next morning, we find out that the challenge is “Assembly Required”, where the teams must take apart replicas of a Mayan pyramid, transport it to a different spot, and then rebuild it. The Veteran guys huddle up and pretend to strategize while actually discussing how to throw the challenge. Things start off with the Rookies keeping their dismantling organized by storing pieces according to which level of the pyramid they were taken from, while the Veteran guys do nothing while trying to look like they are doing something. At one point, the Veteran guys start arguing (in an attempt to further slow things down), and Kenny says that they are “making a complete debauchery of this thing” (Kenny, I do not think that word means what you think it means). Although the Veterans manage to keep pace while throwing the challenge for a little while, eventually the Rookies pull away and win.

The Rookies deliberate, and they decide to “protect” Casey and send Coral into the Gauntlet. Coral gets pissed off when she finds out that the Rookies were torn between sending her or Ev and that they flipped a coin to decide. On the way to the Veteran deliberation, Coral explicitly tells everyone that she does not want to face Beth. However, the Veteran guys want to get rid of Beth, so they choose her anyway.

The Gauntlet is Coral vs. Beth in “Ball Brawl” (that seems to come up a lot), and before things being Coral yells at her team for picking Beth, calling her a “grandma on steroids” (Beth is married to Roger Clemens?). The Gauntlet begins, and Coral wins the first ball (1 point). Beth wins the second ball (1 point), and Coral wins the third ball (1 point). The fourth ball can be the decider, and it is, as Coral wins it and gets the 2 points for 4 points overall. After the Gauntlet, Coral proceeds to bitch out the boys again, just in case they didn’t figure out that she was upset from her first tirade.

The next morning we see Derek and Paula flirting in bed (Chinese fortune cookie!), and then we are treated to a montage of their shmoopyness. Meanwhile, the Veteran guys are talking about having to win the challenge since it is a guy-Gauntlet challenge, but they are confident that the girls will not throw it since they are clueless (the girls, that is).

That night, we get the clue for the next challenge, which says “you’ll all be moving targets.” We see the Rookie guys discussing who they would not like to face in the Gauntlet, and Derek and Ryan say that they do not want to compete against each other (foreshadowing, bitches!).

The next morning, we find out that the challenge is “Walk the Plank” where each team must get as many members as possible across a plank while the other team swings 25-pound medicine balls at them. Since the Veterans have more players overall, they are clearly once again at an advantage here. In the first heat, the Veteran guys get 4 across, while the Rookie guys get 3 across. The second heat starts with the Veteran girls going first while the Rookie girls swing their balls at them (what? get your mind out of the gutter). The Veterans get 5 girls across and mathematically eliminate the Rookies.

The Veterans deliberate and decide to “protect” MJ and send Derek into the Gauntlet. As the Rookies deliberate, it comes down to Ryan or Frank so it is put to a vote. We find out later that after 1 vote for Frank and 3 for Ryan, Ryan just volunteered since he didn’t want to hear anyone else’s reasons for putting him into the Gauntlet. Sniff, sniff – they hurt his feelings.

The Gauntlet is Derek vs. Ryan in “Sliders”, which pisses them both off since neither of them are good at puzzles. However, the entire Veterans team gives advice to Ryan, since they want him (as the weaker player) to stay in the game. Surprisingly, no one on the Rookies team helps Derek, although Paula tries to help him since she doesn’t want to lose her new boyfriend. In the end, however, the Veterans’ help is just too much, and Ryan wins.



1. Matt_T - Monday, February 25, 2008

Emmitt Smith thinks Kenny was right

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